Learn about Doctors Who Prescribe HGH

Doctors Who Prescribe HGH

Advancements in the medical field have increased the number of different specialties that are available for physicians. One such new branch of medicine involves doctors who prescribe HGH to combat the changes that take place in the adult body when chemical substances called hormones decrease with age. Natural effects once associated with aging are now being attributed to deficiencies that are occurring with chemicals such as growth hormone and testosterone.

This new breed of medical specialists study these changes in depth, to bring treatments that will allow for the body to flourish as it once did, when chemical levels were naturally high. In some cases, these medical specialists have been referred to as anti-aging doctors, due to the nature of the changes that take place once HGH therapy begins. Many people feel as though they have turned back the clock in regards to how their bodies are looking and performing. The questions and answers below will explore this field and the doctors who bring about these changes in more depth.

    • Scenario number one – a man in his late thirties is beginning to notice changes taking place in his physical appearance. Yes, he expected a receding hairline because his father and grandfather also had the same. He is also noticing that his muscle structure requires lengthier workout sessions to maintain the same tone that once came naturally. Some extra pounds have found a home around his waist, requiring a larger size of pants. Upon doing some online research, he discovers he might have a growth hormone deficiency. He wonders what kind of doctors prescribe HGH injections that can help change these unwanted effects that getting older is making in his life.

      Like so many other men his age, this gentleman is dealing with physical changes that can be seen by those around him. Weight gain, muscle loss, and receding hairlines or thinning hair can all take a toll on a man’s self-image. This is not vanity; it is about how a person sees themself. Self-esteem can go a great way in how one interacts with those around them. By discovering help in the form of a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy (HRT), any man over the age of thirty can be tested for this deficiency and receive the treatment their body requires to function as it did when they were in their twenties.

    • Scenario number two – a woman in her early fifties is just beginning to enter into menopause. She has watched while many of her friends have dealt with mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, loss of lean muscle, thinning hair, wrinkles and sagging skin, and even memory loss. One of her friends tells her about growth hormone injections, and she asks how do doctors test for HGH levels because she would like to prevent the horrible side effects she has seen so many others suffer with for years.

      There are a number of reasons for why a woman’s body experiences the changes associated with menopause. As assumed, many of these are hormonal, but not always due to the chemical estrogen that many people assume. In many cases, changes in GH or testosterone may be to blame. When a woman presents these symptoms, a HRT doctor will order blood analysis of these different chemical levels to determine what type of deficiency is causing these changes. The proper course of HGH treatment can then be prescribed to combat these symptoms and side effects, bringing about relief and well-being.

    • Scenario number three – a woman in her early forties is juggling career and family life. Working an eight hour day, then picking up her children and heading home to fix dinner is beginning to get her down. There just does not seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on her to do list. In addition, she is always running out of steam by mid-afternoon. This lack of energy is affecting her workplace productivity and her relationships with her children and spouse. She is wondering how do I ask my doctor for HGH treatment at my age? Will he understand what I am going through?

Understanding is a concern for many people. Many general family practitioners have little to no knowledge about hormone replacement options that are available. All too often, patients are told by their physicians, to increase exercise, improve diet, and get plenty of sleep. What these doctors do not understand is that when the body is in the middle of a chemical imbalance, these changes are difficult to carry out. Also, telling a patient to accept the changes that aging brings, is of no help. That is why, in cases such as this, it is best to turn to a specialist for help with the diagnosis and treatment of a growth hormone deficiency. HGH injections will provide the energy and endurance that will enable everything on that to do list to be accomplished, with time and energy left over for other ventures.

    • Scenario number four – a man in his sixties has been experiencing difficulty in the bedroom. His wife wonders if he has lost interest in her. How does he explain that erectile dysfunction has taken control of his passion away from him? He would like to know how to get a doctor to prescribe HGH so that he can show his wife that he still finds her desirable. It is too soon for him to have these worries, and he does not want to turn to Viagra for help.

No man wants to be faced with the changes that can affect libido. These may include loss of the morning erection, erectile dysfunction, inability to climax, low desire, and poor endurance. Contrary to popular belief, these changes are not a natural part of the aging process. They may actually be caused by decreased growth hormone production or Low T (the term that is used to describe low testosterone production). Doctors who are specialists in this field will check both of these chemical levels to determine what type of therapy can best be utilized to restore full functioning for a man in this part of his life. Of course, these treatments will bring many other benefits, as well.

    • Scenario number five – a man in his seventies has finally decided to retire. He would like to travel the world and enjoy his golden years. Unfortunately, there are a few things that stand in his way. Joint pains in his knees prevent him from walking long distances. A general lack of energy and endurance force him to sit down fairly often. His muscles have essentially turned to mush over the years from lack of use. He wonders what type of doctors can prescribe HGH treatment that can correct these problems so that he can live out his retirement years doing the things he had always hoped to do.

Doctors who prescribe human growth hormone injections can help this man enjoy his golden years in style. When this chemical becomes deficient in the body, cell reproduction is also decreased. That means fewer new cells to support muscle and bone structure and function. The body then weakens, and energy and endurance wane. Increasing the level of HGH in the body, allows for an increase of cell regeneration resulting in increased collagen to lubricate joints, and increased muscle size and bone density. Within a few months of beginning treatment, this man, and those like him will be able to enjoy traveling the world with ease.

    • Scenario number six – a woman of any age over thirty looks in the mirror and sees the effects of time making unwanted changes in her appearance. Fine lines are beginning to replace once smooth skin. Grey hairs are appearing faster than she can pull them out. Her nails are getting brittle, and her body is beginning to become flabby. Cellulite has found a permanent home around her thighs and butt. She has heard about HGH injections and the benefits that they can bring. She would like to find out how to get human growth hormone from a doctor for herself so that she can reverse these symptoms and once again have a more youthful appearance.

No woman wants to get old, or at least look as though she is aging. The search for eternal youthfulness has been going on since the dawn of time. Ponce de Leon searched for years to find the Fountain of Youth. Could it be that this power was always within our own bodies? By increasing the level of growth hormone to where it was when a person was in their twenties, it is possible to restore a vibrancy and vitality that were present at that time. A doctor who specializes in HRT will order specific blood testing that will result in the determination and diagnosis of a possible deficiency that can then be treated with HGH injections. Once treatment begins, positive changes will begin to appear.

    • Scenario number seven – a busy executive has no time to schedule lengthy doctor visits to determine if he has reduced levels of these vital chemical messengers in his body. He just wants to get the testing done as quickly and easily as possible, and wants his treatment sent directly to his office. He is searching for a list of doctors who prescribe HGH without a lot of unnecessary office visits.

In today’s hectic and fast paced world, many people do not have the luxury of taking hours out of their schedules to meet with a doctor. Waiting room times seem to be getting longer and longer. Finding a doctor who can arrange for simplified testing and conduct consultations over the phone may seem like trying to find a needle in the haystack, but is actually much easier than it would seem. At Kingsberg Medical, our HGH doctors appreciate busy schedules. Our master clinicians will conduct over-the-phone consultations with our clients. Testing will be arranged at convenient local labs and clinics at times that fit into each individual’s personal schedule. Once prescribed, medication will be shipped directly to home or office, whichever is preferred. All follow up care is also handled by phone, eliminating the need for lengthy office visits.

As you can see, doctors who will prescribe HGH Injections are specialists in their field, and are aware of the changes and advancements that have been made in keeping the human body working at its peak level of efficiency. To learn more about how our doctors can help you look and feel your personal best, simply fill out the contact form on this page and one of our clinicians will contact you by phone. Just think – the best is yet to come.

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