Testosterone Therapy – What Is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone Therapy - What Is Testosterone Therapy?

In order to find out what is testosterone therapy, it is beneficial to know that this particular hormone is present and required in both males and females, alike. Yes, men do have higher levels of this vital chemical than women, but both genders require it for proper health. Not just utilized for reproductive purposes, testosterone is also vital for strong bones, well-defined muscles, endurance, clear cognitive functions, weight regulation, and positive mood. That is quite a shopping list of attributes needed by each and every person for a happy life. Doctors who specialize in testosterone therapy do so to restore balance and vitality for people who have lost the edge, the spark, and the zest for life that Low T deprives them of when hormone levels decline. Previously undiagnosed reasons for poor memory, weight gain, libido issues, muscle and bone loss, joint pains, and depression may finally have a cause. This treatment restores balance to this vital chemical level, bringing back a sense of well-being that may have been lost.

Testosterone therapy has become mainstream. Once discussed in hush tones, in locker rooms by men looking to restore passion to their love lives and muscle tone and strength to their bodies, this form of hormone replacement treatment has come out in the open and is embraced by medical professionals worldwide. Articles appear on internet news sites including AOL Everyday Health, Huffington Post’s Post 50, and even CBS News. Warning signs about what to look for that might show a need to be tested for Low T, as this deficiency is referred to, are presented. Benefits of what to expect from treatment are spelled out in everyday language for all to see. Yes, it is true that these testosterone injections have been banned in major league sports, as well they should be. Performance enhancement is not, repeat NOT, what this medication is to be used for in adults. Countless men and women across the US are on the receiving end of the benefits of treatment that is restoring a sense of being alive to their everyday lives.

How do I know if I need testosterone therapy? There is no way to know this by looking in the mirror. While signs of a deficiency such as weight gain, muscle loss, and decreased height due to bone loss may be present, these same signs could also signal a growth hormone deficiency. The only way to diagnose accurately the condition that is present that is causing these issues is with blood testing. Based upon the symptoms present in the body, our doctor may order just a testosterone blood test or also decide to test IGF-1 levels for a growth hormone deficiency. If Low T is diagnosed, doctor prescribed testosterone therapy will be ordered based solely upon the needs of the body and the level of restoration of this chemical compound that is required for overall well-being. It is vital to discuss all symptoms with one of our medical advisors to best determine what type of testing and treatment will bring the best results.

What are the benefits of testosterone therapy?

Since this particular hormone is produced in the testes in men and the ovaries in women, it is natural to assume that it functions to maintain an active and healthy libido. Women may notice a decrease in physical desire and an increase in vaginal dryness, which makes intimacy uncomfortable when their testosterone levels are low. Men experience a wider range of issues, including erectile dysfunction, loss of the morning erection, decreased pleasure, poor endurance and performance, and even the inability to climax. Receiving treatment restores physical intimacy to previous normal ranges. Stronger bones, increased muscle size and strength, weight loss, sharp mental functions, and positive mood and disposition are other benefits that can be expected as a result of testosterone treatment.

What are the risks of testosterone therapy?

As previously mentioned, this is a medical treatment not to be used for sports enhancement purposes. The top risks associated with this type of therapy come into play when people purchase these injectables illegally, meaning without a doctor’s prescription. Black market risks include expired medication, poor quality pharmaceuticals, and even dangerous substances. In addition, if the medication is not specifically prescribed by a doctor, then there is no way of knowing the correct dosage required by the body to correct a deficiency. This could cause too high a dosage to be injected, putting the body at risk of shutting down natural hormone production. Following the guidance and supervision of a licensed and highly trained doctor ensures benefits and not risks are received from testosterone injection treatment.

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost?

The answer to this question is not going to be one same price for everyone. Any type of hormone replacement therapy such as this is going to be custom tailored for the individual’s personal needs based upon testing and review of a completed medical history file. At that point, a prescription will be issued for a duration of treatment and dosage needed to restore balance to the particular chemical deficiency present. There are also a number of different options for ways of injecting medications that can also affect price. Our advisors discuss all these choices individually with each person to work out an affordable option for therapy.

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How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take To Work?

Most people will begin to notice and feel some of the effects from treatment with a few days. Energy levels are the first things to increase. State of mind and mood begin to feel uplifted, and sleep comes easier at night. Over the course of the next few months, the body begins to undergo a transformation of sorts as muscle tone increases and weight decreases. Bones strengthen, and cognitive skills return stronger and sharper. These results continue to improve month after month.

What Happens When You Stop Testosterone Therapy?

The answer to this is highly subjective as each person’s body will react differently. Following a course of treatment for Low T, our doctors provide additional medications designed to kick start the body into increasing production of testosterone naturally. For many people, the low Testosterone treatment results continue and they go on with their restored vitality. Others desire to continue treatment for longer periods of time. The medical advisors at Kingsberg Medical work one on one with each person to devise the best protocol based upon results and individual needs. Our goal is that you live every moment of your life the way you want, with passion, energy, and well-being.