HGH Benefits for Skin

HGH Benefits for Skin

It should come as no surprise that men and women today want to find ways to restore skin elasticity, banish crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles, and restore a youthful glow to their appearance. These are the HGH benefits for skin that people desire.

The question on many minds is, does HGH really work to provide these restorative benefits?

The answer is yes, HGH provides many benefits for the skin that can lead to a more youthful appearance and better self-image.

What is HGH and how does it help the skin?

Human growth hormone is one of over fifty different chemical messengers in the body. Hormones are used for signaling – delivering vital messages that stimulate a variety of functions and even other hormone secretions.

What sets HGH apart from many of these other chemicals is the sheer scope of what it does for the body. HGH impacts metabolism, immunity, libido, brain functions, but most of all – cellular regeneration.

HGH Benefits on Skin

When looking at HGH benefits on skin, the first thing to realize is that the skin is the body’s largest organ, made up of over 35 billion cells. One average square inch of skin can contain 60 thousand melanocytes, 20 blood vessels, 1,000 nerve endings, and 650 sweat glands.

An adult can lose between 50 and 100 thousand skin cells each day. Imagine what would happen if human growth hormone deficiency slowed down the reproduction process that replaces these dying skin cells. The layers of the skin would become thinner, dry, brittle, and wrinkles and sagging would start to occur.

HGH and Collagen Production

Much of the magic that HGH does for the skin happens in the reticular region of the papillary region. This is where collagen, reticular, and elastic fibers weave together to give the dermis its elasticity and strength.

HGH benefits for skin relate directly to collagen production. We hear the word collagen all the time these days. It is in topical creams, oral supplements, even chewable candies that promise to deliver a healthy boost of collagen to plump and firm the skin.

Many of these products do not deliver on their claims. Collagen formation occurs when a plentiful supply of cells supports its production. Increasing HGH levels in the body provide the layers of the skin with new cells, including supporting collagen stores. The result is healthier looking skin.

HGH for Younger Looking Skin

The ads are plentiful – HGH reverses the signs of physical aging. If a person is suffering from a decrease in human growth hormone levels, this statement is true.

Low HGH levels will often make a person look older than his or her chronological age. Among the positive HGH effects on skin we see a restoration of elastin and collagen that strengthen the epidermis – the foundation of the skin.

With an increase in HGH levels, improved collagen production restores the skin’s texture and appearance. Thicker skin layers, evaporation of fat and cellulite, firming, and hydration help to make the skin look younger again. For some people, the effect can seem to turn back the clock by ten or more years.

These skin benefits of HGH are only one area where human growth hormone therapy excels for adults dealing with a deficiency in this vital chemical. To learn more about how HGH can benefit you, please complete the short contact form on this page, or call our number to speak with a hormone specialist at Kingsberg Medical. Consultations are confidential and provided at no charge.