HGH Prescription Reasons

HGH Prescription Reasons

While people may feel there are many HGH prescription reasons like keeping joints healthy, managing heart rate, regulating cholesterol, keeping bones dense and muscles lean and strong, powering up the immune system, and preventing chronic problems like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, it is the bottom-line hormone deficiency proven by a blood test that is the be-all, end-all reason for the prescription, and the reason any problems in these areas show up. It is natural growth hormone that keeps the joints, internal organs, blood, bones and muscles healthy and strong. That keeps the immune system working defensively against outside pathogens.

That prevents those diseases and illnesses. When production of natural growth hormone is inadequate, all of these functions and more are in danger of losing their optimal function. Growth hormone production is not just about maintaining physical health, but psychological health as well. Low levels of GH can cause depression and an inability to deal with stress—not only that, a decline in physical performance can have that same effect.

As far as legal authority is concerned, the HGH prescription reasons amount to one reason only in the deficiency of need hormones, all of these other reasons that people would be interested in getting into treatment are caused by that one main reason. There is only one reason HGH cannot be prescribed, and that is if there is no medical reason present for the use of it. It is not an option for someone without a GH deficiency, or someone who wants to use the drug recreationally.

What Are The Reasons For HGH Prescription?

While it is a proven hormonal deficiency that is the base reason for HGH therapy, it is possible to ask what are the reasons for HGH prescription and get a different answer that would still be right. Meaning that even though growth hormone cannot be prescribed solely to fight sleeping issues, it is the hormone imbalance behind the scenes that causes these sleeping issues. And it is that non-level hormone amount that sleeping problems begin.

This imbalance of hormones, or insufficient amounts of growth hormone, causes very real health problems both now and down the line. Interferes with the body’s ability to process calcium which reduces the density in the bones and weakens them. This is why it is very common to hear of an older person falling and breaking a hip, while it is almost never heard of happening to children. That’s because natural growth hormone is produced at the highest amounts during childhood. After the body starts physically growing, shortly after puberty, the creation of growth hormone begins to diminish.

Older adults with that chemical deficiency will realize there’s less strength in their bones and that breakage is an easy occurrence. They may also notice the beginning signs of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Protecting the structural integrity of the skeletal system is only one of the many processes that happens in the body that human growth hormone has an active role in. It is one reason that causes what are the reasons for HGH prescription.

How Do I Get Prescribed Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone affects positive changes in a person’s well-being in four main areas: emotional, mental, physical and sexual. This is not your run-of-the-mill vitamin with an as-needed dosing schedule. You have to ask, how do I get prescribed growth hormone? The physician in charge of prescribing the medication creates a one-of-a-kind physiological dosing schedule.

This means that the dose and the strength of does that is prescribed for you is based on what your body considers to be the normal amount of HGH. There is no set normal for every person. This is just one of the many problems associated with attempting to purchase human growth hormone online. First, of course, you have to make sure that the medication you are purchasing is legitimate human growth hormone; after that, and no less of a real concern, is correct dosage in. If you are not purchasing a full treatment program that includes the medication, the individualized prescription, and supervision during treatment you are essentially self-medicating yourself if you are following a recommended generic dosing schedule based on your weight alone.

Efficacy of the medication – getting the expected and desired results – are dependent on the body receiving specifically what it needs, no more and no less. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because your levels of growth hormone fall into the normal range of a person your age of the same gender. All the phrase “normal range” means is that, for example, one hundred 45-year-old men had their levels measured and their normal range ran from this number (the lowest level) to that number (the highest measured level). Each one of them could have had a different level of growth hormone, some low and some high by comparison to each other, but unique to them. Ask your doctor, how do I get prescribed growth hormone, and he will immediately schedule you for a blood test nearby to see if you qualify.

What Are The Reasons Doctors Give HGH Prescriptions?

Whether it’s weight loss, high cholesterol, a lack of interest in sex, poor memory issues, problems sleeping, or depression—if whatever issue that is most pressing is caused because the body is not secreting enough human growth hormone, getting information on what are the reasons doctors give HGH prescriptions and  receiving treatment from a physician who has extensive knowledge of hormone replacement therapy who can customize a regimen of growth hormone injections exclusive to each individual will put the body back into proper balance and remove these problems, no matter their degree of severity.

