Hormone Replacement Therapy


Looking back over time, the world has certainly changed quite a bit over the centuries. New inventions have improved daily life on all fronts. Today, hormone replacement therapy is changing the way in which people experience getting older. While we still have not uncovered the secret of immortality, scientific exploration has led to improved methods of preserving the integrity of the human body. Much like a car that requires a tune-up from time to time to keep it running smoothly, so does a body need a boost when its own vital fluids run low. An automobile may break down when the oil gets too low, and the same can be said about the body when certain types of hormone levels get too low. A person can run out of steam due to lack of energy. Poor focus and memory can affect productivity in much the same way that a shortage of power steering fluid can make it difficult to propel a car. Hormone replacement therapy provides a way to increase those vital chemical levels to ensure that the body runs as smoothly as possible at all times. There are numerous factors that go into ensuring the best possible positioning of oneself for a healthy future. Food is to a person in much the same manner that gas is to a car. Neither can run without the proper type of fuel. The quality of the fuel can make a difference in the ultimate performance. After years of running on low grade gas, a mechanic may suggest using premium gas for a while to increase an engine’s efficiency. The same thing can happen to a person who is used to existing on a diet rich in fried, fatty, and sugary foods. In this case, switching to a diet high in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can go a long way for increasing efficiency of the inner workings of the body. There are times, however, when medical intervention in the form of doctor prescribed hormone replacement therapy is needed to provide the same type of boost to the body that a tune-up will give to an automobile. In this case, the mechanic is actually a doctor who has trained in HRT, and is experienced in correcting the chemical imbalances that can occur as a person ages. As with any other type of medical specialty, there  are greater results when seeking out the advice of a highly trained professional.

  • What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The analogy used in the opening section above is a solid basis for understanding how our bodies require specific things to keep them in working order. This will help explain precisely what is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and why there is a need for it at all. Simply put, bioidentical HRT is providing a person with a way to raise a chemical level that has decreased due to one of a number of different reasons, which will be shown further down this page. The body is made up of many different systems that all work together to help us accomplish extraordinary things in our lifetime. The circulatory system keeps our blood flowing and our hearts pumping. The skeletal system provides a strong basis of support that allows us to move throughout the day. The muscular system provides bodily strength, as well as support and protection to the skeletal system. The reproductive system produces some of the necessary hormones and allows for new life to be born. The endocrine system is one of the main providers of substances known as hormones. These crucial chemicals send signals between the organs, tissues, and various structures of the body. Without hormones, the body would have an extremely difficult time functioning as it does today. If a bone breaks, there is a specially trained physician ready to fix it. If the heart begins to show signs of wear, there are surgeons who can repair it. What happens when hormone levels are low, and the body starts to feel effects from this decrease? That is where doctors who specialize in HRT can step in and restore balance to these levels by using bioidentical treatments that replicate the chemicals that they are representing.

  • How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

What happens when the oil level in a car gets too low? A warning light comes on to tell us that it is time to go in for servicing. The same warning lights are there before us when specific chemical levels in the body get too low. How does hormone replacement therapy work and how do we know when we it is needed? Just as with refilling the oil levels in a car, HRT works by refilling the chemical levels in the body that have become lower than what is needed for maximum daily functions. Since we don’t have warning lights on our foreheads that tell us it is time for servicing, it is necessary to look inward for these specific warning signs. A general slowing down due to lack of energy is one of the first noticeable signs that something is amiss. Poor stamina or endurance can limit the amount of productivity that can be put forth on a daily basis. Impaired cognitive functions, which can include memory and focus, may be preventing a person from accomplishing all they want to do. Other signs include loss of lean muscle mass, high cholesterol levels, decrease in bone density, weight gain, increased appearance of cellulite, irritability, depression, mood swings, poor sleep, decreased motivation, joint and muscular pains, stiffness, hair loss, wrinkles, sagging skin, poor night vision, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, decreased pleasure, brittle nails, and even a weakened immune system and recovery state. While most people will not be faced with every item on this list, the symptoms that do appear can help point our doctors in the right direction as to how to proceed with testing, to determine if hormone replacement treatments are called for under these circumstances. The goal of HRT is to restore the chemical level in the body back to its proper state, which will, in turn, reverse any symptoms that have occurred.

