Testing for HGH Deficiency

Testing for HGH Deficiency

There are many reasons why people decide to ask about testing for HGH deficiency. A woman who has been mistaken for her children’s grandmother may wish to find out how to restore her appearance to a more youthful glow. A man who can no longer hit a drive on the golf course the way he once could may wish to put an end to his muscle and joint pains. The list of reasons why people desire to find out if they have a growth hormone deficiency can go on and on indefinitely. The bottom line is that everyone who contacts our clinic wants to know how to find out if they have this condition, and then if so, how to treat it. That is why we are here – to help adults across the US find the help they need to restore balance to their chemical levels through testing for HGH deficiency. There are approximately 60 of these crucial substances floating around in the body. Each has its own mission and function. Perhaps the most notable is growth hormone, which has also been referred to as the “master hormone”. When this chemical level decreases to a point where noticeable changes begin to take place, action to restore it to the proper level must be taken. Here at Kingsberg Medical, we specialize in this form of treatment. We work with adults over the age of thirty to bring this balance back into their lives.

How Do You Test for HGH Deficiency?

When someone calls us with concerns over the fact that their memory is not what it used to be, they are usually wondering how do you test for HGH deficiency. They may have heard about the marvelous restorative abilities that human growth hormone injections have on memory and all other cognitive functions, as well. A simple blood test will provide the answers as to whether or not this chemical shortage is present in their body. If it is, then receiving specially prescribed treatment for this condition will strengthen not only one’s memory, but also focus, clarity, concentration, drive, and the ability to perform tasks with ease. No longer will there be the worries over misplaced keys, cellphones, and glasses. Forgetting names, dates, and simple facts will be a thing of the past. A person will no longer have to wonder why they entered a room because their awareness of their actions and thoughts will stay with them, just as they did in younger years when thoughts were clear and precise. This is due to GH stimulating its own receptors located throughout the brain, especially in the areas of learning and memory. This allows for improved functions and abilities.

Testing for Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Returning to the gentleman on the golf course who was having trouble with his swing – what is the benefit for him to receive testing for human growth hormone deficiency? That can best be answered by providing a little background on one of the functions of GH in the body. Once released, this powerful chemical goes to the liver where it stimulates the production of another key substance called Insulin Growth Factor 1. IGF-1, as it is known by, and HGH growth hormone then work together to stimulate the production of new cells to replace those dying off each day. These cells are vital for both the muscles and the bones to maintain their strength, durability, and integrity. Without this support, these structures will weaken, and then decreasing mobility will be experienced. The increasing aches and pains in muscles and joints that people experience as they age are due to this reason. That is why people with low GH levels have difficulty playing a round of golf or tennis, or even working out. For some, just getting out of bed in the morning can be a painful and difficult occurrence. Testing for this shortage will provide the needed answers that can return a person back to the activities that they enjoy once again.

Can HGH be Detected in a Blood Test?

There are a number of different types of medical procedures used to determine different types of conditions. These can include x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and blood tests. Some of these procedures can be quite time consuming and costly. Can HGH be detected in a blood test or does it require some other type of testing? When dealing with chemicals in the body, blood analysis is the measuring indicator that is utilized. The results from the analysis are received within a few days, making diagnosis quick and easy for the doctor. This way, people who are tired of feeling tired all the time due to low levels of growth hormone can be prescribed treatment that will bring quick relief. Imagine feeling energized after only a few days of HGH injections. That is the goal our doctors and medical staff have for all our clients. Walking around in a zombie-like state accomplishes nothing in life except frustration and sorrow over remembering how life was before this deficiency took hold. That is why it is crucial to receive the proper analysis that will finally bring relief.

Does HGH Show Up in a Blood Test?

Being able to avoid the expensive tests that other conditions require for diagnosis is a positive benefit. Many people are thankful to hear that answer when they ask does HGH show up in a blood test or is other testing necessary. The only other steps required are a physical examination and the completion of a questionnaire that details past and current medical history. The questionnaire can be accessed through a secure link on our website. Our advisors can provide that information. Many people have already visited their own health care provider for their yearly physical, and our doctors can use this information for review. We will provide the transmitting information that can be given to the examining physician’s office. For those who do not have their own family practitioner, our advisors can offer recommendations for local clinics where the examination can take place. This is a short and inexpensive process, with most doctors charging approximately $50 for this physical. All results of the blood analysis, physical examination, and medical history questionnaire will be reviewed by the doctor for determination of diagnosis and treatment protocol.

