A Look At HGH Results Before And After Treatment

HGH before and after Growth hormones (GH) are extremely powerful and have control over just about every part of the human mind and body. When they deplete with age, symptoms can truly change a person’s life in negative ways. However, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can safely and effectively eliminate problems caused from lack of this hormone with just the right doctor prescribed injections. There are very clear HGH results before and after treatment. When working with a clinic like Kingsberg Medical, you can be sure you will only be working with the best licensed doctors and clinical advisors. You will be getting the correct diagnosis after testing, the right 100 percent pure, authentic injectable medications and medical supervision. This will all lead to amazing HGH results that will bring back quality of life to a person who has been suffering. Let us look at the HGH results before and after treatment with hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Symptoms Of Low Growth Hormone Levels Before Treatment

Physical Symptoms: Emotional Symptoms: Mental Symptoms: Sexual Symptoms:
Low energy and stamina Depression Weak mental acuity Erectile dysfunction
Lack of vigor and vitality Anxiety Loss of memory Low sexual libido
Low endurance Irritability Forgetfulness Hot flashes
Excess fat gain Anger outbursts An overall foggy feeling Night sweats
Difficulty losing weight Mood swings Despondency Vaginal dryness
Increase in cellulite Overall emotional instability Lack of focus Difficulty with ejaculation
Loss of lean muscle and difficulty gaining muscle Apathy Slow reaction time Inability to achieve orgasm
Low bone density Melancholy Lack of ability to concentrate Inability to fantasize
Slow healing of injuries and wounds or sickness Inability to maintain erections
Slow metabolism
High cholesterol
Heart attack or stroke
High triglyceride levels and risk for diabetes
Weak immunity and getting sick often
Slow recovery from workouts
Hair thinning or hair loss
Nails do not grow
Sharper vision
Joint and muscle pain
Shrinking organs
Bone fractures, broken bones or osteoporosis
After treatment with Kingsberg Medical concludes, a person will feel like they are in their 20’s again. They will have gained back all of their lost energy and ability to have a great attitude and more stable emotions. They will have a great sexual life with the ability to achieve erections and orgasms. They will have great desire for sexual relations and feel mentally strong with great memory, concentration and focus. Depression, anxiety and other emotional roadblocks for a happy and healthy life will fade away. Kingsberg Medical has a great track record of demonstrating true changes before and after HGH replacement therapy. Contact us for more information as to how it can help you.

How Long Does It Take To See HGH Results?

Since all people are individual, have varying symptoms due to low levels of growth hormones and are of different ages, weights and body chemistry, HGH result will show at different times throughout therapy. There is; however, an approximate time that people will feel results from treatment and this holds true for most patients who are on an HRT program with Kingsberg Medical. A typical HRT protocol lasts for six months. It can be longer or shorter, but this is the average. These are the results that will become apparent throughout the months: HGH results after 1 month:
  • You will feel much more energetic, less fatigued and more willing to participate in activities and social engagements
  • Your stamina will increase
  • Your sleep will become deeper and more restful. Falling asleep will become easier.
  • You will have much better emotional stability
  • You will feel much more content on a daily basis
HGH results after 2 months:
  • This is when you will notice fat loss, especially around the abdomen area
  • Metabolism will increase (reason for weight loss)
  • Your muscles will grow and overall body physique will begin to get more toned and attractive
  • Your skin elasticity will improve, reducing wrinkles, sagging skin and crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Hair will grow in thicker
  • Balding will stop
  • Nails will noticeably grow longer and stronger
HGH results after 3 months:
  • Your sexual performance will improve along with a great increase sexual libido and desire
  • Erectile dysfunction should cease and erections should become easier to obtain and last longer
  • You will have better flexibility and less muscle and joint pain
  • You will experience a better ability to concentrate and focus and have more drive to perform in all areas of life
HGH results after 4 months:
  • Your physical appearance will continue to improve with clearer and more subtle skin, stronger and shinier hair and nails that are growing
  • Weight loss continues
  • Muscles grow even larger
  • Your mental concentration and focus will continue to improve
HGH results after 5 months:
  • Continued weight loss becomes very noticeable and the body as a whole becomes healthier without the excess fat
  • Appearance looks much more youthful with less noticeable wrinkles and much healthier hair
HGH results after 6 months:
  • All of the symptoms that appear in the above list should be either greatly decreased or completely eliminated.
  • Weight loss is very apparent
  • Muscle gain is proven
  • Internally, organs have grown (including the brain)
  • Immunity has increased
  • Energy levels are back to when you were in your 20’s
By six months of hormone replacement therapy:
  • Body fat will decrease by five to 10 percent
  • Lean body muscle will increase by 10 percent
  • Organ growth will lead to a much healthier physical and emotional being
  • Everything listed in the HGH before and after will become a reality

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HRT has been proven through many medical studies and research trials that have been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals to be safe and effective when done properly. In only approximately six months of time, a person can feel like a younger being, despite the fact that they are still growing older. By using bio-identical, injectable human growth hormones prescribed by a licensed physician who specializes in the hormones of the body, great health and wellness are very possible at any age. Call us toll free to find out if HRT can be what changes your life. Imagine what it would be like to lose weight and gain a more attractive physique without diet or exercise? That is only the beginning.