What Are Testosterone Injections?

Testosterone injections

Authentic testosterone injections are bio-identical replicas of the testosterone that both the male and female bodies naturally produce. When working with a clinic like Kingsberg Medical for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the only shots they will use with their patients are ones that were created within highly controlled laboratory atmospheres where they are sure to be 100 percent pure. There will never be any bacterial residue or anything else that would make them less than completely real, uncontaminated and safe.

These are the highest quality testosterone injections:

  • Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Cypionate

  • Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Enanthate

  • Testosterone Propionate
Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Injections For Men And Women

When testosterone levels become too low (also called low T) in either gender, symptoms may begin occurring. Some people have very minimal problems when this happens, but others will have very serious issues that impede upon their quality of life.

Testosterone is considered to be the most important male hormone, but women need a little amount of it too in order to experience optimal health. So, this is not only a male hormone.

When low T is discovered through the proper blood testing, testosterone injections for men can be doctor prescribed at just the right dosage in order to give relief to men who are suffering with problems related to missing the right amount of this hormone. Doctors almost never prescribe testosterone injections for women, as women do not need a lot. Females will be prescribed a topical cream to self administer instead.

The benefits of testosterone injections are to eliminate the symptoms of low T. These include:

Boosting energyElimination of erectile dysfunction
Increase in staminaElimination of hot flashes and night sweats
Weight loss (especially around the belly)An increase in sexual libido and desire
Faster metabolismLess vaginal dryness
Increase in muscle massLonger lasting erections
Stronger bone densityStronger orgasms
Decrease in risk for bone fractures , breakage or osteoporosisStronger mental acuity including better concentration and better focus
A healthier heart with less risk for heart attack and strokeMore stable emotions and a decrease in mood swings
A healthier heart rateLess irritability and agitation
A stronger immune systemLess depression
Less sickness including colds and the fluLess anxiety
Faster recovery from illness, wounds or injuryLess mental fogginess
Increased enduranceMore clarity for decision making
Hair growthGrowing organs (including the brain)
Nail growthStronger skin elasticity
Less wrinkles and crow’s feetLess sagging skin

Being aware of the possible side effects of testosterone injections is important simply to be an educated consumer. Problems with the injections prescribed by the professionals at Kingsberg Medical are so rare, but just in case something does happen, their doctors are readily available to change dosages or even medications.

Here are some side effects of testosterone injections for men and since we know that shots are not given to women, there will not be any side effects of testosterone injections for women. However, there could be issues from creams. So, here is what to look for:

NauseaChanges in skin color
VomitingDecrease in size of male testicles
Stomach crampingSwelling in male breasts
HivesProblems with ejaculation
RashChest pain
Swelling, itching or redness at injection sitePressure felt in chest
Swelling, itching or redness at site where cream is appliedThe inability to speak suddenly or slurred speech
Swelling of lips, tongue, gums, mouth or faceBlurry vision
Swelling of hands, feet, ankles or legsShortness of breath
Bleeding gumsWeakness on one single side of the body
Bad breathParanoia
Fruity taste in mouthDepression or melancholy
Blood in urine or stoolDizziness
Dark colored urine or stoolDysphoria
Tooth painStrong emotions
Inability to sleepTingly sensations
FatigueDry mouth
Inability to stay focusedIndigestion
Heartbeat that is unusually fast or slowUlcers in the mouth
Abnormal changes in the female menstrual cycleMale patterned growth of hair on a female’s chest or chin

Get Started

Some of these side effects from testosterone injections are more serious than others; however, they all should be taken seriously. If any of the above mentioned issues are felt, a patient is advised to immediately call their clinical advisor or seek out the emergency room if it is after hours. Negative side effects are indeed rare, but they must be known when partaking in testosterone replacement therapy.