What is Progesterone Replacement Therapy?

Progesterone Replacement Therapy

The majority of adults over thirty years of age have heard of or are familiar with at least one form of hormone replacement therapy – typically either estrogen or testosterone. There is another hormone that is now being viewed as important for both men and women – progesterone. Every single person, no matter the gender, requires progesterone in order to maintain a state of healthfulness.

Progesterone replacement therapy is the process of increasing the level of bioavailable progesterone in the body when time, nature, or other factors have caused a decline.

Progesterone is essential for:

  • Heart health
  • Sexual function
  • Bone strength
  • Pregnancy
  • Prostate

As men and women age, there often becomes a need for some form of hormone replacement therapy. Progesterone is often overlooked at this time, but, in essence, can often provide the body with a viable alternative to other treatments.

Who Needs Progesterone Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Progesterone hormone replacement therapy can provide superior benefits for both women and men, alike. There will be differences in some of the benefits that can be gained by ensuring that progesterone levels are maintained at an ideal point.

  • Women and Progesterone Therapy – Females often experience a drop in progesterone levels around the same time that estrogen and testosterone production decreases – menopause. This change of life signals the ovaries to stop producing crucial hormones that the body requires for bone density, heart health, mood, brain functions, sexual desire and performance, sleep, and energy levels.
  • Progesterone is crucial for the nourishment of the endometrium (uterine lining) to provide the proper environment for egg implantation during pregnancy. Progesterone can also help protect a woman from certain types of cancer (breast, endometrial, ovarian), uterine fibroids, reducing the risk of heart disease, blood clots, and aiding in the action of thyroid hormones.

  • Progesterone Therapy and Men – Progesterone is actually considered to be a “source” hormone for the production of testosterone. Progesterone increases the levels of androstenedione and testosterone to aid in prostate functions. It inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase from turning testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that can cause prostate enlargement, decreased sex drive, prostate disease, and balding.
  • Progesterone hormone therapy has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects and is also used to treat traumatic brain injuries. It can help improve urine flow be decreasing prostate size, and provide benefits for heart health.

Progesterone replacement therapy has helped people lose weight, increase energy, improve focus, and have feelings of improved well-being.

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Where to Get Progesterone Replacement Therapy

As with any form of hormone replacement therapy, progesterone supplementation should be administered under the supervision of an experienced doctor. HRT specialists will test a variety of blood levels to find out what changes have taken place in the body to formulate an ideal treatment protocol. In some cases, only one form of hormone therapy will be required while other individuals may need to use a multiple treatment approach.

At Kingsberg Medical, our doctors and staff are experts in the field of hormone replacement. We are a hormone clinic that can help men and women in all fifty states. Diagnostic testing is done at the local level with convenient labs throughout the US.

Free consultations are provided, and, thanks to our telephone availability for these discussions, a higher level of confidentiality is provided than what would be experienced at a local clinic.

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