Requirements for HGH Prescription

Requirements for HGH Prescription

There are two requirements for HGH prescription: the first is that a medical need must be verified for allowable use; Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is a medical condition for which HGH treatment is authorized. The second requirement is that than need be verified by proper blood diagnostic testing. The way maximum lifespan is determined is by noting the rate of aging for species in genes and environmental factors. Theoretically, the extending of the maximum lifespan in humans can be achieved by reducing the rate of aging damage with the molecular repair or rejuvenation of deteriorated cells and tissues. Growth hormone (often just called GH) is crucial in the cellular processes of repair and restoration. HGH is what ensures proper linear growth in children, and is produced at peak levels during those adolescent years of growth. Typically, hormones start to decline by mid to late twenties, with symptomology becoming evident by the age of 35. The best time to start replenishing hormone levels is between the ages of 35 and 55. That does not mean that any time after that is too late. Many people even in their 80’s have benefited from supplementing their low hormone levels with human growth hormone injections. If they have their blood tested and a deficiency is displayed, they meet requirements for HGH prescription.

Are There Certain Requirements To Have HGH Prescribed?

Kingsberg Medical advisors receive many calls with people asking, are there certain requirements to have HGH prescribed? Then they often will discuss the symptoms they are experiencing. Only injectable human growth hormone medications are effective in raising a person’s growth hormone levels back up into a normal healthful range and a validated prescription is the only means of being able to begin a program. Secretagogues, HGH releasers and stimulators sold on the market do not require a prescription, but have no valid backing of their efficacy, in spite of claims made otherwise. One other good point to consider is that if mere stimulation was all that was needed to significantly improve the health of someone suffering from a deficiency, a person would not need to go the route of any medication, and instead be able to just work on improving dietary and sleeping habits, and increase their amounts of exercise—all of these methods are known to increase or sustain growth hormone production. The problem is, by the time a deficiency is noticed in its symptomology, the lack of growth hormone is too severe to be adequately replenished by simply making lifestyle changes. This is where knowing are there certain requirements to having HGH prescribed will make all the difference.

What Are The Prescription Requirements For HGH Injections?

The more research that is done the easier it will be to have the answer to the question, what are the prescription requirements for HGH injections? Recombinant growth hormone somatotropin is an exact replica of natural growth hormone, and it is the most effective pharmaceutical drug known for hormone replacement therapy. By law, its use requires a prescription backed by a blood test that displays a need for replenishment. The only manufacturers allowed to process the drug must follow strict regulatory protocols and testing, as human growth hormone is only processed as an injectable drug. Given these requirements, there are several concerns that arise regarding the claims made by non-governmentally approved companies which offer human growth hormone in the forms of oral pills, nasal sprays, topical creams, and patches. The claims made regarding the benefits that can be achieved through treatment with real bio identical human growth hormone injections are true and have years of studies in patient use to back them up. These other forms of the medication are not authentic or authorized versions of human growth hormone. It is not possible for them to be because of the structure of the human growth molecule itself, which is too large to pass through skin or membranes, too delicate to be compounded into any of these forms, and made up of protein which would be digested by the stomach if swallowed. So, what are the prescription requirements for HGH injections? Get a blood test; see if the presence of growth hormone is high enough for proper system operations. If it is not, our doctors can prescribe an appropriate therapy program for increasing low growth hormone levels.

Why Doctors Prescribe HGH Therapy

GH promotes the development of new muscle cells. How many muscle cells a person has is determined by genetics, which is part of why doctors prescribe HGH therapy. The written script is needed because everyone’s genetic chemistry is different. Chemical makeup is not measured by charts according to meeting age requirements like basic childhood growth is. It is made up of each individual’s genes, and then affected by age, weight, physical condition, health circumstances experienced during life, and then the environment around that person, including airborne and food-borne toxins. Muscle cell development ceases as a result of the lessening of production of growth hormone after puberty. This means a person must continuously work to increase the size of their muscle cells, or begin to slowly lose their strength. Restoring the youthful biological levels of human growth hormone will cause the body to resume its creation of new muscle cells, and the individual will gain lean muscle mass. This is not the same as using steroids. While steroids do increase the size of muscle cells, it is primarily through water weight. Even with the significant impact on the muscular structure, this is only one achievement of replenished growth hormone, and just a small part of why doctors prescribe HGH therapy.

What Kind Of Doctor Can Prescribe You Injectable HGH?

It serves one to know what kind of doctor can prescribe you injectable HGH. Technically, your own primary care physician can do so, but most PCPs tend to refer their patients to other physicians if specialty care is needed, and hormone replacement therapy is definitely a specific area of medicine that requires additional knowledge and expertise.  The spiral effect of human growth hormone reaches out into too many arenas of physical and mental function. One thing that HGH helps with is stress management, which causes its own chain reaction of symptoms throughout the body. It helps regulate the production of cortisol, the stress hormone that puts the body into a fight or flight mode, as well as the production of insulin which controls the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. By themselves, and with normal activity their functions are served well, however, when growth hormone declines and is unable to properly manage the production of these two, added stress is able to increase their production. There affects battle each other in limit the body’s ability to burn fat into energy and instead cause the body to immediately store foods into fat. A general practitioner can help ease the symptoms of hormonal disorder, but having insight on what kind of doctor can prescribe you injectable HGH will lead you straight to a hormone therapy expert.

