How Long Does It Take To See HGH Results?

How Long Does It Take To See HGH Results

Sometimes, the only way to know if something is working is to see the proof with your own eyes. Hormone replacement therapy brings concrete results that can be both seen and felt, as well as benefits that work beneath the surface, to improve overall health. How long does it take to see HGH results both internally and externally? This is the basis of numerous questions that are asked of our medical associates.

Some people are just looking for overall generalizations while others inquire about a specific benefit they wish to receive or symptom they wish to be rid of. This page will examine each of the many benefits that can be achieved with HGH injections, and the timeline for when each can be expected. This will take some of the guesswork out of what to expect from HRT.

Please remember, these time frames are just guidelines. Each person will respond to treatment in their own unique way.


Poor growth hormone production zaps the body of energy. For some people, this shows up on an overall daily basis. They awake tired in the morning, and spend the entire day feeling drained. Others seem to run out of steam midway through the afternoon while the final group loses energy right after dinner. For those looking to increase energy, asking how long does it take to see results after taking HGH injections is much the same as looking for that oasis in the desert.

Without water, a person cannot live for an extended period of time, and without energy, life may not seem worth living at times. It is not fun watching everyone else have all the fun while sitting on the sidelines. That is why the benefit of increased energy is a welcome result. Within days of beginning treatment, a noticeable increase in energy is evident. This energy level continues to build throughout the course of therapy. With increased energy comes increased productivity both at home and at work.


Low GH levels interfere with the body’s ability to enter into a deep and restful sleep. On the other end of the spectrum is the fact that deep sleep is required for the body to produce adequate amounts of growth hormone. Approximately half of the daily supply of this vital chemical is secreted at night during deep sleep. Without eight hours of restful sleep, the body cannot produce enough of this substance for its needs. If you are one of the people asking how fast will I see results from HGH in improving my sleep, the answer is during the first few weeks of treatment. During this time, sleep will feel deeper and last longer. Vivid dreams have been reported by many people. Sleep quality and duration will continue to improve month after month.


Those dreaded wrinkles and fine lines! Sagging skin and age spots are not welcome. If you find yourself wondering how long until you see results from HGH in the area of skin rejuvenation, have no fear, results are on the way. Usually, by the second month some changes and improvements in skin tone can be noticed. Collagen supplies are increasing, and the skin is beginning to gradually firm up. By the fifth month, there is a dramatic lessening of skin discoloration, with greater elasticity and thickening evident. By month six, cellulite is considerably reduced. It is true that this treatment can remove ten to twenty years from your appearance.


While we are on the subject of appearance, hair changes can have serious effects on the self-image of both males and females, alike. Hair loss, receding hair lines, bald patches, greying, and hair thinning can all be difficult to deal with. Yes, there are hair tonics that can be used, but once they are started, they must last for the duration of a lifetime. When do you start seeing results from HGH that can benefit the hair? Traditionally, by the third month visible change starts to become evident. At this time, some regrowth can be noticed. By the fifth month, the hair becomes thicker and takes on a healthy, shiny appearance. Many people report that, in the sixth month of treatment, hair that was previously grey begins to return to its natural color.


Growth hormone is responsible for a number of crucial functions in the body. One of these roles is to stimulate the liver to secrete Insulin Growth Factor 1. Together, IGF-1 and GH regulate cell regeneration and reproduction. These new cells are vital for maintaining the structural integrity of skin, hair, nails, internal organs, bones, and muscles. Without enough new cells, muscle mass is reduced. Muscles are responsible for providing strength and protecting the bones and joints from damage. They help maintain the structural integrity of the body. How long does it take to see results with HGH in the area of muscle regrowth and development? During the second month of treatment, an improvement to muscle tone is noticeable. Greater flexibility is experienced during the third month while muscle size is increased. Exercise and workout programs can increase this effect. By the sixth month, the body takes on a more contoured appearance.


