HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy – Which Does the Body Good?

HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy – Which Does the Body Good? Report after report can be found online about the benefits, risks, side effects, and reasons for use of hormone replacement treatment. A prime debate raging today is HGH therapy vs testosterone therapy and which does the most good for the body. Depending upon the changes taking place and the deficiency that is present, both of these treatments are equally beneficial for use. There are unfortunate reports of athletes and body builders who embark upon a path of usage of these powerful medications for sports enhancement purposes. Not only is this practice illegal, but it is dangerous to the body, as well. The many benefits of HGH and testosterone therapy have been widely discussed and documented, with numerous clinical studies proving their worth in adults over the age of thirty who have experienced a decrease in either or both of these vital chemical compounds. There has also been a lot of research done on the pros and cons of usage for sports enhancement, and all results have come back negative, due in part to the risks that are associated with using these medications when they are not needed by the body. That need is only present when chemical levels drop lower than what the body needs for proper functioning. Too high a dosage of either drug interferes with the body’s own ability to produce these chemicals. However, for those who have been diagnosed by a knowledgeable doctor who understands how to maintain hormonal balance in the body, these medications can have life-changing effects.

What is the difference between Growth Hormone and Testosterone?

Many times, people think that these two medications can be used interchangeably since they seem to accomplish a lot of the same results when used under a doctor’s guidance. What is the difference between growth hormone and testosterone, and how does a person know which one they should be using, or if they should be using both types of treatment? While many of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency and Low T, as a testosterone deficiency is known as, are the same, there are some key differences that might single out the ultimate cause of changes taking place. There is a misnomer that testosterone is strictly a male hormone, when in actuality it is just as crucial for women to maintain an adequate supply as it is for men. It is also true that testosterone is considered one of the sex hormones, responsible for desire and pleasure receptors in both males and females. GH also plays a role in this area, as well, so a lack of sexual desire, performance abilities, or pleasure is not a deciding factor. What has been noticed in response to questions about testosterone replacement therapy vs HGH injections is that, for serious issues of erectile dysfunction in men, or women in the middle of menopause symptoms, testosterone may be a key component of the adverse changes taking place. That is not to say that growth hormone deficiencies may not also be present. Ultimately, the only way to know for sure what they actual state of chemical production in the body is currently at is by taking a blood test to determine these specific levels. Other areas that are examined before embarking upon a course of testosterone and HGH injections include changes to muscle size, skin tone, hair quality, energy levels, endurance, brain functions, and mood. Depending upon what symptoms are present, this can be an indicator for the doctor when determining the best plan of action after reviewing physical examination and blood testing results.

What is the difference between HGH and Testosterone Treatment?

Assuming that a diagnosis is made, what is the difference between HGH and testosterone treatment? HGH – human growth hormone treatment will always be in the form of an injection taken on a daily basis. The doctor will prescribe the correct dosage to stabilize the level of this crucial chemical in the body to where it was during its prime, which is traditionally viewed as appropriate levels for someone in their twenties. Raising GH to this point brings the maximum benefits to an individual. Low Testosterone treatment or therapy for men is usually also in the form of an injection, and for women it is usually a cream. Part of the reason for this is that men normally have much higher levels of this hormone in their bodies, and require a higher dosage than women. The best way to accomplish that is with testosterone injections. There are times when a person may have reached a point where their body requires a dual approach to the replenishing of these chemical levels. For instances such as this, taking HGH and testosterone together may be prescribed. The duration of treatment with both medications may or may not last the same period of time. A person will be monitored by our medical advisors to determine how their body is responding to these therapies, in order to achieve the maximum benefits available. Can you take HGH and testosterone at the same time to speed up the recovery period when you begin treatment? The only time to take both of these methods of hormone replacement is if the body is deficient in both chemicals. Remember, increasing a hormone level that does not need increasing may result in the body ceasing its own vital production of that substance, and that is never advisable.

What to Expect from HGH and Testosterone Therapy Results

What can be expected for HGH and testosterone therapy results once treatment has begun? In many instances, the benefits mirror each other with both types of medications. Increased energy, improved endurance levels, weight loss, increased muscle mass and tone, improved memory and mental functions, and, yes, increased libido can be expected from either type of therapy. Physical enhancements such as smoother, tighter skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, and reduced cellulite are traditionally viewed as benefits associated with growth hormone replacement. Since either deficiency may dramatically affect mood, disposition, and outlook; both HGH and testosterone replacement therapy can provide a powerful boost that will improve the overall well-being of an individual. Both forms of treatments will result in the achievement of deeper, more satisfying sleep. This, of course, results in more productivity during the day. The only way to be specific in determining what is better, HGH or testosterone therapy for an individual, is by reviewing the findings of a blood test, to determine what is required by the body to improve overall function and abilities.

What is the Best HGH and Testosterone on the Market?

One thing to be certain of is that when the time comes, only the best HGH Therapy and testosterone on the market is used. It seems that nowadays almost anything can be knocked off by manufacturing plants in places such as China. A powerful medication should not be purchased in the same way one might view buying a fake designer handbag. Buying either item could land the purchaser in legal trouble, but only one runs the risk of landing someone in the hospital. Tainted, unsafe, and expired medications may be shipped in from foreign lands. There are no safeguards in place when dealing with companies that are not located in the US. Even some local websites will offer to illegally ship you this medication without a doctor’s prescription, but they do so with warnings that they cannot be held responsible if the injections are searched or confiscated. Why run either type of risk? When it is time to buy HGH and testosterone injections, ensure that an experienced hormone replacement doctor is prescribing these medications after reviewing the results of blood testing and examination. Our professional staff at Kingsberg Medical will ensure that all necessary steps are completed quickly and securely to provide you with the best possible care and service anywhere. How much does HGH and testosterone therapy cost? The final cost will be determined by the dosage prescribed for each person, the length of their overall treatment plan, and the brand and type of injectable chosen. Many options will be provided to ensure the best decision for any budget. Before purchasing hormone replacement treatments anywhere else, speak with our professional staff to ensure the right decision is made.
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