HGH Prescription Requirements

HGH Prescription Requirements

The HGH prescription requirements are fairly straightforward. Human growth hormone is only authorized for use in patients that are suffering the condition known as Growth Hormone Deficiency or other related medical conditions and must be medically proven through specific diagnostic testing. If the patient is found to be chemically deficient, a prescription that provides only enough medication to meet that person’s individual needs is allowed. There is no authorization for sporting enhancement uses (it is banned from professional sporting) or for bodybuilding.

This type of non-medicinal use is illegal and can prove to have harmful side effects. These HGH prescription requirements are set in place for patient safety, and to eliminate the potential for overuse. Bio-identical human growth hormones are considered a natural medication due to their derivation from plants and their identical makeup to naturally-produced growth hormones, but without the moderation of an individually customized prescription, chances of misuse and overuse that can cause serious (and sometimes permanent) health defects are too high. It is the non-prescriptive use of the drug that can be dangerous, which is why its distribution is highly regulated and controlled. Taking human growth hormone under such conditions is counter-productive to its reason for being created.

What Are The Requirements For HGH Prescription?

Half of learning what are the requirements for an HGH prescription is learning why the growth hormone drug was created and what it is used for. Lessened production of native-born growth hormone (or production diminished by other factors) affects many important body operations at the base level of the cells. Our bodies are made up of cells; if our cellular metabolism were to be hampered in any way, everything that relies on those cells will be hampered.

It is safe to say that nearly every positive benefit you have heard about human growth hormone is true. However it is not the results of growth hormone therapy that should be questioned, it is the method of getting the medicine into the system that should be questioned. Getting an HGH prescription in the US has to do with knowing what real HGH is. Real human growth hormone can only be effectively administered into the system through subcutaneous injection. This means that the various tablets and pills, topical creams and sprays are not effective forms of treatment.

The growth hormone molecule is large and fragile, it is too big to be able to pass through the skin or nasal membranes and it cannot be compounded into these forms without damaging the molecule. Even if they could be effectively processed into pill form, the fact that it’s a protein guarantees that will be digested by the stomach before he could even get to the rest of the body. While the advertisements correctly state that human growth hormone can restore health and a better quality of life to a person, if the medication is not in the proper injectable form will not be real HGH and therefore will not provide those results.

Getting an HGH prescription in the US means going to a real doctor or medical facility that offers a full-scale treatment regimen. After making sure that the treatment program you are considering getting into uses injectable human growth hormone, the next item of importance is to make sure that the medication is not illegal, counterfeit or a knockoff. The best way to find this out is to do a brief background check on the manufacturing company. If the laboratory is located in China or Mexico, it is not legal for use in the United States because there are no regulations for processing the medication overseas and because most of them are found to carry a bacterial residue left over from the manufacturing process. If the brand of HGH says it has 192 amino acids, it is not real human growth hormone, because true growth hormone has an exact 191 amino acid chain. Any alteration in the sequence or the ingredients changes the drug itself.

A common counterfeit HGH called somatrem (made up of a 192 amino acids) has also been shown to carry harsh side effects. Somatropin HGH has 191 amino acids in a very specific sequence; it is created in a laboratory from plant materials to be bio identical – an exact, identical copy of the human growth hormone that is produced in the body – using a highly technologically advanced recombinant DNA technology that cannot be duplicated in just any laboratory. A simple Internet search of the name of the medication and its manufacturing company will provide the most important information: whether or not the medication is authentic and whether or not it is authorized for use in the United States. Learning about human growth hormone will make learning what are the requirements for an HGH prescription easy.

Legal Requirements For Growth Hormone Prescription

The federal government strictly regulates the use of human growth hormone in the interest of protecting the health of the welfare of the people and has legal requirements for growth hormone prescription. If you are looking to get into a growth hormone treatment program you are aware already of the negative effects caused by a growth hormone deficiency. Illegal medications can make these problems even worse, with the potential to create new ones, first in unwanted side effects, and second in permanent health damage. Real human growth hormone has been tested and retested and proven to be safe and effective if used only to correct the hormone imbalance and only within the boundaries of the prescription.

This is why there are legal requirements for growth hormone prescription.  When you go to see a specialist or make a phone call to speak to one, have a list made up of all of the problems you are suffering from. You may feel like you are always in a state of lethargy, or that all of your mental processes seem slower and you have trouble comprehending things or focusing. You may be suffering moments of forgetfulness more and more often. You may have noticed a slip in your interest in sex that is now causing stress in your relationship. Or you may have noticed that you just don’t have the get-up-and-go that you used to. At this point you may be wondering, will I qualify for HGH treatment? Because of the legal requirements stating that the use of the medication is only allowed if a medical condition is present requiring the addition of growth hormone into the body, you must submit to a blood test. This test will allow the doctor to see if your present hormone amounts are lower than what your normal measures should be. You will also need to inform the doctor (and fill the information out on paper or online) of your full medical history.