Like an automobile, fuel is needed to keep the whole vehicle running properly; when the car is really low on gas, it begins to slow down and it eventually stops. Replenishing growth hormone is essentially the same thing as filling the gas tank; once the tank is full the car will run again and be fully operational. The human body is like that to some extent. Once it has what it needs it will function properly. One difference to note would be that some cars have different sized tanks. People do, too. An accurate prescription will individually fill that body tank. It is not really a question of what are the reasons doctors give HGH prescriptions, but how do I find out if these reasons are the result of a growth hormone disorder.

Reasons To Get HGH Prescription

Here is a list of some of the beneficial reasons to get HGH prescription that can occur in a person who is undergoing a legitimate hormone replacement therapy program:

  • energy will increase
  • weight will seem to melt away, even without nutrition and exercise changes
  • muscle mass will improve, the body will feel stronger
  • interest in sex will be revived
  • skin will become firmer
  • sleep will be consistent and rejuvenative
  • mental processes become sharper, it is easier to be focused and stay focused
  • enthusiasm creeps in, replacing apathy
  • a general sense of wellness sets in as the immune system becomes stronger.

What all of these reasons to get HGH prescription have in common is their source, and the source of these reasons is human growth hormone. It is growth hormone that works to ensure all of these tasks are managed properly, and it is the absence (or partial absence) of growth hormone that will interfere with these jobs being done in the later years. Less growth hormone in the system means less immunity, time-ravaged skin and hair, forgetfulness and feelings of abandonment, sleeping problems, mental fogginess, poor sexual stamina and interest, added weight and low energy. Keeping sufficient levels of growth hormone maintained with treatment keeps the body well.

How To Get Tested For Growth Hormone Deficiency

A growth hormone treatment regimen cannot be prescribed for anyone unless a deficiency has been verified. Do you know how to get tested for growth hormone deficiency? Growth hormone, or lack of it, is measured in the bloodstream. Growth hormone itself is not measured directly, since its production occurs in spurts that don’t last in the blood for very long and would be too difficult to time for each individual. But HGH does stimulate the release of IGF-1. Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 is produced in the liver, but its secretion is spurred by the release of HGH from the pituitary gland. It also stays in the blood consistently. When a doctor wants to measure the output of human growth hormone in a patient, he will analyze the blood, looking for the presence and amount of IGF-1 and use this information to glean how much growth hormone is being produced naturally. An individual that is concerned that he may be GH-deficient because of the health issues he’s been suffering wanting to know how to get tested for growth hormone deficiency only has to call a specialist at Kingsberg Medical who will set him up with an appointment nearby to have his IGF-1 levels measured.

Reasons To Buy HGH Injections With Prescription

Inadequate secretion of natural hormone is the one main out of many reasons to buy HGH injections with prescription. The decline of hormone production that happens with age can cause many maladies, beginning with just a general feeling of unwellness and lack of energy that segues into many other at first minor issues, like joint pain, moments of forgetfulness, inability to sleep, catching colds a lot, occasional stress days, and the wrinkling of skin and graying of hair. Then these minor irritations become a little more severe. The lack of energy is getting in the way of job performance and familial interaction, the joint pain is turning into joint stiffness and a limiting of movement, forgetting things is now common (and not just about the little things like losing car keys), bad sleep ruins the following day, and sickness is a regular interference in life. All of these are reasons to buy HGH injections with prescription, because all of them are caused by not having enough growth hormone. Other issues include cardiovascular problems, a reduced sex drive, high cholesterol, depression and the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease. When the body has what it needs by way of growth hormone, these symptoms go away.

What Are The Symptoms Of Growth Hormone Deficiency?

