HGH Releasers – What Are They?

HGH Releasers

HGH releasers claim to boost your libido, build up your muscles, help you lose weight, improve brain functions, and even make you look up to ten years or more younger by tightening your skin.

What are HGH releasers and do they work?

HGH releasers come in many forms:

  • Homeopathic drops
  • Homeopathic sprays
  • Pills and capsules
  • Sermorelin injections

Are these products the same thing?

No, they are not. Differentiating between the various types of HGH releasers is crucial as buying the wrong thing will not bring you desired results.

What are the HGH releasers benefits that I can expect?

If you purchase a real, high-quality HGH releaser, you can expect that your pituitary gland will receive a signal to ramp up its production of somatotropin – human growth hormone. Warning: this does not happen overnight.

HGH releasers are not the same thing as real HGH. When a doctor prescribes you HGH therapy because your blood test results back up the symptoms you are experiencing by showing low levels of human growth hormone, HGH immediately supplements the difference between what your pituitary gland produces and what your body needs. Results occur sooner rather than later.

With HGH releasers, the benefits take much longer to appear. Although the pituitary gland receives a signal from the chosen releaser, the process of increasing human growth hormone production takes a few months.

If the HGH releaser you purchased is of high quality, such as prescription sermorelin, you can expect to receive the same benefits as with real HGH; only it will take longer.

Is there a connection between HGH releasers and cancer?

No, HGH releasers do not cause cancer. It is important to note that a doctor will not prescribe HGH to a person with active cancer, and for the same reason, it is not recommended to use an HGH releaser until cleared by an oncologist. Any form of hormone-boosting should be overseen by an experienced HRT specialist.

Legitimate vs. Homeopathic HGH Releasers

Now let us talk about the difference between legitimate vs. homeopathic releasers.

A legitimate HGH releaser would be sermorelin. This is a prescription medication that provides signals to the pituitary gland that increase HGH production. Sermorelin has been proven effective in numerous studies and is extremely safe to use when under doctor supervision for hormone replacement therapy.

Next, we look at over-the-counter HGH releasers. Do they work as well as sermorelin?

The answer here is no, they do not have the same level of effectiveness, nor are they as safe to use.

OTC HGH has very little oversight in production – if any. Only some brands of homeopathic HGH are made in government approved labs. If you do not see the legitimate approval on the label, buyer beware! You may not be getting what you think.

HGH releasers in the form of pills or tablets go down into the stomach where digestive enzymes start to destroy their properties long before they can enter the bloodstream. There may also be some interaction in the liver or kidneys, so it is important to know what you are taking before making the wrong decision.

Homeopathic HGH sprays do not contain real HGH as the medication is only available by prescription. Their properties, if made in a legitimate lab, may have a slight benefit, but certainly nowhere near the effectiveness of sermorelin.

When you are looking to get an HGH releaser, before and after results are your primary focus, and for that, you want to ensure that you are buying the right product for your body’s needs.

Choosing the Best HGH Releasers

For the best HGH releasers, 2017 options include sermorelin injections and oral homeopathic sprays that go under the tongue.

These products should not go in the same category as they are about as different as night and day.

When it comes to choosing between the various HGH releasers, best options will always be sermorelin injections. Their cost is much lower than HGH injections, and they are extremely effective at increasing human growth hormone production.

One caveat to mention – no HGH releaser will provide the desired benefits if a person has very low levels of human growth hormone in his or her body. If that is the case, then HGH therapy will always be the best option.

To learn more about HGH releasers, US residents can turn to the hormone specialists at Kingsberg Medical for answers to all of their questions. We offer free consultations, local labs for blood tests, and affordable treatment options.