Doctor Prescribed HGH Brands

Doctor Prescribed HGH Brands

With what seems to be quite a number of HGH brands on the internet, people want to know the most doctor prescribed HGH brands.  The most nationally recognized and lawfully authorized brands are Norditropin, Saizen, Genotropin, Humatrope and Omnitrope. Made by the pharmaceutical companies Novo Nordisk, Merck Serono, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and Sandoz, respectively, each are approved by the federal government for the treatment of adults with a growth hormone deficiency (which has been confirmed by a laboratory blood test) as replacement therapy. There are a few more, but really only a small handful of legitimate growth hormone injectable medications are available for treatment use legally here in the United States.

With the legal necessity of a prescription it is always best to go with the doctor prescribed brands for the main reason of avoiding inauthentic, illegal and harmful growth hormone counterfeits. These brands listed above are five of the big-league brands Kingsberg Medical has to offer. No other manufacturers can match the medication purity of these well-respected companies, and Kingsberg Medical will not sacrifice quality for inferior and possibly harmful drugs. Our mission is to provide a service that is oriented towards the well-being of our patients. Many years’ worth of healthy and happy patients can back that up.

Brands That Can Be Prescribed By A Doctor In US

Some people may ask about the cost of a growth hormone treatment program with the prescription and feel that the price of brands that can be prescribed by a doctor in US may be too high and instead may opt to try and illegal or cheaply made medication, believing they will get the desired results. This can turn into a case of being penny wise and pound foolish. What may be saved in the initial cost may be spent in double on and, whether it be from legal fines incurred from being caught purchasing this it medications or by having to spend more money to correct to attempt to correct or control the damage that had been caused by the use of some low quality drugs.

At best money will be wasted on a medication that simply does not work. To get the real health benefits from human growth hormone one must obtain it and use it the proper and lawful way. By going through the proper channels the medication will be authentic, dosing will be specific and treatment will be monitored. “Going it alone” opens the door to improper treatment in both the medication itself and correct dosing of the medicine. The brands that can be prescribed by a doctor in US, because of the strict regulations in the processing and manufacture of the medication are truly the safest and produce the most desired results.

Where Can I Get HGH Injections With Prescription?

A prescription is authorization from a doctor for use of a specific drug. A medication that requires a prescription for procurement of it is strong (or possibly harmful) enough to require that proper protocols be followed. Human growth hormone is that type of medicine, and is therefore use-controlled by federal and state agencies. You ask, where can I get HGH injections with prescription? The word prescription says it all. You get HGH injections from a doctor. The doctor provides authorization for treatment with human growth hormone when the patient’s own amount of naturally secreted growth hormone is below their physiological norm.

This determination and the resulting prescription are based on the findings during the analysis of the patient’s blood, with details added in from the medical history/chemical background of the individual. The amount that is authorized for dosing is tallied according to the physiological normal of that individual.  While most doctors are allowed to write such a prescription, only doctors that specialize in the field of hormonal rejuvenation therapies or endocrinology have the advanced skill to pinpoint exactly what the patient would need for sufficient replenishment. Local doctors that can prescribe HGH injections from hormone replacement therapy clinics like Kingsberg Medical have the specific training that allows them to know you better than you know yourself.

What Kind Of Doctor Can Prescribe HGH Therapy?

People should know what kind of doctor can prescribe HGH therapy. A general practitioner can, but is normally hesitant to do so because of his little to no training on the intricacies of the benefits of growth hormone. He may refer his patients to an endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in management of hormone conditions). Going that route can be safely effective and perfectly legal, but can become time consuming in multiple in-office visits for the patient for HGH therapy. Endocrinologists handle other hormonal issues and their procedure for handling bio-identical growth hormone replenishment therapy quickly becomes costly that way.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) centers provide the most efficient options because their entire operation revolves around growth hormone deficient adults (not children) and the entire procedure is whittled down to convenience. When wondering what kind of doctor can prescribe HGH therapy? Any licensed physician can, however the specialists with their extra training can do so much more for each patient in so little time. Kingsberg Medical specialists have that extensive training and specialized care that allows them to give full-service, quality treatment without the hassle of added office visits (outside one for the physical exam and blood test). Our doctors do not prescribe to children, nor will they write a prescription for non-medicinal purposes.  

What Types Of Brand HGH Are Available To Me By Prescription?

