HGH Blood Test Results

HGH Blood Test ResultsIt is important to get answers to questions when dealing with growth hormone (GH) deficiency. Perhaps one of the most important things is receiving the HGH blood test results. This is the defining moment when a person will learn whether or not their body has stopped producing the amount of this vital chemical messenger that it needs each day. This does not mean the secretion of this substance has completely halted; it means that the production cycle has slowed to the point where certain symptoms have started to show and interfere with a high-quality life. That is why our professional medical staff takes the time necessary to provide these answers about HGH therapy and more, to each of our clients. The reason men and women turn to us here at Kingsberg Medical is to find a solution to the situation that will restore the vitality that has been in short supply in recent times. That rejuvenation will come when the right doctor prescribed human growth hormones are ordered for those who have positive HGH blood test results that show a GH deficiency. There are, usually, a number of questions surrounding these results, and we ensure that they are well explained. Embarking upon any new type of treatment can easily make a person feel a little apprehensive, nervous, or confused. He or she can also experience feelings of joy, excitement, and relief. It is also natural to have any combination of feelings when the sheer fact that the number of benefits that can be achieved from HGH therapy is enormous. It may be hard to imagine the amount of rejuvenation that can and will take place, but that is why we are here, to help put everything into proper perspective. This process will begin on this page with the answers to many questions about what happens after a visit to the local lab occurs one morning.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results for HGH Blood Test?

Question number 1 – How long does it take to get results for HGH blood test? It only takes a matter of days for the local laboratory to check the specimen and run the different panels that have been ordered by our doctor. One the entire analysis process has been completed, the HGH blood test results are sent to this clinic electronically. This is excellent news for one who has finally come to the end of a possibly long search for answers about the symptoms that have affected his or her life. These unwanted effects can include problems such as low energy, hair loss, joint pains and stiffness, weight gain, sagging skin, difficulty with night vision, memory concerns, muscle weakness and decrease in size, low or non-existent libido, poor concentration, frequent colds or illnesses, and more. A person waiting to find out how long does it take to get results for HGH blood test does not want to wait much longer to get the answers they need. The above symptoms can indeed affect one’s mood – as a matter of fact, many people who are diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency report frequent bouts with depression. It is understandable that someone would have a poor outlook on life when dealing with all of these types of changes on a daily basis. The desire to socialize with others often fades away into an abyss of loneliness. This may be, in part, due to the physical appearance changes that often accompany this condition.

How to Know if My HGH Levels are Good in Blood Test Results

Question number 2 – Can you tell me how to know if my HGH levels are good in blood test results? This is one of the reasons why only a specialist should diagnose GH deficiency. Although there is one specific marker that will determine the answer to this question, the doctor must be able to have a clear understanding of a number of different factors before making a proper diagnosis. There may be an underlying problem, such as leukemia or diabetes, that could show up in the lab report that would signal the need for another form of treatment, even if low growth hormone production is evident. A general practitioner who has not researched this area of medicine extensively might not know all the different things to check and how to interpret the findings in regards to hormone deficiency. That is why, when asking how to know if my HGH levels are good in blood test results, it is best to speak with a specialist in this field. Many of the symptoms mentioned in the previous section can be indicative of a number of different health-related conditions. That is why there are a number of different panels run before any determination is made. All these checks will come from the same specimen, so there is no need to worry about having to be pricked with a needle at the lab more than once. Those who are shown to be GH deficient will receive HGH treatment from our doctors, and then will have their panels repeated in six months to show how well the therapy has proceeded. Of course, the individual will know part of this answer much earlier based upon the excellent benefits that will have been received.

Does Human Growth Hormone Show Up in a Blood Test?

Question number 3 – How does human growth hormone show up in a blood test? The body has a number of different chemical messengers that affect daily life for the better or worse, depending upon whether they are in balance or not. In some cases, these substances can be checked directly because their markers are always present in the bloodstream. In other cases, other chemical levels will provide the answers desired. Such is the case in regards to somatotropin – also known as growth hormone. This particular messenger races to its various receptor points upon secretion. It provides its necessary signals and then disappears until the next pulsatile burst three to five hours later. That makes GH an inadequate level to check when wanting to get a clear picture in regards to this deficiency and whether or not HGH injections are required. In that case, how does human growth hormone show up in a blood test so that this condition can be verified? One of the vital functions of this substance is to bind with receptors in the liver to signal the production of another chemical called Insulin Growth Factor 1. IGF-1, as it is also called, is released in direct correlation to the amount of GH secreted. In a case such as this, the level of IGF-1 will decline in the same manner as somatotropin, with the main difference being that this particular substance remains in the bloodstream throughout the day. Doctors can check this level in order to form an accurate diagnosis of deficiency and determine the precise dosage of HGH to order.
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What are the Blood Test Result Ranges?

