10 Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy

The 10 most common benefits of human growth hormone (HGH) therapy can be life changing for those with low hormone levels due to aging.

When vital GH levels drop as a person gets older, the ailments that occur can be easily wiped away with therapy.

10 Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy

Research throughout the years has proven that there are 10 major benefits of human growth hormone therapy. The person receiving the benefits from treatment can experience:

  1. Muscle gain
  2. Weight loss
  3. Better sleep
  4. Sexual desire and help with ED (erectile dysfunction)
  5. Great amounts of energy, vigor and vitality
  6. Immune system
  7. Stronger bone mineral density
  8. Lower cholesterol levels and better heart health
  9. Younger looking appearance
  10. Improved mental and emotional health

These 10 remarkable results from proper treatment have added quality of life to ailing people with low GH levels.

The benefits have completely changed how patients feel about themselves, their lives and their relationships.

The results from therapy can add strength to both the mind and body without any negative side effects.

Here are the 10 most common benefits of human growth hormone therapy with bio-identical subcutaneous injections:

1. Muscle gain

Muscle Gain

Studies have proven that one of the benefits of human growth hormone therapy is muscle gain.

The bio-identical formula in the subcutaneous injections gives the benefit of developing muscle and a more attractive physique. In fact, the experts have pronounced that muscle gain assists in the burning of calories. Research has demonstrated that for every one pound of muscle that a person gains, he or she will burn about 50 more calories during the day.

Imagine the great benefit of building muscle from HGH therapy while at the same time burning calories to lose fast.

The first wonderful benefit of human growth hormone therapy is not just gaining muscle, but losing fat and looking much healthier, attractive and sexier too.

People enjoy HGH treatment because they want to look good. They love the benefit of muscle gain in this way because it is easy, safe and effective.

2. Weight loss

The second most popular and sought after benefit from HGH therapy is losing unwanted pounds; especially around the abdomen area.

As both men and women get older and their hormones deplete, excess body fat is gained. Metabolism slows down and exercise is not done as often; giving two major reasons why a person’s number on the scale increases as they grow older.

Replacing the lost hormones is extremely beneficial for weight loss; and hence, better overall health and self esteem.

The absolute best way to take advantage of this benefit of HGH is to partake in human growth hormone therapy, to watch the diet and to exercise appropriately. Combining these three things together will help the injections to give their benefits faster.

3. Better sleep

Better Sleep

Studies prove that a benefit of HGH therapy is better sleep.

A study published by the National Institutes of Health suggested that GH deficiencies can bring upon difficulties with sleep, but this can be corrected by human growth hormone therapy. Within only four months of HGH replacement therapy, sleep disturbances in the subjects were reversed as opposed to subjects in an untreated group.

The benefits from HGH treatment of deeper, more relaxing and rejuvenating sleep are so important for good health. Sleep is the time for the body to recover from the day’s activities and help in healing from injury or sickness.

As a person gets older, the reason they are not sleeping as well is in part because they are losing their growth hormones; vital chemicals for good health. This is why one of the vital benefits of human growth hormone therapy is better slumber.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute shared that seven to nine hours of sleep per night is optimal. A great benefit from human growth hormone therapy is that this kind of treatment can ultimately help you get that many hours of sleep per evening.

4. Much stronger sexual desire and help with ED (erectile dysfunction)

When growth hormones plummet, so does sexual desire. However, one of the most popular and sought after benefits of human growth hormone therapy is increasing one’s sexual libido and even their ability to perform.

Self confidence is boosted when ED is eliminated and this one of the best benefits for some when HGH treatment is successful.

Human growth hormone treatment can save relationships. When a man cannot perform with his partner due to erectile dysfunction, this can strain the couple’s connection. His partner may think, “Is he still attracted to me?” “Is he cheating on me?” “Why isn’t he excited by me anymore?”

One of the 10 best human growth hormone benefits is a huge boost in sexual libido and the elimination of erectile dysfunction.

When a man’s partner is questioning the relationship, HGH therapy can give the answer. This is also true for women.

Some of the best benefits of HGH treatment for women are:

  • increase in sexual libido
  • less vaginal dryness
  • less hot flashes
  • less night sweats

HGH treatment can make the symptoms of menopause a lot easier to deal with when the time comes. The benefits make growing older much more bearable.

5. Great amounts of energy, vigor and vitality

With proper human growth hormone therapy, one of the first benefits that a person will feel is more energy, vigor and vitality.

The patient will be less tired and run down. He or she will experience less lethargy and will want to get up and out of bed in the morning. No longer will waking up be a chore, but instead it will be filled with a desire to enjoy the day.

Lethargy and tiredness fade away and are replaced with the great benefit of motivation and drive to accomplish a lot during the day. The person will feel a great sense of liveliness and momentum. This is why so many people rave about HGH therapy.

