Do HGH Injections Effects Produce Special Benefits to Health?

HGH Injections Effects

Human growth hormone therapy is indicated for the use of replacing lost bioavailable (naturally produced in the body) with bio-identical (natural, exact duplicates) HGH hormones to bring the body hormone levels back into balance. HGH injections effects include:

  • Improvement in the immune system
  • Increase of muscle mass with a decrease in body fat
  • Improved sexual libido
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Healthier hair, including re-growth
  • Reversal of osteoporosis
  • Lower joint inflammation
  • Stronger bones with more density
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improvement in body composition
  • Better eyesight
  • Sharper memory
  • Alleviation of depression

These positive effects are just some of the many total-body gains received from HGH replacement therapy. The goal of treatment is to allow the body the means to restore itself back to health and reverse the damages caused by premature aging due to insufficient production of growth hormone, and give back the look and feel of youth. It is the loss of these vital hormones that ravage the body in insidious ways. The decline in growth hormone is slow but gradual (and can be exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle), and the outward signs can go almost unnoticed initially, or attributed to something else—like stress or a bad night’s sleep—until they have become a constant issue. Fortunately, getting the hormones back into balance through HGH injections effects will not only stop those gradual changes, but reverse them altogether.

Positive Effects Of HGH Injections

One thing overlooked about the effects HGH produced by injections, and even about the negative effects of a deficiency in the growth hormone, is how interrelated they are. One gain affects another; by that same token, one adverse effect will impact another, as well. A good example is sleep. Everyone is aware of what impact a terrible night’s sleep will have on the following day; it is not unusual to find out that the person with no energy and an irritable mood has had a bad night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep has the opposite effect; the person wakes up refreshed, has the energy to greet the day and a smile for everyone around. The positive effects of HGH injections—like its quality of contributing to better quality sleep—have a ripple effect throughout the body. A person drained of energy may find it hard to work up any enthusiasm at all for anything.  This directly affects an individual’s general mood; chronic fatigue on a regular basis can lead to a permanent negative attitude and lead to depression. Hormonal imbalances can also contribute to fatigue and depression, as well as problems sleeping. Each of these problems affects the others. Likewise, each benefit of the correct balance of hormones affects more benefits. HGH injections effects on the body increases metabolism, giving the person more energy and a feeling of rejuvenation; it also helps restore normal sleep cycles and stabilizes moods. Restorative sleep equals more energy, which equals a more positive outlook on the daily grind. With optimal levels of growth hormone at work in the body, these benefits are enhanced further because they work together, and the overall result is a feeling of being newly energized and healthy—younger again!

HGH Injections Effects On The Body

People who are considering hormone replacement programs want to know what effects to expect from HGH injections. Our goal at Kingsberg Medical is to raise the levels of growth hormones to the optimal levels your body requires to function at its best to enhance the overall quality of your life, for the rest of your life. To restore health that has been failing with the lessened production of natural growth hormone, and reverse any damage caused. To prevent future ailments by allowing the body to maintain its individual systems consistently, without giving it the opportunity to fall behind in performance. To better understand what positive effects to expect from HGH injections effects, learning what adverse problems can arise from a growth hormone deficiency may help. Growth hormone deficiency can cause many symptoms that will not only increase with each passing year, but could eventually turn into life-threatening illnesses. When growth hormone production is off balance, natural body maintenance slows, and can slow to the point of backlog, where so much damage has been caused that there is no way the body can restore itself. When there aren’t enough cells produced to keep the bones strong, they become brittle and break easily, and even the healing process is slowed. Osteoporosis is also a result of bones losing strength and density from the cells inability to rejuvenate the bone structure, and this condition wreaks havoc unobtrusively, not being noticed until the full problem reveals itself. Cardiovascular issues work in the same sneaky way. Atherosclerosis and plaque buildup in the arteries can go unnoticed until a person has a heart attack. HGH injections effects on the body for an older adult can reverse the damage that has already begun in these areas, and for a younger adult can work as preventative measures against these ailments, stopping them even before they start.

What Effects To Expect From HGH Injections?

Growth hormones are not just players in linear growth in children. Growth hormones are at the base of cellular metabolism and rejuvenation. Many of the functions in our bodies rely on cellular regeneration for peak performance. These are the cells that keep our major organs (like the heart, kidneys and liver) from shrinking and keep them productive; the cells that maintain the density of the skeletal structure, keeping the bones strong; the cells that repair damaged tissue in the joints after injury or surgery; and the cells that keep up the defenses in our immune system. When people want to know what effects to expect from HGH injections, studies have shown that HGH injections can increase energy, enhance mental acuity, restore the interest in and performance in sexual activity, make the body more capable to withstand physical exertion and exercise, speed up the healing process both from illness and injury (and keep the immune system and body structure strong to prevent illness and injury), fight depression and create a positive mental outlook, improve the memory and eyesight, prevent cardiovascular disease and lower cholesterol.

What Are The Side Effects Of HGH Injections?

