Balanced Expectations of HGH Injections Results

HGH Injections Result

Of the many HGH injections results, the two most common and impactful are the increased energy levels experienced and weight loss, which work hand in hand with each other in the enhancement of each. The initial weight loss achieved with growth hormone injections occurs without the patients changing any of their routines in eating, exercise and even smoking. When the body has less weight to carry around, a lightening of the load, the energy that is saved can be spent on other activity. The benefit of an increase in energy that is gained from balancing the hormone levels through replacement treatment adds to the body’s capacity for exercise and physical exertion, which leads to more weight loss and better body toning. But these are not the only results. Growth hormone increases the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep cycles, to stimulate more well-balanced sleep patterns. More HGH injections results involve its ability to alleviate stress and depression, encouraging a more positive outlook on life. HGH aids in the secretion of endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that reduce the perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body. Exercise is another trigger for endorphins; the proper levels of growth hormone in the body enhance the capacity for exercise and working out. Once again we see another example of the related workings of the body and how growth hormone affects certain systems in that associated manner.

Results From Injectable HGH

Other results from injectable HGH that impact the overall body appearance is the increase of lean muscle mass, which alters the body composition into a more natural physique. Gone is the pear-shaped body with the extra inches around the midsection that began showing up around the age of 40 and increasing every year after that. HGH helps strengthen the bones and improves the bone density. This results in fewer breaks and less healing time if there is a break. The new feeling of stronger bones creates better posture, adding to the new look of the physique. You will be standing proudly and walking tall, thanks to the extra support the skeletal structure receives from hormone replacement therapy. This enhancement to the structure of the bones also increases the flexibility of the spine and aids in the prevention of osteopenia and osteoporosis. How soon do you see the HGH injections results? There are general time frames within which you’ll see certain results, like the increase of energy and beginnings of weight loss during the first month of treatment. But these time frames are general, and the results can vary patient to patient. A patient with a significant deficiency in growth hormone would notice positive changes faster than a patient with not as serious a deficiency. Similar to the effect of a battery operated toy, when the toy is being used, the battery is draining. At first, the toy is running exactly as it should; when the battery starts to drain, the toy slows down, and if it makes noises, the noises begin to sound funny. Replacing the battery at the first sign of it waning will get the toy running again properly and the effects of the fresh battery will be noticed.  Waiting until the battery is almost totally depleted and then replacing it will cause a more noticeable difference in the operation of the toy.

HGH Injections Fast And Effective Results

With proper dosing of HGH injections fast and effective results can be achieved. The body, when functioning properly, has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate itself. Just like it is said that we do not know fully what our brains can do and that we are using only 10% of it, the full power the body has is still not completely known. We all know of the many stories of miraculous healings, whether it began at the level of the mind or the fact that the body system is just that powerful is unknown. There is no question anymore of the body-mind combination. What we do know in proven science is that growth hormone affects both the functions of the mind and the body, and like in the case of the chicken or the egg, it doesn’t really matter which comes first if both are enhanced by the HGH injections results. The increased energy created by the corrected hormonal balances encourages a better attitude. Growth hormone directly alleviates depression and stress. People don’t realize the energy that stress and a bad mood will drain until the stressors and aggravation is gone. Again, one enhances the other, and the body-mind connection remains strong.

HGH Injections Before And After Results

Here is just a partial list describing some of the HGH Injections before and after results. The body functioning with less than optimal levels of growth hormone (before) may suffer the following symptoms:

  • Chronic exhaustion and a need for naps or regular breaks
  • Irritability and feelings of social isolation
  • Joint pain that inhibits movement
  • Inability to exercise; getting winded early during physical exertion
  • A rise in cholesterol levels
  • Pale, sagging and wrinkling skin
  • Added weight in the belly, hips and thigh area
  • Lack of interest in sex and/or sexual dysfunction
  • Insomnia; inability to sleep through the night
  • Depression
  • Lowered immunity; increased susceptibility to the common cold and flu
  • Longer healing time from injury, surgery or illness

HGH injections results (after):

  • More energy that is sustained throughout the day
  • Less stress and more enthusiasm
  • More flexibility in joints and more fluid movement with less or no pain
  • A greater capacity to exercise with more endurance (needing less breaks)
  • Balanced cholesterol levels
  • Firmer, more elastic skin
  • Midsection weight loss
  • Increased sexual activity
  • Sounder sleep
  • A better mood; less depression
  • A stronger defense against illness
  • Faster healing time from illness, surgery or injury

There are so many more before and after results than can be completely listed here. Find out for yourself what your body can do with the benefits of HGH treatments and call Kingsberg Medical to get started.