Osteoporosis is a fear that many people face when they begin the aging process. Broken bones can have dire consequences, with many people unable to recover from these fractures. The mortality rate in the elderly is substantially increased after experiencing a fracture. Since the bones rely on a steady supply of new cells, to maintain their integrity, an abundant supply of growth hormone is required. How long to see results using HGH for bone density improvement? By the third month of therapy, the bones are beginning to strengthen. While this is not an effect that can be seen or felt, the results will be evident in reduced joint pain and increased flexibility.


Even though decreased energy was discussed earlier on this page, its friends’ endurance and stamina deserve their own section. Once a task is begun, whether it is exercising, performing some type of manual labor, playing a sport, or any other type of activity, endurance and stamina are needed to see it through. We are often asked when will I see HGH results in this area. Improvements to stamina and endurance begin before the end of the first month of injections. During the second month, an increase in strength helps to fuel the increase in endurance. With each passing month, the effects continue to build, and by the sixth month, there is an increased tolerance for high intensity exercise.


Many people experience severe mood changes as an accompaniment to a growth hormone deficit in the body. It is no wonder that these changes are of a negative tone, with all the physical symptoms that are appearing, as well as the internal ones that we haven’t even discussed as of yet. It is easy for depression to set in, and many people report a bleak outlook on life in general. How quick do you see results from HGH in the mood category? Improvements such as a better sense of humor and increased optimism may appear before the first month of treatment is up. Emotional stability continues to improve month after month.


It is not age that causes decreases in eyesight, but quite possibly a reduction in the amount of growth hormone produced each day by the pituitary gland. Remember, the muscles and tissues of the eye need new cells the same way as the rest of the body. The muscles in the iris tend to weaken with age, and without an abundance of new cells, this process is multiplied. This weakening is also behind the difficulty with night vision that many people experience after the age of forty. How long does it take to get results from HGH that will improve eyesight? Sometime during the second month of therapy, changes in eyesight, including night vision may be noticed. These improvements will be subtle, at first, and continue to strengthen throughout the course of treatment. Many people report that their eyesight is vastly improved by the end of six months.

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It doesn’t matter if you call it a spare tire, love handles, extra cushioning, or plain old belly fat, any way that you look at it, this excess weight is unhealthy. Metabolism requires eight hours of sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition to keep it working at peak performance. These things are usually lacking in a person who is dealing with low hormonal production. Since decreased muscle mass is also present in this scenario, the body is hit with a double dose of inability to burn food taken in for energy. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so the smaller the muscles, the larger the fat cells become. Since this treatment is not a diet, per se, people always want to know what kind of results can I expect from HGH injections in regards to weight loss. As energy levels and muscle size and tone increase, the body is able to burn stored fat at a higher rate. Deeper sleep aids with increasing metabolism. For many people, a gradual increase in weight loss, without any changes to diet or exercise, begins during the second month. By the fifth month of treatment, a noticeable reduction in inches and weight is evident. A healthy diet and exercise program will increase these results.


There is not a woman on earth that will admit to enjoying the unwanted PMS symptoms that appear on the scene each month. Bloating, mood changes, cramps, headaches, and more are better off not seen and not felt. How long until I see results from HGH is a question many women ask after their friends rave about the benefits of this treatment. In most cases, reduced symptoms from PMS are noticeable during the third month. With each passing month, improvements continue to be felt. As the body begins to balance out, other hormones also begin to regulate themselves naturally.


After PMS comes menopause. This is where women may go from one extreme to the other. Weight gain, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, memory concerns, and night sweats are nobody’s friends. For women searching for the best HGH results possible, the good news is that human growth hormone injections have shown to be extremely beneficial in warding off the negative side effects that accompany menopause. Results have been shown to arrive as early as the third month of treatment. The alleviation of some of these symptoms of menopause can make quite a difference in a woman’s daily life.