All of this information is needed for the doctor to be able to assess the required dosage for your own condition. If your medical history proves that you are otherwise healthy with no real medical problems or chronic illnesses, and your blood test for growth hormone deficiency shows imbalanced hormone levels you will qualify for treatment, and the doctor will write out an authorization for growth hormone injections in the strength and dosage amount designed to elevate your hormone levels up to normal.

How To Get HGH Prescription

It is the blood test for growth hormone deficiency first that determines the qualifying need for replenishment. Human growth hormone itself cannot be measured accurately because it is released into the bloodstream in spurts. But it stimulates the release of another hormone called Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) that stays in the blood longer. When a doctor wants to see how much growth hormone is being released into the system, he will measure the more consistently showing IGF-1, which is considered the marker of secreted human growth hormone. Because this blood analysis will be what formally shows whether or not there is inadequate levels of native growth hormone, it is the most important step in how to get an HGH prescription.

This is the element that makes a prescription valid. It is not legal to get a prescription any other way. Some companies offer prescriptions to people based on their answers to a few health questions. A prescription obtained that way is not legal. Neither is the prescription that is offered after a person takes a blood test at home with a mail-in testing kit. The blood evaluation must be submitted in person and performed directly by qualified medical staff. Not only is this method inadequate in getting a real sample, it opens the door for an attempt to fraudulently obtain the medication by someone who may want to use the HGH drug recreationally and think to submit a sample belonging to someone else. The blood test must be done in person. The prescription allows for legal use of the drug. Anyone caught with an illicitly gained prescription will be punished by fines and/or imprisonment from both the state and federal government. The knowledge of how to get an HGH prescription lies in going straight to a specializing doctor.

Can I Get HGH Prescribed By A Doctor?

At this point you are probably asking, can I get HGH prescribed by a doctor? Yes, you can if you have a need for replacement therapy with growth hormone. There’s a wonderful idea out there about ‘having it all’. They say when you have your health you have everything, and it’s a lesson people keep learning the hard way again and again. How many workaholics are out there with their noses to the grindstone slaving away at their careers to the detriment of their family and social lives, believing that once they “have this” item or reach this goal they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, only to find out that all of that hard work combined with their advancing age has taken a toll on their physical body?

What good is having that large house with the tennis court if joint issues in your shoulders, elbows and knees prohibit you from swinging a racket or running around the court? At this point, what matters more to you? That tennis court or your health? The key to happiness is in being able to enjoy each present moment, and that can be very hard if your health is compromised in any way. With the average life span up almost 40 years higher than it used to be, maintaining good health is important for the enjoyment of the now and the future now moments. If your health isn’t what you think it should be, if you know that there is a way to feel better, take advantage of this moment right now and call us with the question, can I get HGH prescribed by a doctor?

Where To Find A Clinic Specializing In Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment

In reality, when you want to know where to find a clinic specializing in growth hormone deficiency treatment, look no further than the top of this page. You are here. If you feel further research is needed, look up HRT (hormone replacement therapy) clinics online. Compare treatment programs and options, compare doctor credentials, see which brands of medications are used, and find out if they monitor the programs and progress of each patient. Learn their qualification process. Do they need a prescription to begin treatment? Can you get a prescription from them? What does getting a prescription entail? What is their answer when you ask, will I qualify for HGH treatment? A truly reputable medical facility keeps all of their information visible and above-board. They are easy to research, there is no question of their origin.

The medications they prescribe are all known and legal. They provide continuous supervision of each patient during treatment. They can be reached easily by telephone. If you would put this kind of time and research to getting the perfect person to take care of your child, you can do it for your own health.  Ask around. Look on the internet for where to find clinic specializing in growth hormone deficiency treatment; enough will show up for you to do a quick side by side evaluation so that you can make a decision you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; if anyone hedges on their answers or gives you an answer you are not satisfied with, cross them off the list. Spending that time now in finding a clinic, which will be able to give effective treatment without the patient feeling like he is taking this on alone, is invaluable in the long run. These HRT clinics, because they have been in business for so long now have a set system for determining qualification and patient intake. Going to your own primary care physician will mean multiple visits to his office, which could still end up with his referring you to a specialist and more office visits will be necessary … or look up how to find local HGH doctors online.

Again, there is no need to go anywhere other than the top of this page. Kingsberg Medical’s special services are local to anyone and as near as their own homes with our strong internet presence. Consultations, questions, discussions can all be handled here or over the phone, and we have multiple offices throughout the country to make that one necessary visit for the blood evaluation not make any patient have to go out of his or her way. Our years of experience have allowed us to streamline our process to make patient convenience and discretion a priority without sacrificing the patient’s individuality in treatment.

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