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When To Expect Results From HGH Injections

We all want to feel better. And we want to feel better now. How soon do you see results from HGH injections? Typically within the first month patients notice improved stamina, an abundance of energy, and better sleep. By the second month, changes in body composition are noticed, like weight loss and an improvement in the muscle tone with an increase in strength. During the third month, mental function improves, sexual desire returns and the body is more flexible. Over the next three months, there is a general enhancement of the new benefits, significant weight loss with a reduction of cellulite, better sin and hair, better eyesight and reduction in cholesterol. Because of the differences in each patient’s physiology, timing when to expect results from HGH injections is inexact and general. How dramatically and fast the results are noticed really depends on how bad the person’s growth hormone imbalance was. Even generally speaking, it takes about 6 months of treatment for the patients to truly experience the full range of HGH injections results.

Where To Inject HGH For Best Results

Regarding the self-administration of injections it is commonly asked where to inject HGH for best results? The general rule of thumb regarding self-injection sites is to find a fatty area on the body, where you can ‘pinch an inch,’ pulling the skin up and away from the body usually on the thighs, buttocks or belly, keeping the injections away from joints, bones and nerves. It is recommended rotating the injection sites, never injecting the same spot twice in a row, to prevent irritation or hardening of the skin at the injection site. The doctor can provide more information on where to inject HGH when he or she gives instructions on the use of whichever device for self-injection is chosen, along with information on the care and handling of the device,  refrigeration and storage of the medication, reconstituting (mixing) the medication, and the specific directions for self-administration. Kingsberg Medical clinical advisors can even talk you through the steps of your first injection over the phone to make that first time easier on you.

HGH And Testosterone Therapy Results

It is not uncommon for patients to be prescribed a combined treatment of both HGH and testosterone. Both men and women can suffer negative effects of low testosterone as well as human growth hormone deficiency. While HGH injections results and testosterone therapy results share some of the same functions in the body like helping to lower cholesterol, increasing sexual performance and decreasing fat cells there are a few differences. Human growth hormone improves the action of testosterone. Testosterone’s role in sexual activity involves how it impacts the more gender-specific functions like erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in women. Also in men, testosterone protects the prostate against cancer and increases fertility. Testosterone plays a more significant role in hair regrowth and lowers inflammation. With the shared impacts on body weight and composition, skin and hair condition, improvements in brain and heart functions, the combined gains HGH and testosterone therapy results can help extend life and the quality of life. Not all patients who qualify for human growth hormone treatment will need the added testosterone if their bodies are producing an adequate supply. A blood test will determine if the balance is correct for both of these hormones. HGH and testosterone together are not used for any type of performance enhancement, but to fill the body’s need for the hormones if the levels are low.

How Long Does It Take For HGH Injections To Show Results?

Many want to know how soon do you see HGH injections results. The signs of getting older and the slowing down of body functions happens so gradually over time that when the chronic fatigue, weight gain and the other issues have festered long enough are finally realized it almost appears to have happened overnight. When did the tiredness start? It’s hard to tell for certain, especially if the need for a nap or break only happened occasionally. If you had a rough night’s sleep the night before, or even a bad week you could blame the fatigue on that. These things happen. And then one day you realize that you need a nap quite often. Insidious, slow-building signs of aging that start off as minor inconveniences and then turn into daily impediments or show up as serious health issues. You went from gaining a pound ‘here or there’ to your doctor telling you that he is concerned you may be obese, with the many health concerns that accompany it. Take a look back and really think about when these issues began. It was quite a few years ago, wasn’t it? HGH injections results do not occur overnight, but when you compare the timing of your results to how long it took your body to show signs of age and hormone-related deterioration, it is surprisingly fast. So, how long does it take for HGH injections to show results? It generally takes about six months to see the full effects of what corrected levels of hormones can achieve in the body. Most patients notice the immediate effects of increased energy within the first few weeks, with a marked improvement in mood in the first month.

Are HGH Injections Results Permanent?

After all the research has been done, the final question is usually are HGH injections results permanent? The many benefits of HGH treatment like sound sleep and increased exercise capacity encourage the body’s own natural production of growth hormone. It is during the slow wave sleep and exercise that the body produces the most amounts of the bioavailable growth hormone. Once the body regains its health, it will be producing more of its own and some patients will choose to stop treatment after the first initial phase of treatment, having settled into a new, healthier lifestyle where they’ve made major changes in their nutrition and exercise regimens and were able to cut out stress and stress factors and were able to boost their body’s own natural production of growth hormone. Other patients may opt to continue treatment without having to make drastic lifestyle changes (drastic is a relative term and dependent on the individual patient’s choice of how he or she wants to live). The specific long-term HGH injections results vary by patient, depending on his or her combined chemical makeup and lifestyle. It is a safe bet to reason that if a person opts out of treatment and begins or resumes a sedentary lifestyle with poor nutritional choices that some of the original symptoms may come back. The majority do tend to continue treatment, enjoying the life changing benefits of optimal hormonal levels, considering it cost-effective in its preventative measures!