Do You Have to Fast Before HGH Blood Test?

There are usually a number of questions people ask before they go to their local laboratory to have their blood drawn. The most commonly ask question is do you have to fast before HGH blood test, and the answer is yes. Fasting after midnight is required for many different types of tests, and this is one of them. What that means is having nothing to eat or drink after midnight, including water. The appointment at the laboratory will be scheduled for first thing in the morning, so that there is not a concern about having to go long periods of time without eating or drinking after waking. Most people who work can have their test as soon as the laboratory opens, and then grab breakfast and head into the office without worrying about taking any time off from the job. Many laboratories open between 7 and 8 am, and our advisors will locate the one most convenient for each individual. This may either be near home or work, whichever will be the best option.

What is the Blood Test for HGH?

Another frequently asked question is, What is the blood test for HGH? One fascinating fact to know about growth hormone is that it is released in what is called pulsatile bursts. This means that there are short bursts of this chemical secreted during both day and night. High intensity exercise or physical exertion will help the process during the day, and eight solid hours of deep sleep will help the process at night. As soon as it is released, GH travels rapidly through the bloodstream to its receptor points throughout the body. Within a short period of time, it is gone from the blood, making it a poor indicator for testing. The specific marker that is used to determine if there is a shortage is the test of IGF-1 levels. As earlier stated, Insulin Growth Factor 1 is secreted in direct response to the amount of growth hormone the pituitary gland produces. That means if GH levels are low, IGF-1 levels will be equally low. The difference is that IGF-1 levels remain at a constant state in the blood, which is why testing them in the morning before any food intake can make changes is the best way to determine if a deficiency is present.

How to Test for HGH in Blood

The entire procedure involved in how to test for HGH in blood is a simple one. Our advisor will arrange an appointment at a local laboratory, which will eliminate any unnecessary waiting that walk-in clients have to accept. After signing in, the individual will be called into a room where the lab technician will arrange a number of different vials that will be used in the blood sampling. There is more than one type of test that will be run as our doctors must look at a number of different factors in order to determine if a person is a candidate for treatment. Different types of blood tests require different types of vials. The technician will examine the veins in both arms in order to determine which will be the best one to use for drawing the blood. At that point, a tightening band will be placed around the upper arm, the area to be tested will be cleaned with an alcohol swab, and the needle will be inserted into the vein. Those who may be squeamish can look away during this process. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes, and after the needle is removed a bandage will be placed over the insertion point for a few hours. The client is then free to continue on with their daily schedule.

Cost of HGH Blood Test

The cost of HGH blood test is paid directly to us here at Kingsberg Medical. We have contracted with laboratories across the US to negotiate a special price for our clients. This makes arriving at the lab quick and easy. Everything we do is with the convenience and ease of our clients in mind. Many people express frustration over the changes taking place in their bodies. The last thing we want to do is increase this level of frustration or stress in any way. That is why there are never any long or costly office or clinic visits to attend. By simplifying this process to offer all consultations with our medical staff over the telephone, we have eliminated the need to take time away from one’s busy life to schedule any appointments. Our advisors will set up convenient times for these phone consultations so as not to interrupt important business meetings or other crucial activities. Simply tell the advisor what works best, and we will do all that we can to accommodate those needs.

Lab Test Growth Hormone Deficiency

Why is it so crucial for us to make it easy to get this lab test? Growth hormone deficiency has a tendency to rob energy, enthusiasm, and enjoyment out of a person’s life. For some people, just making it through the day is hard enough without having to worry about adding anything else into the picture. It is true that there are many local clinics that a person can visit for this HGH treatment, but these places will usually require quite a number of follow-up visits that take hours out of a person’s busy day. No one likes sitting around in a waiting room, wondering who they might run into in these places. In addition, these office visits add up in price at a rapid pace. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest level of customer service and satisfaction while keeping privacy and confidentiality in mind. The affordability of our program due to our complimentary phone consultations is another plus. There is also never even a need to stand in line at a pharmacy counter because everything is shipped directly from the pharmacy to our clients’ doors. All medicines and supplies come together in one convenient and private package.