It is the prescription that makes the sale of HGH legal. When wanting to know what types of brand HGH are available to me by prescription, it is safe to say that the brands offered by the doctor are the only ones available by prescription. Does that sound confusing? It’s not meant to be, although it may be a convoluted way of saying that if a specific brand is not offered to you by your doctor’s prescription, or if a prescription is not needed for a certain branded medication, those are the drugs to avoid. Either they aren’t legally available to you or they aren’t HGH. It’s as simple as that. The clinic that you go through will let you know ahead of time the manufacturers of and the brands that he works with. Some of the brands Kingsberg Medical works with (and the answer you will get when you ask, what types of brand HGH are available to me by prescription?) are the easily researched, well-known and highest quality like Saizen, Norditropin, Genotropin, Humatrope and Omnitrope. Feel free to call and speak to our clinical advisors for more in-depth information on each brand as well as the different administration devices they offer!

How Can I Switch The Brand Of My Prescribed HGH?

If there is any reason you are unsatisfied with your current brand of HGH and want to know, how can I switch the brand of my prescribed HGH? You will be informed that that particular change has to follow the same rules regarding any changes to the prescription: only the doctor can change it. Remember, the use of the medication is only authorized with a prescription; that prescription is solely handled by the doctor. Only he is allowed to make changes, no matter how small. Attempting to change your prescription on your own is like purchasing the drug on your own and self-medicating, which is dangerous.

Even what seems like the smallest prescription detail is decided on by the doctor. Are you suffering mild side effects? Are you unhappy with the injection device? Is the care and use of the device inconvenient to your lifestyle? Do you need something more portable? One that doesn’t require much refrigeration? Do you want a device where the needle is not visible during the injection? You want to know how can I switch the brand of my prescribed HGH? Call the doctor and speak with him about your reasoning for change and let him make the decision. After all, he is the expert.

What Are The Best HGH Brands?

Because the processing of bio-identical growth hormone is so very exact and can only be done one way, answering what are the best HGH brands almost has no answer. The best brands of HGH are the ones your doctor prescribes for you. But it is possible to give you a short list of the most trusted brands with a little information:

  • Norditropin, by Novo Nordisk: Has four different pen device options to allow for different dosing amounts. All require initial refrigeration; two of them allow for up to three weeks without refrigeration after first use.
  • Humatrope, by Eli Lilly: Has three different pen devices; all require refrigeration and mixing. All have a hidden needle feature.
  • Genotropin, by Pfizer: Two pen devices that require mixing (but the mixing occurs inside the pen), an automechanical device that is battery operated and makes the whole ordeal easier. They also have a single dose pen that is premixed and great for travelling.
  • Saizen, by Merck Serono: Their specialty administration device is needle-free that forces the medicine through a tiny hole in the skin.

Each one of these brands also comes in the traditional vial and syringe method. Your doctor will help you determine what are the best HGH brands for you.

How To Get Prescription For The Best HGH Brands

There is one bottom line: if you are receiving treatment from Kingsberg Medical to correct a growth hormone disorder you will not have to worry about how to get a prescription for the best HGH brands because that is already part of our program. Only the best medications. What is meant by best is the most trusted and effective brands. Without question, getting a full treatment procedure is much better than trying to figure out every aspect of treatment on your own. Why would you have to? Who wants to reinvent the wheel? As a specialty arena, hormone replacement therapy centers have taken all of the work out of treatment—not that there should be any, because it is prescription medicine, and every prescription medication should be handled that way. But because growth hormone is such a powerful medicine with highly-praised effectiveness and widespread popularity there has been a large outcropping of merchants looking to get on the fountain of youth bandwagon. When you call Kingsberg Medical it is not necessary to ask how to get a prescription for the best HGH brands, because it is a given that with us you will get nothing but the best.

Where To Buy Prescribed HGH Brands

There is no need to search for where to buy prescribed HGH brands. Like any authorized medication, the best place to buy is directly from the doctor who created the script. Maybe someday it will be possible to get the masses to understand that human growth hormone is a natural product that does in the body what the native growth hormone does. Yes, the gains of a treatment program are many, but this does not put it in the category of mythical fountain of youth either. A legitimate medicine with a legitimate purpose that will unfortunately gain the notoriety of the people in the public eye who use it, no matter how inappropriately—that is, until another fad comes along.

We have local doctors that can prescribe HGH injections with the knowledge to control the actual measure of dosing to provide the most effective and timely results. It won’t happen overnight, but reviving your body will take less time than it took to grow into the adverse symptoms of the deficiency. In the meantime, we are here at Kingsberg Medical, ready and willing to show you how to control your own health in a manner that will provide all-over benefits in body, mind and spirit.  Feel free to call us, even if it’s just to ask a few questions; we are happy to be of service. As far as we are concerned, getting the correct information out there to the people regarding human growth therapy is very important. Knowledge is power. And knowledge of the true worth of growth hormones and their use in replacement therapy will work towards a broader knowledge of the legitimate and safe steps we can all take to take better care of ourselves and those around us!

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