Estrogen Replacement Therapy Benefits

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Benefits

When the symptoms of menopause start to become unbearable or begin to interfere with a woman’s daily life, it may be time to look at estrogen replacement therapy benefits that can put an end to these undesirable changes. Doctor prescribed hormone supplementation can have a dramatic and profound effect on a woman’s life.

Here are some of the primary benefits of estrogen replacement therapy:

  • Skeletal Support

Estrogen, along with growth hormone, testosterone, calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals helps maintain strong bones. A loss of up to 20 percent of essential bone mass after menopause can be prevented by receiving hormone replacement therapy.

  • Vaginal/Urinary Support

As estrogen production declines during menopause, the walls of the vagina become thinner and lubrication decreases. The lining of the urethra is also susceptible to thinning, and an increased risk of urinary tract infections is possible. Estrogen therapy can help improve all of these areas.

Other positive estrogen therapy benefits include:

  • Decrease in severity of night sweats and hot flashes
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood and emotional well-being
  • Sharper memory and focus
  • Possible loss of belly fat

Constant daily hot flashes and difficulty focusing on tasks can interfere with a woman’s ability to carry out her responsibilities at work and in the home. These issues, when severe, can lead to depression and other health-related problems.

How to Get the Benefits of Estrogen Replacement

Getting the benefits of estrogen replacement therapy requires contacting a doctor for a prescription for this supplemental medication. Women previously contacted their own gynecologists or primary care physicians, but this is not recognized as the optimum choice today. Doctors who specialize in restoring and rebalancing hormone levels in adults are often the better option for treatment during menopause.

Primary care doctors have a lot of knowledge that spreads across many different areas of medicine and are not always up to date with the latest changes and findings in hormone therapies. Gynecologists often focus a significant portion of their practice on women in their reproductive years, and estrogen therapy is their typical “go to” treatment. This is not always the best or only option.

It is also possible to get estrogen replacement therapy benefits without using any form of estrogen therapy. HRT doctors check a woman’s testosterone levels for a decline, as well. Low T in women can signal all of the same symptoms, and treatment with bioidentical testosterone cream is often a better and safer alternative for many women.

The body naturally converts extra testosterone into estrogen, so this treatment can often take care of both deficiencies by itself. Women who have had or are found to be at a higher level of risk for breast cancer will be prescribed an estrogen blocker with testosterone therapy to prevent this conversion from taking place.

Being able to get the benefits of estrogen therapy without receiving supplemental estrogen is an effective option for women who previously could not receive the standard HRT. Today, there are numerous choices available to find relief from the symptoms of menopause.

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