10 Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

There are 10 common benefits of low testosterone treatment. These positive therapy results can change the lives of those with issues due to the aging process, or a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, hypogonadism.

10 Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

Many medical studies have demonstrated that when participants with hormone deficiencies went through testosterone treatment, they received these following benefits:

  1. Lean muscle mass gain
  2. Boosting energy and strength
  3. Stronger sexual libido and better sexual performance
  4. Weight loss of excess unwanted fat
  5. Stronger bone mineral density
  6. Lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart
  7. More youthful looking appearance
  8. Faster recovery from physical exercise
  9. Improved mood
  10. Improved mental cognition

Theses 10 common benefits of low testosterone treatment are possible when a patient participates in proper treatment. When they are using prescribed bio-identical injections responsibly and living a healthy lifestyle, they should experience the above mentioned benefits in a timely manner without any negative side effects. Here are the 10 most common benefits of low testosterone treatment:

1. Lean muscle mass gain

Lean muscle mass gain

The gaining of lean muscle mass is a very sought after benefit of low testosterone treatment.

Testosterone therapy combined with exercise and strength training are the best ways to increase lean muscle mass and to help a man’s physique to look more attractive and in shape. Not only will the gaining of muscle help to improve a man’s overall look and level of confidence, but it can also help to increase energy and assist with weight management.

There are many studies that have proven that having a leaner body mass index is healthier for overall wellness; physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually.

The benefits of lean muscle mass gain from low testosterone treatment are many. Gaining muscle mass through strength training as part of low testosterone treatment gives these benefits:

  • burn calories faster when working out
  • burn calories even while at rest
  • increase metabolism
  • control and maintain weight
  • protect joints from fractures
  • protect from injuries related to falling
  • keep a person more active
  • counteract weak muscles
  • stop structural body pain

Experts say that when a person gains one pound of muscle, he or she uses approximately 50 extra calories per day. In other words, muscle gain helps burn calories.

2. Boosting energy and strength

Another very popular benefit of testosterone treatment is an increase in energy and strength with less lethargy, tiredness and weakness.

Low testosterone treatment has proven to create noticeable improvement in the way that a man feels as far as vigor and vitality. This can occur rather quickly after therapy has begun.

With TRT, a man will notice that he is more excited about getting up in the morning. He will have more excitement about participating in his daily activities, including his job. He will show a vast improvement in his abilities at the gym.

There will be less desire to sit home on the couch and more desire to be active and perform his best possible in all undertakings.

Boosting energy and strength is a highly desired benefit of low testosterone treatment because it often increases self esteem and self worth.

When feeling lethargic and lazy, depression and anxiety can take hold and make a man’s health situation worse. Once energy levels increase and a man is able to work hard at whatever he does, his confidence will boost.

Ahis will also better the health of his mind, body, relationships and overall quality of life.

3. Stronger sexual libido and better sexual performance

Stronger sexual libido

Perhaps one of the most desired benefits of low testosterone treatment is a great increase in sexual libido and better sexual performance.

Medical studies have proven that increasing testosterone levels can help with reversing erectile dysfunction. It can also give a man exploding sexual desire with the confidence to have mutually satisfying sexual experiences with his partner.

A large study conducted out of Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Texas, confirmed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has a positive effect on erectile dysfunction and increased sexual desire. The men treated in this research study:

  • demonstrated a consistent increase in sexual libido
  • demonstrated improvement in ability to perform sexually
  • had more frequent night time erections
  • participated in more successful intercourse or masturbation

The Endocrine Society has formally recommended the use of testosterone replacement therapy to give a man with low testosterone levels a stronger sexual libido and the ability to perform better sexually.

The benefit of improved sexual desire and help with reversing erectile dysfunction has added remarkable quality to the lives of men with testosterone deficiencies.

4. Weight loss of excess unwanted fat

The benefit of weight loss of excess unwanted fat is one that is highly desired by men participating in testosterone replacement therapy.

As a man gets older and loses his vital testosterone, fat begins to accumulate mostly around the abdominal area. Adding back the necessary testosterone in the correctly prescribed amount has proven to help get rid of that extra body fat.

To help this benefit of weight loss from testosterone treatment to occur, a man can also improve his daily diet. By restricting refined sugars, this can naturally increase testosterone and reduce body fat.

