How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

Many hormone levels fluctuate throughout our lives, but, testosterone is one of these vital chemical messengers that often decrease with age. That is not a good thing as testosterone is still needed by the bones, heart, muscles, libido, and brain until the day we leave this life.

In this report, we provide information regarding how to increase testosterone levels in men to improve overall energy, vitality, libido, and health in many different areas. There are changes that can be made in lifestyle, diet, supplements, and even doctor-prescribed testosterone therapy that are safe to use to increase the amount of free testosterone that the body has at its disposal.

Understanding how to increase testosterone levels the right way is crucial. The first question to have answered is whether or not testosterone levels are low and in need of improving. It does no good to try and raise something that does not need to be raised in the first place. This can often create more problems than the ones that treatment was supposed to solve.

Some people who think they have Low T are often diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency instead, as the symptoms of both conditions are very much alike. That is why, when looking to improve well-being, it is crucial to understand how. Increase testosterone the right way by first contacting a hormone specialist for blood analysis to determine if this is the path to take.

At Kingsberg Medical, we provide the necessary blood testing at local labs throughout the US to help men and women understand what is going on in their bodies and how to correct any problems or deficiencies that might be present, including how to increase testosterone in the most effective and safest manner possible.

Difference in Ways to Increase Testosterone in Men and Women

Although this report focuses on how to increase testosterone in men, women can often benefit from trying some of the same things that will be recommended here. There are many different ways to go about increasing testosterone in the body. Not all methods will work for all people, and the level of deficiency will play a role in the outcome of these options.

Here are the best suggestions to answer the question how do you increase testosterone:

  • Receive a customized treatment plan with testosterone therapy – the doctor will prescribe the option that will best meet each person’s needs. Men will typically benefit the most from testosterone cypionate injections.
  • Ensure that you are getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.
  • Lose weight if needed. Excess weight aids in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, decreasing the amount of free testosterone in the body.
  • Engage in high intensity and weight bearing exercise every day if possible.
  • Increase daily intake of vitamin D and zinc.
  • Eliminate sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy fats from your diet.
  • Eat pumpkin seeds, nuts, avocado, dark chocolate, fish, shellfish, and healthy oils such as coconut and extra virgin olive each day.
  • Reduce stress whenever possible.

Following these guidelines may help females with Low T, as well. Conversely, the best way for how to increase testosterone in women is often with a custom compounded testosterone cream.

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Determining the Best Way to Increase Testosterone Levels

The determination of the best way for how to increase testosterone level in any person is done by the hormone replacement specialist following the analysis of blood test results, physical examination findings, and a thorough review of the individual’s provided medical history questionnaire. This provides the doctor with the information needed to make recommendations for overall testosterone boosting and replenishing.

If you find yourself wondering how do I increase my testosterone in the most efficient and safe way possible, we recommend speaking with a hormone therapy specialist here at Kingsberg Medical to discuss your personal situation. This consultation is free of charge, and always confidential.

We want to show you how to increase your testosterone to its ideal state. This will result in better overall health, energy, and well-being. Call today to find out more.