Testosterone Prescription: What You Need to Know

Testosterone Prescription Getting a testosterone prescription is a subject more men research these days than ever before – partly fueled by the sheer number of aging Baby Boomers. However, it is not just men who are searching for more information about prescription testosterone. Women have also discovered the importance of this vital hormone.

Why is testosterone necessary for aging adults?

Testosterone is more than just a sex hormone, although it does stimulate libido and support sexual functions in males and females. As an androgen hormone, testosterone promotes red blood cell production, metabolism, bone density, muscle mass, brain functions, and more. If testosterone levels are left to decline without intervention, an adult faces an increased risk of developing conditions that include the following:
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
Those are just a few of the risks that increase as testosterone levels decrease. Learning how to get a prescription for testosterone is the first step towards improving one’s well-being and plans for the future. Because testosterone is a controlled medication, you must have a low testosterone prescription before you can purchase it from a pharmacy. Keep reading to learn more about treating Low T.
Men and women can benefit from getting a testosterone prescription if they have symptoms of Low T.

How Do You Know If You Need a Testosterone Prescription?

Before contacting a doctor to undergo a physical examination, consultation, and blood analysis, there are some general questions you can ask yourself to help determine if low testosterone is present. If you answer yes to two or more of the questions below, it may be time to seek the guidance of a hormone specialist to inquire about getting a testosterone prescription:
  • Are you often run down, fatigued, or struggling to make it through the day?
  • Have you noticed unpleasant changes in your appearance like thinning hair, weight gain, flabby muscles (reduced tone), height shrinkage, or aging skin?
  • Has anyone told you that you are grumpy, mood, or no fun to be around?
  • Do you suffer from depression, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, insulin resistance, or high blood sugar?
  • Are you having trouble concentrating, remembering why you walked into a room, or completing simple math problems in your head?
  • Have you lost your sex drive, or are you experiencing any form of sexual decline?
  • Is insomnia or some other sleep issue keeping you up at night?
What you saw in the questions above are some of the most common signs of low testosterone. Please do not try to purchase testosterone without a prescription. The balancing of hormone levels requires the expertise of a trained specialist. When you increase one hormone level, you often impact others. The last thing we want to see is one problem getting better only to have two others taking its place.
You may benefit from getting a testosterone prescription if you have at least a few of the signs of low testosterone.

Can I Get a Testosterone Prescription Online?

Telemedicine is changing the way many people look to getting a testosterone prescription. Online medical services today provide men and women with a way to work with leading specialists they may otherwise never have the ability to contact. At Kingsberg Medical, our hormone doctors are board-certified leaders in the field of hormone replacement. They have years of experience working with adults seeking hormonal balance. Here are the steps to know for how to get a prescription for testosterone online:
  • First, select your hormone clinic and request a consultation (at Kingsberg Medical, we provide free, confidential consultations by phone)
  • Then, complete the online medical history questionnaire providing the essential information necessary for the doctor to review
  • Visit a nearby lab for the required blood testing that will measure critical hormone and other blood levels
  • Finally, have any local doctor of your choice complete the physical examination form we provide
Following these steps to complete the process to get testosterone prescription online, our doctor can then review all the findings to determine if testosterone therapy is necessary and beneficial. If so, the next step is the follow-up consultation to discuss the results and the online testosterone prescription options.
The steps to receive a testosterone prescription are easy to complete.

Best Options for Getting a Testosterone Prescription At a Low Cost

Numerous reasons exist for people to look online to get their testosterone prescription – cost, time, convenience, and fear. Some men and women just want to get the cheapest testosterone prescription possible to save as much money as they can. Others do not have the time to spend sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. They want to accomplish their consultation and complete the other steps as quickly as possible. We bring up the topic of fear only because some men avoid going to a doctor at all costs. For them, lowering their testosterone costs with prescription by eliminating the visit to a specialist makes perfect sense. We agree. With the availability of telemedicine today, no one should have to waste time or spend more money than necessary to get their prescription for testosterone. Not only do we save money by eliminating costly office visits, but we have also arranged for low blood test costs with a national chain of laboratories.
Our telemedicine services lower the cost of getting a testosterone prescription.

What Type of Testosterone Prescription Will I Receive?

Getting a prescription for low testosterone entails more than receiving a piece of paper to take to a pharmacy. The goal of the hormone specialist is to prescribe the best possible treatment to accomplish the desired results.

What is the best prescription testosterone to buy?

Men do best with prescription testosterone injections. Both testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate are excellent options. Some men may receive a combination of the two medications. The doctor will base the decision on each man’s situation. Additionally, some males may also require anastrozole to prevent the body from converting testosterone into estrogen. Clomiphene is another frequently prescribed medication that helps to prevent testicular atrophy by promoting natural testosterone production during testosterone therapy. Women receive compounded testosterone cream, prepared for their precise needs by a compounding pharmacy. Low-dose testosterone cream provides superior results for women, especially those dealing with menopausal symptoms. Every testosterone prescription from our doctors is filled at licensed US pharmacies and delivered directly to our clients. It is the goal of Kingsberg Medical to provide superior treatment and service at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.
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