Any treatment program employing the use of medication can carry the risk of side effects. What are the side effects of HGH injections? To ensure that our patients do not suffer side effects, we prescribe only the needed doses of natural growth hormones. This is why proper dosing is so crucial to treatment, and why treatment should only be received from a medical facility. Establishments that offer HGH injections effects without a prescription tend to have a standard dosing system based on a person’s weight, when that is not the only factor to be considered. The level of deficiency the individual is suffering (measured by the blood test), age, physical condition and gender are also factors that contribute to the individual’s needed dosage to balance out the hormone levels. Too much growth hormone can create lasting problems. There are little to no side effects involved in proper use of the medication. For the patients who have reported minor side effects, altering the dosage during treatment corrected the problem. Studies done on side effects at 100 times the recommended dosage have included Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, elevated blood sugar levels, and hyperostosis (thickening of forehead frontal bones). This is what happens with HGH over-dosing. Side effects in treated individuals under proper medical supervision with personalized dose regimens are rare. The most common side effect in our patients is irritation at the injection site; by rotating injection sites, this can be avoided.

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How Soon Will You Feel The Effects Of HGH Injections?

A common question with hormone therapy is how long does it take to see HGH injections effects? Typically, it takes about 6 months to truly experience the full benefits of HGH injection therapy, with only slight variation from person to person. The most noticeable and extreme impact is in the increased energy patients feel within a short time. Again, like the benefit of a good night’s sleep, added energy can have quite an impact on daily activity like job performance, family participation and enthusiasm. This general timing schedule based on patient studies can answer a little better the question how soon will you feel the effects of HGH injections? Keep in mind that individual specific results can vary from patient to patient:

  • First month: added energy, sounder sleep, improved stamina and a better mental attitude.
  • Second month: Noticeable signs of weight loss (without changes in nutrition, smoking or exercise), improvement in muscle tone, better digestion, better skin tone, increase in strength, enhanced libido
  • Third month: Improvement in mental acuity, sharper focus, better memory, enhanced sexual function, greater flexibility and more fluid body movement
  • Fourth month: General enhancement of above improvements
  • Fifth month: Significant weight loss (measurable in inches), greater skin elasticity, healthier hair
  • Sixth month: Better mental stability, cellulite reduction, enhanced capacity for exercise, lower cholesterol, improved heart rate, improved eyesight, healthier joints with less pain.

These progressive HGH injections effects were compiled from the evidence of Dr. Daniel Rudman’s groundbreaking growth hormone therapy research study as published in the New England Journal of Medicine. More recent studies and patient testimonials have supported his findings.

What Positive Effects To Expect From HGH Injections

Here is a bit of a better breakdown of what positive effects to expect from HGH injections from Dr. Rudman’s research:

  • Exercise, strength and fat: patients showed  more than 70% increase or improvement in muscle strength and size, fat loss, exercise tolerance and endurance
  • Skin and hair: patients displayed more than 50% increase or improvement in skin texture, elasticity, thickness, and reduction of wrinkles and an almost 40% improvement in the growth of new hair.
  • Immune resistance and healing: patients had more than 55% improvement or increase in healing capacity (including old injuries) and flexibility of the spine with a whopping 73% improvement in resistance to common illnesses like the cold or ‘flu.
  • Libido and gender-specific function: Patients displayed more than 60% improvement in sexual function and frequency, lessening of the rate of nighttime urination and hot flashes, with a 40% improvement on the regulation of the menstrual cycle.
  • Cognitive function and emotions: Patients showed more than a 60% improvement in energy, emotional stability, memory, mental acuity, and a positive outlook towards life.

These specific HGH injections effects are all extremely compelling.

Long-Term Effects Of HGH Injections

As outlined above in the general monthly breakdown of what to expect from growth hormone therapy, it is within the long-term effects of HGH injections where the most results are seen. Reversing the aging process and restoring years’ worth of damage to the body from GH-deficiency is not something that can be resolved in a matter of days. You can’t walk for an hour into the forest and walk out in five minutes. The process can take a number of months before the ideal goals are reached. The body needs time to first get itself back up to speed, then work on the restoration of processes that have fallen behind before it can begin to correct the ravages of time. The process does not happen overnight, but it does happen fairly fast. With proper functioning, the body can heal the damage caused by age faster than it took to get to that age. Studies on HGH injections effects prove that 6 months of treatment in some cases can reverse up to 10 years of aging.

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How To Avoid Side Effects Of HGH Injections

The way of how to avoid side effects of HGH injections lies in the dosing of growth hormone. Take note, not all hormone replacement therapy programs are equal. Treatment programs that base their dosing on a standardized weight scale or those that are not medically supervised should not even be considered. Serious side effects can result from improper doses (usually too much) of growth hormone, especially if treatment is not monitored by a physician and the dosage isn’t altered soon enough. As with any medication, dosing and supervision of use is key. A reputable HRT clinic like Kingsberg Medical is there with each patient every step of the way for consultation, questions and concerns. Medically-supervised and fully insured, Kingsberg Medical diagnoses and evaluates each patient on an individual basis, administering prescriptions with dose strengths and length of treatment assessed solely on each patient’s physiology. All treatment is monitored by our physicians to ensure the desired progress of health and longevity. Our medications are all government approved from well-known, established pharmaceutical suppliers. If you want to know all about HGH injections effects, call Kingsberg Medical. Your health and welfare is important to us.