Tev-Tropin Prescription – Why You Need One

Tev-Tropin Prescription

You may wonder why you need a Tev-Tropin prescription if you have all of the signs of AGHD – adult growth hormone deficiency. You have done your research and discovered that your feelings of fatigue, lack of sexual desire, loss of lean muscle, weight gain, height shrinkage, memory decline, and mood swings are all valid signs of low growth hormone levels. Since you have all of these changes, why not just go to one of the many of websites that offer products like Tev-Tropin for sale without a prescription?

Here are the reasons why you need to get a prescription for Tev-Tropin:

  • It is the only legal way to get HGH injections!

Human growth hormone is a controlled medication, meaning that just as you need a prescription for antibiotics, insulin, and other drugs, you also must get one for HGH injections. Buying HGH without a prescription can lead to prosecution, confiscation of the shipment, and even receipt of a counterfeit or contaminated product.

  • You cannot know for sure if you have growth hormone deficiency without proper blood tests!

Growth hormone levels are measured by checking your blood count for the amount of insulin growth factor 1 in the bloodstream. The same symptoms mentioned at the start of this report could also be signs of low testosterone or other types of medical concerns. Without proper blood testing, you could be treating something that does not need fixing. That could lead to unwanted side effects and other health risks.

Benefits of a Tev-Tropin Prescription

We have already looked at why you need a Tev-Tropin prescription so now let us examine the benefits you will receive by contacting a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy to get this authorization. The following are the benefits of getting an HGH prescription:

  • Receiving the best medication for your needs!

Some people who try to get a Tev-Tropin prescription online or look to buy this product without doctor authorization wind up getting the wrong thing. Although Tev-Tropin is a well-respected brand of human growth hormone therapy, it is not always the right choice for adults. Other brands, such as Humatrope, Omnitrope, Genotropin, Saizen, and Norditropin are often the better choice for adults.

  • Knowing the correct dosage to administer!

There is absolutely no possible way of knowing how much HGH your body needs until blood testing results have been reviewed. This is not a one size fits all treatment. An experienced HRT specialist must calculate the dosing needs.

  • Paying for only what you need – and nothing more!

This goes back to the last two statements of receiving the best medication for your requirements in the right dosage. Your Tev-Tropin prescription price, or any other brand, for that matter, is based on the dosage of medication and frequency and duration of treatment. Buying too much HGH for your needs could cost you extra money – and you cannot return unused human growth hormones to the pharmacy or internet company. The doctor’s prescription will state how much HGH you will need over the course of the treatment period.

How to Get a Tev-Tropin Prescription

Now that you know that HGH therapy requires doctor authorization, it is time to learn how to get a Tev-Tropin prescription in the easiest way possible. You basically have two options here:

  1. Find an online hormone replacement therapy clinic that helps people on a national level
  2. Locate an HRT medical center or office in your town

What are the differences between these two options?

The first choice gives you the flexibility afforded by conducting consultations by phone rather than in person. You do not have to spend time sitting in a waiting room, and wondering who may walk in that will recognize you and start asking nosey questions about why you are there.

The second option – a local doctor – requires numerous office visits that can increase the overall Tev-Tropin prescription cost. It also eats away at a large chunk of your valuable time.

The next difference is often medication choices. Some local doctors offer only a few options for treatment, but a national HRT clinic often works with more than one pharmacy in order to provide the broadest selection of HGH brands and injectable styles. This can make it easier to find one that fits both your lifestyle and pricing needs.

If you want to know more about how to get a Tev-Tropin prescription or discover which brand of HGH is best suited for your personal needs, please contact Kingsberg Medical directly for a free consultation with a hormone specialist. We offer convenient blood testing options at local labs, superior care, and affordable prices for many types of adult hormone replacement therapy.

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