The benefits of increased energy with HGH treatment are:

  • functioning better at work
  • better performance during sporting activities
  • desire to get up out of bed or off the couch and out of the house
  • the wish to be more active during the day
  • improved social and intimate relationships

Patients find that a boost in energy is one of the best 10 benefits of human growth hormone treatment. It will help to relieve the person of depression, lethargy and apathy and it will raise desire, confidence and self esteem. This will raise overall quality of life.

6. Stronger immune system

Stronger Immune System

Many studies have proven a benefit of human growth hormone therapy to be a stronger immune system. By giving the body back its missing growth hormone (that depletes as a person grows older), the following benefits can occur for one’s immunity:

  • an increase in the body’s production of new red blood cells (erythropoiesis)
  • an increase in the body’s manufacturing of new antibodies
  • an increase in the a type of the body’s bacteria fighting white blood cells (neutrophils)
  • an increases in the production of T-cells

The benefits of a strengthened immune system are imperative to keep disease away or to fight disease or infection that has already attacked the body.

HGH therapy can make life much more pleasant as it offers the opportunity of a person to become stronger both in muscle strength and internal organ strength. When healthy and strong with less instances of sickness and disease due to a strong immune system, quality of life increases tremendously.

7. Stronger bone mineral density

A stronger bone mineral density is a very important benefit that comes from human growth hormone therapy.

Bones become weaker as adults get older and this can lead to catastrophic issues.

HGH therapy can minimize the risk of not only bone fractures and breaks, but also the disease osteoporosis.

Therapy benefits both men and women from this illness and helps them to stay active longer and hence, have a better quality of life. 

If bones do get broken or fractured, adding and balancing growth hormone when it is depleted with HGH therapy can be highly beneficial for both genders. It can help the bones to heal faster and will minimize the risk of having a breakage occur again. This kind of treatment can help to protect two of the most commonly injured areas of the body due to beginning or advanced osteoporosis; the hips and the spine.

HGH therapy combined with good amounts of sleep, a healthy diet and consistent physical activity is the best way to keep bones strong and to avoid developing osteoporosis.

A stronger bone mineral density is a very important benefit of human growth hormone therapy.

8. Lower cholesterol levels and better heart health

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Many professionals have touted that one of the most important benefits of human growth hormone treatment is longevity of life. How? Bio-identical injections can lower cholesterol levels, keep the heart healthier and stop potential life threatening heart attacks and strokes. Medical research links low growth hormone levels with diseases of the heart, but HGH therapy can help to reverse those issues.

Studies have demonstrated that after a heart attack has occurred, HGH therapy had beneficial effects on treating the patient back to good health.  

Many professionals in the medical community need to learn more about HGH therapy and its benefits for heart health.

HGH helps build heart tissue and assists with better endurance for exercise and physical activity. In addition, treatment of this kind has proven to help with recovery after work outs.

9. Younger looking appearance

When it comes to the benefits of human growth hormone therapy, both men and women alike love the benefit of gaining a more youthful looking appearance.

With aging comes the loss of growth hormones. These are what keep our skin soft, smooth and tight. GH is what keeps our hair shiny and thick, our nails growing and what gives us that overall youthful looking glow.

One of the roles of HGH therapy is to give both genders the benefit of looking younger than their biological age. Gone will be haggard, wrinkled and old looking skin once therapy begins. Gone will be insecurity and low self esteem due to feeling and looking old.

Some of the best benefits of HGH for appearance are:

  • a more attractive looking overall physique
  • thicker growing hair
  • stronger skin elasticity
  • less wrinkles
  • less crow’s feet
  • less sagging skin
  • stronger growing nails

A person will feel better about him or herself, have less depression and apathy towards the future when he or she feels that they look younger. With this benefit of HGH therapy comes a boost in self esteem that will help with future success at work and in social and personal relationships.

10. Improved emotional and mental health

Improved emotional well being and improved mental cognition are two highly beneficial results that can come from human growth hormone treatment.

These benefits include improvements to mood and to the brain such as:

  • less depression
  • less anxiety
  • improved memory
  • less irritability and mood swings
  • less anger and anger outbursts
  • less agitation
  • better focus
  • better concentration
  • less feelings of being disconnected from one’s surroundings
  • less of a foggy feeling

Experts have even shared that HGH therapy can take the place of anti-depressant medications. If a patient is lucky enough to get the diagnosis of low GH levels, they may be able to stop emotional problems such as depression and anxiety with bio-identical injections rather than chemically filled anti-depressant medication.

Another vital benefit of human growth hormone treatment can be a minimized risk of developing dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. This has been proven in many studies that also demonstrated the link between increasing growth hormone and better memory and concentration.

Change Your Life With The 10 Benefits Of HGH Therapy

The 10 benefits of human growth hormone therapy can change one’s life in all encompassing ways.

Therapy can transform a weak, unhappy and unhealthy person into a strong, confident and fit individual.

All aspects of health can be improved through proper HGH therapy.

The time and money spent on therapy has been said by many to be well worth it right from the onset of treatment when benefits start occurring.

When quality of life is vastly improved, patients start to recommend HGH therapy to those they may believe could be suffering with low growth hormone levels due to aging.

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