Growth Hormone – Not Just for Children Anymore

Growth Hormone – Not Just for Children Anymore

Chances are that you have heard about growth hormone at some point in time. Doctors prescribe this medication for children with short stature or other conditions, in order to help them achieve a normal height.

Why, then, would something that helps children grow be used for adults? It turns out that there is much more to this incredible chemical compound in the body than meets the eye. Adult growth hormone deficiency is a very real and potentially serious condition. Hormones are referred to as messengers in the body. Their purpose is to travel through the blood stream to organs, tissues, and specific receptor cells to signal other types of actions. In some cases, these signals cause other chemical messengers to be released, as in the case of growth hormone (GH) telling the liver to release Insulin Growth Factor 1. Together GH and IGF-1 play a powerful and crucial role in the body.

They regulate cell regeneration and reproduction. Without adequate supplies of these two substances, the body would not be able to produce enough new cells for all areas that require them. Internal organs would shrink in size and their functions would be compromised. Skin would dry out and become thinner, with wrinkles and sagging setting in. Hair and nails would become brittle.

Muscle size would decrease, and bones would become weaker. Brain functions would suffer, and cardiac output would slow down. As a result of low growth hormone production, cognitive impairment, risk of heart disease, weight gain due to slow metabolism, osteoporosis, and many other conditions would become possible realities. Human growth hormone therapy for adults can put a halt to these occurrences and rebalance the body’s functions. The goal of treatment is to restore the level of this chemical in the body to its pre-age thirty state. That will allow for the level of vitality experienced at that time of life to return.

Benefits of Growth hormone Therapy

If it is true that the clock can be effectively turned back by utilizing this treatment, then the benefits of growth hormone therapy could be quite extensive. Since GH controls the level of IGF-1 in the body, replenishing one means replenishing both at the same time. This naturally allows for increased cell regeneration. An abundance of new cells means that all internal organs can regain their strength and size, allowing for improved function. For the heart, that means increasing the natural cardiac output. Improved energy and endurance levels can be felt, making working out at the gym an easier and more enjoyable task to complete.

The body benefits from a healthy heart and the heart benefits from increased exercise. Growth hormone treatment also benefits the brain, with new cells keeping it strong, as well. This provides clear thinking, improved memory, and better focus and concentration. Cells are crucial for muscle and bone makeup and strength. Stronger bones and muscles translate to reduced risk of fracture and injury. Other beneficiaries of these cells are hair, nails, and skin. Strengthening and tightening will take place, bringing smoother skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails for a more youthful appearance. Doctor prescribed growth hormone injections are also responsible for improving mood, eyesight, weight loss, immune system functions, cholesterol levels, and much more.

Buy Human Growth Hormone

It makes sense that if a deficiency was present in the body that the desire to buy human growth hormone to restore balance would be strong. That is where we come in here at Kingsberg Medical. Since this is a prescription medication, a doctor must write an order for it to be dispensed by a pharmacy. While that may seem easy at first, it is not usually possible to just walk into a doctor’s office and ask for injectable growth hormone.

To begin with, most doctors do not know much about hormone replacement therapy, and even the ones who have heard about it do not feel comfortable prescribing it for their patients. Many refer their patients to our doctors for help in this area. Even if your doctor was to order a growth hormone test, they may not know how to interpret the findings and determine the correct dosage of medication and duration of treatment required to restore the proper chemical balance in the body. Too high a dose could result in the body ceasing its own production of this necessary substance, and too low a dosage might not have any effect on the body at all.

The best way to get a growth hormone prescription that will be the right one for your specific needs is to contact a doctor who specializes in this type of treatment. Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT as it is often referred to, requires expert knowledge and familiarity with how these critical hormones interact with one another in the body. If you are looking to improve your health and vitality, you want to ensure that you buy growth hormone from a reputable and trustworthy source. It is vital to ensure that these injections will be sent from a fully regulated US pharmacy, not some overseas clearing house. You want to know that the dosage prescribed is precisely what your body needs.

Finally, you want to know that there are caring medical professionals committed to your positive results who will be there to answer any questions you might have. Before buying growth hormone for sale, make sure that you feel comfortable with the advisors who are helping you along this journey because HGH treatment truly is a journey to a new you. Our commitment is to help you navigate this path for smooth sailing through your own life. To that end, we have included the answers to four frequently asked questions below.

How much does growth hormone therapy cost?

The cost of HGH injections is based upon three factors: 1) The dosage of medication prescribed by the doctor. 2) The duration of treatment the doctor has determined will be required. 3) The brand and type of injections system decided upon for use. Depending upon what dosage has been prescribed, our medical advisor will offer a variety of options from unique click pens, to needle free injectables, to traditional needle, syringe, and vial pharmaceuticals. The specific costs of each option will be discussed at this time, allowing for an informed decision to be made.

How long does growth hormone therapy take to work?

Just as each person experiences their deficiency in their own unique way, each person will respond to treatment in much the same manner. There are some basic timelines for the results that will be achieved. Increased energy usually happens within the first week or even the first few days. This is rapidly followed by fitful sleep, improved levels of endurance, and an uplifting effect on mood. By the start of the second month of treatment, there is usually some positive effect on weight loss, muscle development, skin tightening, and cognitive functions. As the months pass, these benefits will increase.

Can you tell me how to get human growth hormone prescription?

In order to receive a prescription for this medication, you must first be tested for a deficiency. This will require a visit to a local laboratory and will be arranged for you in advance. A physical examination at a local clinic will also be required if one has not been done in the past two months. Finally, a completed medical history form, which can be found on this website, must be filled out. Once these three steps have been accomplished, our doctor will review the findings to determine if a deficiency is present that can benefit from treatment. If so, a prescription will be written, and your advisor will assist you with choosing the right medication brand and injection form for your needs.

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How do I locate doctors who prescribe human growth hormone?

At Kingsberg Medical, we have some of the finest doctors who specialize in HRT. They make it easy to receive the testing and treatment necessary to restore balance to the chemical messengers that are so crucial for proper life functions. To get started, simply fill out the short contact form on this page or call our toll free number. That is all it takes to begin the process that will bring vitality and well-being back into your life. Contact us today.