Genotropin Side Effects in Adults

Genotropin Side Effects

Today’s adults have a variety of tools in their arsenal to push away unwanted signs of aging, and avoiding adverse risks at the same time is an important part of the process. For those with growth hormone deficiency, there is no reason why Genotropin side effects should stand in the way of correcting this chemical imbalance.

Genotropin is a recombinant form of human growth hormone manufactured by pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Its use in both children and adults has years of safety data and results. As with any other medication, whether over-the-counter or by prescription, there are potential side effects. Genotropin growth hormone is a prescription only medication, meaning that its use is regulated and controlled. Growth hormone deficiency is one of those uses.

When HGH therapy is not prescribed by a hormone specialist, the risks of Genotropin side effects in adults are magnified. Balancing hormone levels requires advanced knowledge – hence the recommendation to work with an adult hormone replacement therapy specialist. An HRT doctor uses diagnostic blood analysis, physical examination findings, the scope, and severity of a person’s symptoms, as well as information gathered from a medical history questionnaire to determine both the GH deficiency and the dosage of HGH required for the balancing of the growth hormone levels in the body.

What are the Genotropin side effects that could occur?

Here are the potential HGH Genotropin side effects in adults:

  • Injection site irritation or redness
  • Headache
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Selling in the lower extremities
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Mood changes
  • Appetite changes

Although these issues are rare, they could occur while the body is getting used to an increased level of human growth hormone. Even less likely to happen are the following:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Acromegaly
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Breast enlargement in men

These issues are easily avoidable by working with an HRT specialist and paying attention to any unexpected changes in the body – and reporting them to the prescribing doctor at once.

What Increases the Risk of Genotropin Side Effects?

The biggest risk factor for Pfizer Genotropin side effects occurs when people do not consult with an experienced doctor before purchasing HGH medications. If this seems impossible due to the prescription restriction placed on Genotropin, please note that the internet is home to a vast drug black market overseas. This makes it easy for anyone to search what he or she wants to buy, enter a credit card number, and wait for the delivery. Sometimes that delivery never comes because the purchase is illegal and a) the company may be fraudulent and ship nothing at all, or b) the shipment could be confiscated at any point in the process.

Genotropin 12 mg side effects occur when either the medication dosage is too high for the body to handle, or if the HGH received illegally is counterfeit or contaminated in any way. It cannot be said enough that the body has a delicate balance of chemical levels. If those levels are thrown out of balance further by the use of hormone replacement therapy when not needed or in the wrong amount, then unwanted side effects could occur.

Adults who go through the proper channels and diagnostic procedures to get HGH therapy have very little risk of Genotropin pen side effects. That is why contacting a knowledgeable HRT specialist is vital at this time.

How to Avoid Side Effects of Genotropin

We have already listed two of the best ways to avoid the unwanted side effects of Genotropin: contacting a hormone replacement therapy specialist and staying away from black market websites. Perhaps we should shed a bit more information on the latter aspect of this scenario.

At this time, there are approximately 11,000 websites devoted to the sale of medications on the internet. A review by the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) discovered that only about 4% of these companies are adhering to proper pharmaceutical guidelines. This means that the other 96% might be doing any or all of the following:

  • Selling unapproved medications
  • Substituting cheap generics for name-brand pharmaceuticals
  • Not requiring a prescription when one is necessary
  • The business is fraudulent

The selling of unapproved medications significantly increases the risk of Genotropin side effects. Adults who purchase these products could receive items that are tainted with bacterial residue, are manufactured in filthy conditions, or contain substances such as rat poison, cement, drywall, or powder (all ingredients that have previously been found in counterfeit HGH). No amount of monetary savings is worth these risks.

When you work with an experienced HRT specialist, you can feel confident that the dosage of HGH prescribed will be what your body needs for proper balancing. That is the way to lower the risk of Genotropin growth hormone side effects.

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