How To Get An HGH Prescription

There are many people who believe they know how to get an HGH prescription. Some of them may be right, and some of them may be slightly misinformed, which is why any questions that have to do with prescriptions of any kind should always be directed to medical experts and physicians. The decline in the libido parallels the decline of human growth hormone secretion. Both human growth hormone levels and sexual potency peak during puberty and young adulthood and begin a slow decline in the years that follow. Human growth hormone directly plays a role in the libido by itself, as well as enhancing the properties of testosterone and estrogen, the two hormones that are considered the male and female sex hormones, respectively. Both hormones are present in the male and female bodies, at different levels. Inability to perform sexually and/or lack of interest and intimacy can lead to a lack of confidence in the individual suffering the symptoms, as well as cause harm to a relationship when misunderstandings arise from a lack of communication and knowledge about the problems that are going on. Knowing how to get an HGH prescription to find out if a hormonal disorder is causing problems in the areas of intimacy, sex and relationships and correcting that imbalance can prevent wasting time and money on synthetic medications that may only partially treat some of the symptoms and have a potential of side effects that increase the imbalance.

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Getting An HGH Prescription In The US Legally

Federal approval and authorization for use is only given to medications that have benefits that outweigh the health risks. This is the answer to the question everyone has about why anyone would take a medication that has a lengthy list of side effects. Getting an HGH prescription in the US legally means that proper blood testing is required to determine if a hormone problem is interfering with health. Anti-aging, weight loss, altering body composition, increased muscle size and any other form of vanity applications are not approved reasons for authorization. It is in the inner health benefits that human growth hormone excels. Its prevention of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease, its tissue regeneration, and immune-system strengthening that cause the outer visible health benefits. It is the inner health that is the first concern when a hormone deficiency is present. Kingsberg Medical will not prescribe human growth hormone for recreational use or to anyone with a non-medicinal desire for use. Our mission is to help people improve their quality of life by improving their overall health. Helping our patients regain their health and getting an HGH prescription in the US legally to balance out their hormone levels safely is what makes our treatment programs the most effective.

What Are The Requirements To Receive Prescription HGH?

HGH prescriptions are not given out for anti-aging, nor are they given out for bodybuilding or athletic enhancement purposes. The end-result benefits may help in these areas, but the medicine is clearly defined as being indicated for treatment of a medical condition; specifically, an imbalance or verified deficiency of growth hormone. When a patient asks, what are the requirements to receive prescription HGH, our experts explain to them what purposes growth hormone serves in the body and what will happen when the levels are not what they should be. Once a patient learns how far-reaching effects of growth hormone are, they begin to understand why it is so important for the evaluation of the blood levels and why individualizing a dosing schedule that caters to his or her own body chemistry makes such a difference. The amount of growth hormone that is considered physiologically normal for one person may not be the same as the other. Considering the effect it has on other organs and operations, having the correct information about what are the requirements to receive prescription HGH will ensure that no greater dosage than what the body needs will be authorized. The liver needs to be considered, since it will be processing much of the growth hormone, signaling other functions to occur. If the amount of growth hormone is too much, it will affect that processing ability of the liver, so it must be made sure that the body is given what it needs only. The blood test that measures the levels of growth hormone available will also give information on what levels the patient should have. When the patient asks, what requirements are needed to have HGH prescribed to me? The doctor will only know when he finds out if that patient has a deficiency and what the blood and other physical and chemical aspects direct him to assess for the right chemistry balance. You are taking these steps to improve your health, and the way you go about it matters as much as the methods used. You want to make sure first that you are not cutting any corners, and that those assisting you aren’t either. Efficacy and safety of growth hormone supplementation relies on that. There is nothing more important than the preservation of your own health and well-being; without them, everything else you have means nothing. Call the experts, ask them, what requirements are needed to have HGH prescribed to me? And then follow them to the letter.

Can I Get HGH Prescription From My Doctor?

HGH therapy has been subject to scientific research and applications in genetic and tissue engineering, and medical advances like Hormone Replacement Therapy. Growth hormone is a very influential hormone and has widespread downstream effects on the body. For the people who ask … Can I get HGH prescription from my doctor? … ask yourself these questions:

  • Is motivation gone?
  • Is the body getting flabby?
  • Is concentration and focus becoming difficult?
  • Is it hard to remember things?
  • Is it impossible to sleep through the night?
  • Is skin showing more wrinkles?
  • Is tiredness and lethargy a constant state during the day?
  • Are feelings of social isolation, loneliness and sadness being experienced more often?
  • Has sexual interest waned? Has there been any problems with performance?
  • Is it easy to get irritated or stressed?
  • Is weight becoming unmanageable?

A yes answer to any of these questions could indicate the condition of insufficient growth hormone production (barring any major illness). That simple question: Can I get HGH prescription from my doctor, opens the door to all the information desired regarding the benefits of treating your condition with growth hormone injections. The experts at Kingsberg Medical can direct you to a clinic nearby to submit to the necessary testing. If you are chemically deficient, your doctor will prescribe the medication in the amount that is right for you and in a matter of weeks you will be feeling so good you will wonder why you hadn’t looked into this sooner!