What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

A mechanic’s job is to maintain the integrity of the automobile so that it can transport its occupants safely from one destination to another. The same applies to the doctor who prescribes bioidentical treatments for people with decreased chemical levels. The goal is to maintain the structure and functioning of the human body so that it may also transport a person from place to place in a safe and healthy manner. This is evident through the benefits that most people receive as a result of beginning treatment. What are the benefits of hormone replacement therapy that can be expected? For one thing, many people would love to be able to stop yawning from morning to night. The decreased energy levels previously mentioned are the first things to go when treatment with bioidentical hormone therapy begins. Endurance is increased, along with focus and other cognitive functions, making productivity improve across the board. Both bone density and muscle structure increase, providing the body with a stronger support system. Immunity is strengthened, shortening recovery time for colds, viruses, and injury. Sleep patterns become regular, providing a basis for deeper, more restful sleep. Vision improves along with a decrease in depression and moodiness. It is certainly easy to have a positive outlook when joint and muscle pains disappear. One look in the mirror will hold the evidence of smoother, tighter skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails. Finally, a subject that most people want to know about – sexual desire and performance will improve, providing a heightened sense of pleasure for both males and females, alike.

  • Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

One change that tends to take place as we age is an increase in body fat. This seems to settle into specific areas more than others, especially in the abdominal region. Of all areas to gain weight, this is the most dangerous. All that excess fat surrounds the internal organs, making it harder for them to do their jobs. The risks involved with belly fat include diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, and even stroke. Can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy help with weight loss? One of the benefits of HRT is that excess weight will slowly begin to melt away as the metabolism revs up to its proper level. This is accomplished without any necessary changes to diet or exercise. If this is true, why should someone change their dietary or exercise habits during this process? For some people, it is their unhealthy habits that put them here, in the first place. Certain types of hormones are affected by the fuel being provided (a healthy diet), the amount of exercise provided (high intensity), the amount of sleep at night (8 hours), and finally, the amount of stress in one’s life. These factors all contribute to how well the body will continue to produce some of its required hormones. Of course, there are those who follow those steps and yet still see a chemical decrease taking place. This may be due to illness or genetics. That is where bioidentical hormones will usually suffice to turn their lives back around for maximum healthfulness. It is the others, the ones who have made poor lifestyle choices along the way, that can benefit from taking some simple steps to help their bodies produce increased hormone levels. Eating right, increasing exercise and cardio output, getting a decent night’s sleep, and reducing stress can go a long way to increasing the speed of which the fat melts away and natural chemical production increases. Bioidentical HRT is the best starting point for this change.

  • How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Work?

In a lot of ways, both male and female bodies work in the same ways. They both see surges in hormone levels during puberty, and then witness a decrease that usually occurs around the late twenties to early thirties. The decreases in specific types of chemicals continue at a gradual process. Many people do not see any changes for years; however, there are some who can tell the difference soon after these decreases begin. The function of hormone replacement therapy for men is to restore balance to these levels, bringing about a positive change and reversal to any symptoms that have appeared. In addition to the lack of energy and endurance that most people experience during these times, men tend to see serious changes in their libido. This may begin with a reduction in the amount of semen they notice, a decrease in morning erections, or a lack of desire that was not previously present in their life. Arousal difficulties may affect the ability to achieve a firm erection, as well as maintain it to the point of orgasm. It is certainly natural to expect that a level of depression and moodiness would accompany these changes. Increasing hormone levels under the care of a qualified doctor can reverse all these symptoms, once again allowing a man to feel like the man he was before this shortage in his system took place.

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

What many people do not realize is that there are different types of hormone replacement therapy. On top of that, there is the negative press that has been issued for certain types of treatment. In some instances, this is warranted. Estrogen therapy has long been used for menopausal women; however, there are numerous side effects that make this treatment either unusable by certain people, or considered a dangerous risk by others. Both human growth hormone and testosterone therapies are considered to be safe, but only when used to treat the respective deficiencies and under strict doctor supervision. Ensuring that the proper treatment is prescribed is the job of the qualified doctor who specializes in this field.

  • What is Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is testosterone hormone replacement therapy and how does a person know if they need it? Low T, the condition that refers to decreased levels of this specific chemical, can be present in both males and females. That might be a surprise to many people reading these words right now. When testosterone levels are low, there are numerous symptoms that may be present. These include energy loss, weight gain, low libido, vaginal dryness in women, erectile dysfunction in men, depression, memory loss, mood swings, hair loss, poor sleep, decreased bone density, and loss of lean muscle tone. The only sure way to know if this condition is present is with a blood test that measures both the free and total levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. This test is administered fasting first thing in the morning. If a deficiency is present, the doctor will prescribe the use of bioidentical testosterone therapy to correct the overall level in the body.

