What Is Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The hormones circulating in the bloodstream send crucial messages that aid in the performance of all functions in the body. When their levels are low, “synthetic” replacement does not accomplish the same thing that biologically identical supplementation will provide. Such is the case with bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone in all its forms begins as a natural substance, either being derived from soybeans or yams. The way in which it is processed is what determines if it can be called synthetic or bioidentical testosterone therapy.

Synthetic versions of testosterone are not a complete identical match to the testosterone that is naturally secreted. This is most common in injectable testosterone due to the ester used in processing. Once administered into the body, injectable synthetic testosterone has the ester removed by esterase enzymes, converting it into a bioidentical state.

Any form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one that is structurally identical to the natural hormone produced by the body.

Who Needs Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

The per person use of bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy has increased in the US, and this is in part due to the well-known fact that our nation is aging – especially the Baby Boomer Generation. Some key hormone levels naturally begin to decline as people age. Women notice this during menopause when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. The decrease is more gradual for males, starting around the age of thirty and becoming noticeable during the fifth or sixth decades of life. That is why most men who turn to testosterone treatment do so between the ages of forty and sixty.

Here are the best ways to know if you can benefit from bioidentical testosterone:

  • You frequently feel fatigued or lethargic
  • You have gained weight
  • Your lean muscle mass has declined
  • Achy or stiff joints may be signaling reduced bone density
  • Hair loss or thinning has become noticeable
  • Your levels of sexual desire and arousal have declined considerably
  • You are a woman dealing with vaginal dryness
  • You are a male with some form of erectile dysfunction
  • You are having problems with memory, concentration, or cognitive functions
  • You are depressed, moody, unhappy, stressed, or feeling emotional in some way
  • You have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, or diabetes
  • You are having night sweats or hot flashes

If you have noticed that at least three of these changes are present in your life, then it is time to speak with a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy to discuss the possibility of blood testing for hormonal deficiency or imbalance.

Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

The use of bioidentical testosterone therapy for men is changing the way many males view the aging process. There is no reason to fear the unknown because problems such as declining libido and muscle loss can be corrected and reversed.

The main forms of testosterone replacement therapy for men are:

  • Injectable Testosterone – testosterone cypionate injections are the number one choice by doctors due to their high degree of success and low cost of treatment. Testosterone enanthate is also frequently recommended, though not as much as testosterone cypionate due to the latter’s ability to last longer between doses.
  • Transdermal Testosterone – the use of skin patches, gels, and creams is another valid option, although the chance of cross-contamination for others is increased with gels and creams. There may also be some skin irritation with these methods of treatment.
  • Transbuccal Testosterone – these oral pellets are placed against the upper gum and remain in place all day. There is a risk of swallowing, as well as changes in taste and oral sensation. Some men have reported pain, bleeding gums, and other problems associated with the use of transbuccal testosterone.
  • Oral Testosterone – not recommended due to liver toxicity.
  • Implantable Testosterone – not used in the US due to the fact that the implanted pellets are difficult to remove if any problems occur, and that they might work their way out of the body on their own.

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Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Women

Bioidentical testosterone therapy for women is changing the way females today are viewing menopause. No longer resigned to the risks associated with estrogen and progestin use, women now have a safer alternative to conquer the symptoms associated with this change of life – bioidentical testosterone cream.

Compounded to each woman’s particular needs, this cream has been heralded by many females as a life-changer. Treatment with testosterone can increase energy, restore libido, aid in weight loss, thicken hair, improve body mass, strengthen bones, and sharpen memory.

Due to the lower dosing needs of women, bioidentical testosterone cream is the best option for treatment of Low T.

Where to Get Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The best place to get any form of bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy is from an HRT specialist. These doctors are experts in the field of hormone replacement, and can provide a higher degree of knowledge in this area of medicine.

Here at Kingsberg Medical, we take pride in the level of experience our doctors and clinical advisors bring to our clients. Men and women throughout the US no longer have to wonder where they can find the right physician to help with their hormone replacement therapy needs. Everything they need is right here at their fingertips.

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