If you know that having a growth hormone deficiency is what qualifies one for treatment, you will want to know what are the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency:

  • Extreme tiredness or chronic fatigue
  • Incapacity for exercise, or the need to take many breaks during exercise
  • Depression and a lack of interest in anything going on around
  • Low resistance to germs and airborne illnesses
  • Baldness, thinning hair
  • Loose skin marked by wrinkles
  • An increase of bad cholesterol
  • Brittle bones that break easy
  • Beginning signs of osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular problems, low cardiac output
  • Sleeplessness
  • Loss of strength and firmness in muscles
  • Midsection weight gain
  • Low libido, hampered sexual performance
  • No endurance

This list may be long, but it is not exhaustive, but these are many symptoms when HGH should be prescribed because they could all be caused by lack of an adequate stash of growth hormone. Human growth hormone is at the helm of so many body processes that affect both our physiological and psychological well-being. HGH affects how much cortisol is released into our system. Cortisol is considered a stress hormone that affects both our mental ability to deal with stress and the triggers of stress as well as the physical side of dealing with stress, when the body gets into a fight-or-flight survival mode that involves stashing fat deposits for later causing weight gain. Growth hormone plays a role in our sex drive and our desire for sex. Deficient growth hormone sets the stage for a disinterest in sex or an inability to perform; this can cause problems in a relationship if it can’t be communicated properly, and it can lower a person’s confidence, which all can lead to depression. These all point to deficient HGH and are symptoms when HGH should be prescribed.

What Will A Doctor Prescribe HGH Injections For?

All told, the reason of what will a doctor prescribe HGH for comes down to the body’s inability to produce enough growth hormone for normal body-wide system performance. This one problem can show itself in many ways. Getting older comes with an expected set of problems that people have been aware of for generations, yet it has only been in this past generation that it was found that the problems that arise as a person gets older have to do with the fact that the growth hormone that was so prominent in the body during childhood and development is not as prevalent when the body gets older. There is no known reason why this decline occurs. One would think it would somehow be connected to the expected life span, but in recent generations that average span has fluctuated, but the symptoms of getting older have remained the same.

These symptoms, illnesses, trials and problems that begin at adulthood and increase in severity every decade are the sum total of what are the reasons doctors will prescribe HGH. Growth hormone decline causes a general slowness, like a battery running out of juice, or the wind-up toy winding down. Speech, thought processes and physical movement are not as fast as they used to be. Lack of adequate maintenance in the bones and muscles hamper movement as well, and in some cases make movement painful. Joint health declines, too. Like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz who can’t move at all until he gets oiled, having to stand there stiffly and watch the world go by. Mood swings can occur rapidly, depression and apathy become a regular part of life, and enthusiasm is all but gone (why be happy about life when one isn’t feeling well enough to participate in it?). These are more of under what reasons will doctors prescribe HGH. It is not fun to happily enjoy a career only to be replaced by a younger person when it is decided that the other person could outperform you. It’s even worse when you’ve labored at that job and get ousted for the same reason.

How some people react during a midlife crisis is enough to break up a family. This crisis usually happens when people feel their youth slipping away and go to great lengths to hold onto it. Yes, the adage says you are only as old as you feel, but if growth hormone deficiency is hampering life, a person would be inclined to feel old. This list could go on. The bottom line is that no one wants to feel old, and a growth hormone imbalance and the symptoms it causes produces the embodiment of being aged, elderly or decrepit-feeling and the main of what are the reasons doctors will prescribe HGH.

Reasons For Being Prescribed HGH

These reasons for being prescribed HGH all have one common denominator: hormonal fluctuation and imbalance. When the body was young and in its developmental stage, growth hormone was present in large amounts and everything was running smoothly. For whatever reason, growth hormone becomes less prevalent during the later years, affecting the upkeep of the body. Improper self-care increases the loss of growth hormone, and the less the hormones are balanced, the harder it is to correct the resulting problems on our own, even with making major changes in diet and exercise. The reasons for being prescribed HGH are to elevate the growth hormone input for the body’s full functionality. Making healthy changes in life is a good thing, but if the system is too far gone these changes will only be so effective. There is nothing wrong with getting a little outside help. Growth hormone is outside help that not only pays forward in health benefits, but corrects the damage of the past.

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