  • What is Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is growth hormone replacement therapy and how does a person tell the difference between the symptoms for that instead of those for Low T? The same symptoms that are factors in the diagnosis of low levels of testosterone can also signal a GH deficiency. The difference is that there are many other symptoms that can also be present, including wrinkles, sagging skin, decreased eyesight, poor immune system functions, increased time needed for recovery or recuperation from injury or illness, and brittle nails. The only way to determine precisely what changes are taking place in the body, and how to correct them, is once again by receiving a blood test that will check for all these deficiencies. Bioidentical HGH injections are utilized for this specific chemical shortage.

  • What are Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Options?

What are the male hormone replacement therapy options for someone who is exhibiting a number of these symptoms? Depending upon the results of the blood analysis, the doctor may prescribe either testosterone, human growth hormone, or a combination of the two bioidentical agents for ultimate results. Once treatment begins, results can become noticeable in a short time period. Increased energy and improved mood are usually two of the first noticeable benefits, with others following in suit within the next month or two. The doctor will prescribe the accurate dosage to treat each person individually. There is no universal dosage that corrects hormonal deficiency. Each case is handled separately to allow the body to achieve homeostasis.

  • What Choices are Available for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What choices are available for female hormone replacement therapy today? For decades, the only option women had was estrogen replacement. This comes with increasing risks of blood clots, stroke, breast cancer, and more. That is why many women suffer silently with the symptoms of menopause without seeking treatment. Today, both testosterone and HGH offer options for women tired of dealing with not only the sometimes debilitating effects of menopause, but also the negative changes that come from lower levels of hormones in general. Upon review of the blood test results, the doctor can then determine if human growth hormone injections or testosterone cream are the right choice.

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Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

It is certainly not advisable to go for a long drive with a car that is low on oil. The chance of a complete system breakdown is possible. The same can happen to a body that is low on the vital chemicals that it needs for proper functioning each day. Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy safe to use? The answer here is a resounding yes! These treatments have been used for decades with very slight risk of any side effects. For the most part, only those people who attempt to purchase these medications illegally, from companies offering to sell them without a prescription, have anything to worry about when it comes to safety. On the rare instance when a side effect does occur, the prescribing physician can simply lower the dosage, which will usually correct the problem. More dangerous than a car that breaks down is a body that is so tired that it nods off behind the wheel of an  automobile. That is why receiving support and guidance from a qualified physician is imperative to correct these chemical levels.

  • What are the side effects of hormone replacement therapy?

It is natural to be concerned about the risks involved in beginning any type of medical treatment. We always recommend people familiarize themselves with any possible side effects. What are the side effects of hormone replacement therapy when it is prescribed by a doctor? Depending upon the type of treatment prescribed, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, joint swelling, aches and pains, diabetes, and high cholesterol are all possible, although the chance is slight that this will occur if the medication was prescribed by a specialist. If any of these symptoms do occur, lowering the dosage will usually eliminate any concerns, and treatment can proceed.

How Much Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

Keeping the body well lubricated, so to speak, does cost money, and usually the cost for HRT of this type is not covered with insurance. How much does hormone replacement therapy cost and does the price vary between males and females? Both testosterone and HGH have different price points based on quite a number of factors. For example, the first factor that needs to be determined is the level of deficiency a person is experiencing. This will provide the doctor with some basic information as to the duration of treatment and how high a dosage is required to accomplish the necessary balance of hormone levels. In addition, the height, weight, and age of a person will also be used to calculate the dosage level. Finally, the actual brand and type of injectable that will best suit each individual’s needs will be the deciding factor.

  • How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

There is another important point to consider when determining how much does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy cost. This is ensuring that only the finest quality, legal methods of HRT are used. Trying to save money by purchasing this medication illegally without a doctor’s prescription is both risky and dangerous. The companies that are selling illegal medications are usually operating out of foreign countries. There are no guarantees that they are shipping high quality hormones, or even anything other than ordinary water. There is a risk of medications being imported into this country being seized in customs, as well as receiving products that could be contaminated or expired. When the goal is improving the state of one’s health, it is always best to work with a qualified doctor in order to receive medication straight from a fully regulated US pharmacy. While this may cost a little more up front, it will probably save money in the long run by safeguarding health and well-being without any risks.

  • How Much Does Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost?

How much does male hormone replacement therapy cost each month? There is  no one set number that can be thrown out into the air because of the mitigating factors mentioned previously. The dosage and type of therapy to be prescribed will be determined based on each individual’s personal needs. The goal is to keep costs as low as possible while offering the finest care available anywhere. Our doctors are some of the finest hormone replacement specialists in the country, and they have been working in this field for quite some time. Our entire medical staff believes that the health and well-being of all our clients comes first and foremost. Kingsberg Medical is here to provide top quality care for those who are in need of returning balance to their hormones and their lives.