Getting HGH Therapy In Bakersfield CA To Remain Heart Healthy

HGH Therapy In Bakersfield CA

The process of aging can truly be an exciting, enjoyable and graceful experience if one can avoid suffering with the negative symptoms that usually accompany it due to growth hormone (GH) depletion. One can become a part of getting HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA to remain heart healthy and to keep the rest of their body functioning well, too.

 This will help them to enjoy their children, grandchildren, favorite activities, traveling and intimate relationships longer. Amongst the myriad of benefits that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using HGH injections has been proven to bring, here are a few that help the heart:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower high cholesterol
  • Fight atherosclerosis

Maintaining a normal blood pressure is vital for good health. The veins, arteries and capillaries are the blood vessels that make up the cardiovascular system. Artery functioning can be monitored through checking blood pressure. Firstly, let us talk about what arteries do and then a bit about blood pressure:

  • Arteries:

These are vital blood vessels. They carry healthy oxygenated blood from the heart to all of the peripheral tissues in the body. The blood that flows in the arteries is under strenuous pressure. Why? It needs to reach tissue that is the farthest away and travels against gravitational force.

  • Blood pressure:

Normal blood pressure measures approximately 120/80 mm Hg. There is the upper number and the lower number. The upper is called the systolic blood pressure and represents the time when the heart is squeezing the blood out. The lower number is called the diastolic blood pressure and it is what represents the heart when it is in a relaxed state in between its beats.

HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA has been proven to be able to safely lower blood pressure when it gets too high. What causes high blood pressure? A range of factors can be the cause and a GH deficiency can be one that can be treated with HRT.

HGH Therapy Benefits For Blood Pressure

When the peripheral vascular system experiences an escalation in the resistance of blood flow to the heart, this is what causes high blood pressure; also called hypertension. The fact is that HGH therapy benefits for blood pressure have been proven in multiple studies. These have been published in a plethora of medical journals around the world. These clinical trials have demonstrated that not only can replacement treatment improve cardiac function, but they have also shown that it can augment the capacity for lungs to function properly.

The two benefits mentioned above will help to bring down high blood pressure. Statistics from trial studies about HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA have raised the interest of many medical professionals when this kind of treatment showed a 10 percent reduction in diastolic blood pressure in the subjects being tested. Research has shown that bio-identical HGH stimulates the manufacturing of nitric oxide syntheses. What does this mean?

When L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide, this inhibits the collection and adhesion of platelets that cause vasodilatation (constriction of artery walls) by activating a specific enzyme in the blood. Blood pressure is reduced when this happens because the walls of the arteries begin to relax and smooth. HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA when done with those who have been diagnosed with a GH deficiency can be highly life changing and can ward off diseases of the heart for an elongated life.

Managing Hypertension With HGH Therapy Injections

Blood pressure should be checked in adults at least one or two times per year. This is to make sure that age has not caused it to fall out of range, and it is the best way to avoid coronary heart issues. If blood pressure problems are detected, and blood tests show a low growth hormone level, then it is possible that managing hypertension with HGH therapy injections can save lives. Usually, if a person’s blood pressure is tested to be too high, then that person should also get the proper blood testing done to check IGF – 1 levels for a GH depletion.

Only a small rise in blood pressure should not be alarming; however, it should be monitored. If it causes other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headaches or getting out of breath easily, it could be a larger problem such as atherosclerosis. Essentially, high blood pressure is the damaging of the artery walls of the vascular system and this can bring on a heart attack, kidney failure or a stroke. HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA can manage hypertension as proven in many different studies. Along with hormone replacement therapy, a person should also do the following:

  • Manage their diet
  • Exercise
  • Get enough deep, restful sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Eat a healthy diet full of the proper nutrients
  • Stay away from smoking

In addition to HGH injections, giving the body adequate rest, while eating and exercising in order to lose excess fat can help one to keep their cardiac and respiratory functions strong. The brain also needs rest. Watching the diet includes restricting salt intake, saturated and trans fats and increasing the amount of fruits, vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids eaten. HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA combined with good healthful habits can go a long way in reducing hypertension and the risk of coronary heart conditions.

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Exercise Plays Large Factor In Heart Health

Exercise is a way to lower blood pressure. When a body lacks growth hormone it becomes weak, tired, fatigued and its stamina and endurance plummets. This makes heart pumping exercise difficult to do and most people will stop working the body out altogether. There has been very well documented evidence that HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA can increase all the aforementioned symptoms and help a person have more endurance for great work outs.

In addition, HGH can also help to promote the loss of excess fat in the system. Insulin like growth factor (IGF – 1) is what makes the cells move to burn stored fat. When fat is lost the likelihood of the development of atherosclerosis greatly declines. That is when the arteries harden due to fatty deposits and the formation of plaque. It then lowers blood pressure. HGH therapy in Bakersfield CA with a highly reputable clinic like Kingsberg Medical makes it possible for one to manage their hypertension, reduce their blood pressure and give them a happier, longer and healthier life.