A man will find weight loss to be a great benefit of testosterone treatment when he takes his prescribed injections responsibly and eliminates foods such as sodas, junk food and processed foods.

Low testosterone treatment involves a combination of injections and healthy living to gain the benefit of weight loss.

5. Stronger bone mineral density

Stronger bone mineral density

An important benefit of testosterone treatment is the strengthening of bone mineral density. This can help lower the risk for osteoporosis, which can lead to more serious illnesses.

Testosterone plays a vital role in how strong or weak bones can become as one grows older. The strength of one’s bones will determine how active a person can be no matter what his or her age.

Bone mineral density decreases as a man ages; however, replacing the lost testosterone will give the benefit of strengthening bones, reducing the risk for fractures and breaks and producing faster healing of bones if they do withstand injury.

The benefit of TRT helping bones to become stronger reduces the risk for two of the most common injuries; breaks of the spine and hip.

Keeping testosterone levels high and bones strong will help with physical activity on everyday basis. A great benefit of keeping bone mineral density strong is to help keep physical activity constant.

6. Lower cholesterol levels and a healthier heart

A possibly life saving benefit of low testosterone treatment is how it can help lower cholesterol levels and create a healthier heart rate.

Since low testosterone levels have been medically linked to cardiovascular issues (such as clogged arteries, heart attacks and strokes) making sure testosterone levels are at a healthy level is imperative.

Research studies have demonstrated that when low testosterone levels were this gave the benefits higher production of red blood cells through bone marrow. This resulted in better heart health for the participants.

Many studies say that raising low testosterone levels to a “normal” and balanced  level can benefit cardiovascular health.

A medical center heart institute studied men who were at risk for strokes and heart attacks. When they were given testosterone via injection, 80 percent of them were less likely to suffer with heart related problems.

7. More youthful looking appearance

Many men love the advantage and benefit of gaining a more youthful looking appearance through testosterone treatment.

With aging comes looking old and haggard. This can affect self esteem and self confidence. Some of the highly desired benefits of testosterone treatment include:

  • tightening of the skin for less wrinkles
  • helping to reduce the appearance of Crow’s feet
  • helping old, sagging and haggard skin look younger
  • helping hair on the head to grow in thicker and fuller
  • helping to gain body hair
  • stopping balding from occurring
  • a generally more attractive overall physique

Many experts have indicated that balding is often a sign that testosterone levels are not balanced correctly. In other words, studies suggest that men who are balding are experiencing low testosterone levels – nothing that low testosterone treatment cannot reverse.

With the benefit of low testosterone treatment helping a man to obtain a more youthful looking appearance, he can gain quality of life as he gains self esteem.

When a man is confident with the way he looks on the outside, he is more likely to have a more successful, happy and healthy life.

8. Faster recovery from physical exercise

Faster recovery from physical exercise

Increasing low levels of testosterone helps with faster recovery from physical exercise, according to prominent sources.

Having difficulties recovering from physical movement can affect sporting activities and sexual activities. It can make a simple walk complicated.

The benefit of gaining faster recovery from exercising or physical activity in general can help raise stamina and endurance. This can benefit work outs, sexual relations and even time out with friends.

Keeping active and in motion is essential for good physical, emotional, mental and sexual health.

9. Improved mood

A very important benefit of testosterone treatment is how it can help to improve mood by raising testosterone levels to a healthy balance. Medical studies have proven a definite link between balanced testosterone levels and decreased depression, anxiety, mood swings and irritability.

Many experts say that testosterone replacement therapy can take the place of anti-depressant medication or treatment for some patients.

10. Improved mental cognition

Improved mental cognition is a wonderful benefit of low testosterone treatment. These benefits include cerebral improvements such as:

  • improved memory
  • better focus
  • better concentration
  • less of a foggy feeling
  • less feelings of being disconnected

Some experts have shared that testosterone replacement therapy can help keep dementia from occurring.

When loss of memory, concentration and focus begin, this is a good time to get tested for low testosterone if one has not done so already.

Many studies have shown that a boost in testosterone showed a definite improvement in memory and improved cognitive functioning in some patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Change Your Life With The 10 Benefits Of Testosterone Treatment

The 10 benefits of testosterone treatment can vastly improve all aspects of health.

Many who have received the positive results of TRT have shared that therapy was well worth investing their time and money. They went through amazing changes that were extremely beneficial. Receiving these benefits gave them hope that a great quality of life was still ahead.

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