Blood Test for HGH Deficiency

Receiving the blood test for HGH deficiency can make a difference between worrying about fractures from falls as one ages and strapping on a pair of skis to head down a frosty mountain. Which scenario sounds like more fun? Life is filled with experiences waiting to be enjoyed, but for those without any stamina or energy, there is little to do but point the remote at the television. Watching others have fun is not living. That is why so many retirees look to receive testing to determine if treatment for low growth hormone levels can help them enjoy their golden years. Anyone who ever dreamed about traveling the world when they stopped working will certainly want to be in the best shape possible to accomplish their dreams. Exploring ancient ruins is possible when the body cooperates in every way. Muscle flexibility, strong bones, and unbridled energy and stamina will make it easy to climb steps and see the wondrous sights around the world. Whether the yen to travel sends one overseas or exploring local caverns and wineries, it is crucial to put the best foot forward at all times. HGH injections are the answer most people desire to make this all a reality.

Growth Hormone Stimulation Test Results

Many of our clients have told us that the call that provided their growth hormone stimulation test results was one of the best phone calls they ever received. That is because many people find this treatment to be transformational. Most people do not have the quality of life they would like to have when a GH shortage is present in their body. They are not happy with their appearance due to grey, thinning hair and wrinkles. There is a good chance that excess pounds have made their way onto their body. Loss of lean muscle means they now have a flabby instead of well-toned physique. They are tired and moody all the time. On top of all that, there is usually a great deal of stress involved due to the inability to perform at peak performance on the job. Add to that a weakened immune system and there is certainly quite a bit to get depressed over in one’s life. That is why the phone call with news that HGH therapy is available for this condition that can restore healthfulness, vitality, and well-being is eagerly anticipated and welcomed. Once this therapy begins, results start arriving at a rapid pace, with increased energy being the first benefit achieved. The sooner action is taken, the sooner benefits can begin.

How to Qualify for Growth Hormone Therapy

The first step toward this renewed life is learning how to qualify for growth hormone therapy. This begins with a phone consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced clinical advisors. During this telephone call please feel free to ask any questions. We have provided a great deal of information on this website, but undoubtedly there will be something that will come to mind. Our advisor will ask about any symptoms that might be present. We have provided a number of informative pages on this site that discuss these symptoms in considerable detail. Feel free to read through one of these pages before calling us, if desired. The simple steps that are required for the diagnosis to be made will be discussed. It is crucial that a connection is made during this time between the client and the advisor as they will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process of testing and HGH injection treatment. We take immense pride in the level of care and service we provide, and it shows in the amount of referrals we receive from our clients across the US.

Screening for Growth Hormone Deficiency

Receiving the necessary screening for growth hormone deficiency changes lives. We see it every day when our clients call to tell us about their latest results. From the busy parents who work all day, then drive their kids to singing lessons or little league practices, to the retirees who spend hours racing around theme parks with their young grandchildren, they all have positive experiences to share. There is nothing we enjoy more than hearing about how HGH injections have restored passion and romance into the lives of couples who had lost their desire for intimacy. These are just some of the reasons why we take such pride in the service we provide to our clients. Everyone has their own reasons for contacting our clinic. Whether fading looks need to be rejuvenated so that a recent divorcee can start dating again, or whether aching joints are keeping someone from taking a walk with a loved one, we are here to help. There is too much waiting to be experienced at every turn, to miss out on a moment of it due to low GH levels.

Testing for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

Testing for growth hormone deficiency in adults has never been as important in the past as it is now. That is due to the fact that we live longer lives than we ever have before. One hundred years ago people were lucky to reach their fiftieth birthdays. That was the average life expectancy at the time. Today, many people are busy blowing out 100 candles on their birthday cake, and many of them are still driving cars and working at second, or even third careers. The only thing stopping some people as they age is how their own bodies are reacting to certain changes. For those who never experience changing hormone levels, life goes on as it always has in the past. Unfortunately, for those who do find that lower GH levels are robbing them of their vitality, life is not what it once was. Luckily there is HGH human growth hormone treatment available that can fully restore balance to those crucial hormone levels. This will then bring the highest possible level of quality back into one’s life. Anyone over the age of thirty who feels as though this deficiency might be present in their life owes it to themselves to call and receive the necessary testing for this determination. It is only then that passion, power, drive, and vitality can and will return.

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