Question number 4 – What are the blood test result ranges that the specialist will check when diagnosing the need for HGH therapy? There are a number of different panels that will be performed, including a CBC, lipid panel, CMP, estradiol, testosterone, and a few more. Of course, the IGF-1 levels will also be checked. Once the report is sent from the lab to our clinic, the levels of each will show whether or not they are within the normal areas or high or low. The doctor will use these findings to determine if there is a growth hormone deficiency that requires treatment, or if anything else shows up that needs to be addressed or clarified further. In some instances, referrals to other types of specialists may be required if the problem is not hormone related. When asked what are the blood test result ranges by our clients during the follow-up consultation after all reports have been received, our medical advisors can then go over each specific issue that has been determined. It is crucial to us that each individual fully understands any changes that have occurred in his or her body, and how this might be affecting them in a negative manner. We have found that a well-informed person will usually achieve the best benefits from his or her HGH treatment. That is why we take the time to ensure that all information provided is fully understood before proceeding on to the next step.

Who Can Explain the Blood Test Results to Me?

Question number 5 – Who can explain the blood test results to me once they have been received at the clinic? Our experienced medical advisors work closely with each individual from the beginning of this journey until its end. Starting from the very first telephone consultation, the advisor will go into great detail to ensure that everything is understood every step of the way. That includes going over the HGH blood test results in complete detail. This will usually take place once all information has been received, and the doctor has thoroughly reviewed the entire file. In addition to the lab report, a physical examination is also required, and once that information has been received, it will be added into the file. Many people do visit their own primary care provider for this step, although any general doctor can provide this service. Our advisors can assist people with locating a physician in their own area if needed. Who can explain the blood test results to me along with anything that might have come up in the physical exam? The medical advisor will provide all this information, along with any concerns that may be present in the health history questionnaire that the client will fill out from the link on our website. The diagnosis from the specialist, along with any prescription for treatment will also be explained and discussed at this time. Choosing the right brand of HGH injections, along with the style of injectable will also occur during this consultation. This all takes place in a short time span, to put the right type of therapy in the hands of those who need it as soon as possible for the best benefits to be received.

Are My Blood Test Results Normal?

Question number 6 – Are my blood test results normal or do I need HGH therapy? The reaction to the answer to this question can be comforting or upsetting, confusing or clarifying. Why is that? First of all, normal ranges can vary quite extremely, and those who find themselves at the higher or lower end in many areas may be borderline to certain conditions. Finding out that one has a growth hormone deficiency can bring comfort in knowing that there is a reason for the changes that have taken place in the body, or it can be upsetting to learn that one’s body is somehow working against its own well-being. This diagnosis can be confusing for one who exercises regularly, eats a healthy diet, and gets plenty of sleep. This person may have been doing everything right and now does not understand that sometimes nature or genetics just takes over. The answer to are my blood test results normal can shed a lot of clarity on a situation that can be extremely frustrating. What does one do with a body that just does not want to perform as it should? That is why getting checked for low growth hormone levels is crucial. If this condition is present, treatment with bioidentical HGH injections is crucial to restoring the necessary balance to one’s life. This will improve energy, sleep, weight levels, immune functions, bone density, eyesight, libido, muscle mass, and so much more. Even a person’s physical appearance will improve thanks to tightened skin and thicker hair.

Do I Have Growth Hormone Deficiency?

It is probably becoming very apparent that getting an answer to do I have growth hormone deficiency that needs HGH therapy will shed light on a number of different issues or concerns. Someone who has been walking around in a fog due to poor focus and the inability to recall information as easily as in the past will finally get the answer needed as to why this has occurred. Best of all – the situation will reverse itself once treatment begins. Whether areas of concern include poor sleep, low energy and stamina, high cholesterol, decreased metabolic functions, long bouts of illness, or weight gain, HGH injection therapy can help reverse these problems if the answer to this question is yes. If you are sitting there wondering do I have growth hormone deficiency because many of these symptoms are present, it is time to give us a call and get the necessary answers that will lead to receipt of treatment that will restore homeostasis to your life.