What is Synthetic Testosterone?

Synthetic testosterone

There are different terms used to describe various forms of hormone replacement therapy, including “natural,” “bioidentical,” and “synthetic,” and knowing which one is best is not always an easy thing to figure out on one’s own. There is also a lot of confusion surrounding the term synthetic testosterone that needs to be explained.

When it comes to testosterone treatments, all three terms are slightly interchangeable, as they are all derived from the same natural plant based sources of yams or soybeans. It is the actually processing that separates them into different categories. In some instances, doctors will only recommend bioidentical hormone replacement treatments, but that is not the case for men who can benefit most from a synthetic testosterone booster in the form of an injectable.

All forms of prescription testosterone start out as substances found in nature and are then synthesized in the lab to be acceptable for increasing testosterone levels in the body. When looking at testosterone, synthetic versions are not completely identical to the naturally occurring hormone when in the form of an injectable testosterone ester because it is no longer identical to the molecular structure of natural testosterone. This changes once it is released into the bloodstream and the esterase enzymes remove the ester from the administered testosterone to make it bioidentical in form once again.

How Can I Get the Best Testosterone Benefits?

A person who is looking to get the best testosterone benefits must speak with a hormone replacement therapy specialist to determine what type of treatment is best suited for his or her needs. Since there are transdermal options such as patches, gels, and creams, injectables, transbuccal oral pellets, and other methods of increasing testosterone, only a doctor can determine the best form of treatment.

Men who are prescribed an injectable can feel confident that they will receive the best possible synthetic testosterone benefits from their treatment so long as the medications come from licensed US pharmacies, and not from unregulated websites found during an online search.

Testosterone is one of the most counterfeited pharmaceutical products in the world, and it is never recommended to buy medications from anywhere other than fully regulated national pharmacies.

Are There Side Effects to Synthetic Testosterone?

In essence, the same synthetic testosterone side effects that could appear are also present with “natural” or “bioidentical” testosterone. The biggest issues occur when a person is administering too much testosterone for his or her body’s needs. All hormones have a particular level of balance in the body, and maintaining this balance is the goal of the HRT specialist.

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A person who purchases his or her medications illegally without a prescription is often at the greatest risk of adverse side effects. This can be due to administering too high a dosage, or utilizing a product that is toxic due to its unsafe manufacturing process.

The prescribing doctor will typically lower the dosage of bioidentical or synthetic testosterone if any adverse symptoms should arise until the body gets used to the medication. In most cases, any unwanted side effects naturally go away in a matter of weeks.

Where Do I Get the Best Testosterone Treatment?

The best place to get natural or synthetic testosterone for sale is from a hormone replacement specialist. There are over 11,000 websites engaging in the sale of pharmaceutical products online, and only 4% of them were found to be in complete accordance with proper standards for the sale and dispensing of medications.

Only a doctor can determine if a synthetic version of testosterone is the best option, or if a bioidentical product is best suited to an individual’s needs. At Kingsberg Medical, our hormone specialists have been helping women and men find balance in their lives through the use of HRT for many years. We offer free consultations, convenient diagnostic testing, and affordable treatment options throughout the US.

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