Growth hormone has been shown to regulate the immune system, and those suffering from a deficiency may find themselves at increased risk of catching a cold, flu, or virus. Once treatment for this deficiency begins, how long before you see results from HGH? By the third month of treatment, a reduction in the risk of developing colds is evident. The immune system is beginning to strengthen, and this will continue as the months of therapy pass. A stronger immunity means that the body will be able to fend off infection with increased ability.


Hand in hand with strengthened immunity is the body’s ability to recover when illness or injury strikes. People with growth hormone deficiencies often complain that it takes longer to recuperate from an illness, and that wounds take longer to heal than they ever did before. When do you see results from HGH that will benefit recovery and recuperation times? It may seem as though the third month of treatment is a magical time, but that is when so many of the changes really do begin to take effect in a noticeable way. Not only is faster recovery time from wounds evident now, but for those who are utilizing their new found energy and endurance in the gym, the body experiences quicker muscle recovery, as well.


For many people, it is not just lack of energy that affects their productivity at work. The inability to focus or concentrate can get in the way of completing tasks. The brain, just like every other internal organ or muscle, requires new cells to keep it strong and functioning at its best. How long till you see results with HGH that improve the ability to concentrate on tasks at hand? Once again, three is the magic number. Improved focus and concentration become evident in the third month. Chances are that there has been a gradual improvement before this time, but during this month the changes will undoubtedly be evident.


Another major fear that most people have is the inability to remember things as they age. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are certainly things to be concerned about, however, many people mistake simple memory lapses that are a result of a GH deficiency for something much worse. Before asking when will you see results from HGH, know that you probably just guessed the answer yourself. The third month is the charm for overall brain functioning to strengthen to a point where it is noticeable. The ability to remember where you placed your phone or keys is clear now. All cognitive skills receive a much deserved boost.


Many people with decreased hormone production suffer from high cholesterol. This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Part of the problem is due to the fact that growth hormone regulates the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Weight increases and cholesterol levels rise. It is obvious that increasing the HGH level in the body will help to lower cholesterol. By the end of six months of treatment, blood tests will usually show a sizeable reduction in LDL and triglycerides. If you are wondering where to inject HGH for best results, in most cases the thighs or buttocks will be the best choice. Our advisors can assist with the determination on an individual basis as to what the best option will be for each person.


Like any other muscle or organ in the body, the heart is ready to reap the benefits that will come from the administration of HGH injections that have been prescribed by a doctor to treat a verifiable deficiency. How soon do you see results from HGH that can benefit the heart? Although these injections begin to benefit the heart almost immediately in many different ways, the results may not be noticeable for a few months. Muscle strength, weight loss, lower cholesterol, increased energy, and improved endurance will all enable the heart to function more efficiently. Overall cardiac functions will improve. During months three through six this strengthening will become evident as increased endurance signals stronger heart functions.


Some people might say that we have saved the best for last. Chances are that you have heard that HGH does wonders in the sex department. Why is that? Growth hormone has often been referred to as the master hormone. It plays a role in signaling the production of other hormones. The HGH results in men are astounding. Improved sexual desire and arousal can usually be seen during the second month. See – you do not have to wait until month three for this one! Performance is enhanced, with sexual stamina hitting a level that a man may not have seen since his twenties. Pleasure is also substantially improved. Women also report deeper, more meaningful sexual relations, with improved desire, pleasure and frequency.

Final Remarks about HGH Results

In life, many times it is all about the results. This page has shown the abundance of HGH results that a person can expect to achieve once the proper treatment that has been prescribed by our doctor begins. Every internal organ in the body relies upon an abundance of growth hormone to produce the much needed cells that keep them strong and functioning optimally. Those looking for HGH weekly results can take comfort in the fact that as each week goes by, the body continues to reap the rewards of treatment. Improvements continue to occur, and the benefits manifest themselves in uplifting the spirit, improving the mood, increasing focus and drive, and enjoying life with loved ones. If you feel that a growth hormone deficiency is interfering with your ability to live a full and active life, contact us today to learn more about this incredible treatment program that will be custom designed for your personal needs.