How to Use Saizen HGH Injections

How to Use Saizen

Saizen HGH is available in 5 mg and 8.8 mg vials using bacteriostatic water for reconstitution. Saizen 8.8 mg click.easy cartridges utilize sterile water for mixing. All require refrigerator storage after preparation (prior to mixing store at room temperature), with the vials lasting for 14 days after mixing, and the cartridges for up to 21 days. Reconstituted Saizen should not remain at room temperature longer than 30 minutes, and should never be placed in the freezer.

Complete instructions for how to use Saizen HGH injections are included here. Always discard Saizen needles as directed in a Sharps container. Wash your hands with water and soap before preparing or administering injections, dry your hands with a clean towel, work on a clean, flat surface, and follow all directions provided by the prescribing hormone replacement therapy specialist.

*Always examine prepared Saizen HGH for particles, crystals, cloudiness, or discoloration before use – do not use if any of these issues are present.

*Always check the expiration date before preparing an HGH shot.

*Gather all necessary supplies before starting:

  • Saizen HGH
  • Reconstituting solution
  • Mixing syringe
  • Injecting needle/syringe
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Sharps container

The first part of learning how to use Saizen HGH is the reconstitution of the powder, as shown below:

For Saizen HGH vials:

  1. Uncap both the Saizen and bacteriostatic solution vials and wipe both rubber stoppers with individual alcohol swabs – let air dry
  2. Unwrap the mixing syringe and needle – twisting the needle onto the syringe until it is completely tight – remove and set aside the cap
  3. Pull back the plunger to fill the syringe with the same amount of air as you will be withdrawing fluid
  4. Push the needle into the center of the bacteriostatic water vial and push in the plunger to empty the air into the vial – turn vial upside down allowing the solution to cover the needle and they pull back on the plunger until the proper amount of liquid fills the syringe – remove needle from vial
  5. Insert needle into Saizen vial, tilting the bottle to a 45-degree angle so the fluid runs down the side of the vial to gently drip down and mix with the HGH powder – empty the entire syringe into the HGH vial then remove needle and replace the cap before twisting it off and disposing in the Sharps container (the empty syringe can go in the garbage)
  6. Gently roll the Saizen HGH vial in your fingers to mix the medication – never shake – set aside to let it completely dissolve

For how to use Saizen click.easy cartridges:

  1. Place the Saizen click.easy unit upright on a flat surface with the HGH Saizen vial at the bottom – push down on the end cap with the flat portion of your palm until the main housing unit is over the Saizen vial
  2. Rotate the end cap clockwise until the green square shows through the rectangular opening – do not overturn
  3. Gently push down on the end cap and hold for 10 seconds to empty the diluent contents into the cartridge – the green square will move to the upper end of the rectangular opening
  4. Gently swirl the unit to dissolve the HGH powder – the foam will disappear – set the unit aside to dissolve but do not shake at any time
  5. Turn the entire unit upside down with the Saizen vial at the top and then push down slowly on the end cap until all of the reconstituted HGH solution transfers into the diluent cartridge
  6. Check the cartridge for air bubbles which can be removed by pushing the end cap slowly up – cease pushing of the cap once all solution has been transferred, and all air bubbles are gone
  7. Squeeze the two cartridge grips and completely unscrew the cap to remove the cartridge – do not pull it off
  8. Once the HGH cartridge is out of the unit, peel the outer label off and write the mixing date in the white box on the cartridge

Full directions for setting up the Saizen easypod injection system that uses the click.easy cartridges can be found in the provided instruction guide that comes with your easypod injection system. Your doctor will provide the actual Saizen 8.8 mg dosage with your prescription and instructions.

Get Started

Saizen HGH Instructions

Saizen administration is easy to complete at home in a matter of minutes each day. Most adults will use standard insulin syringes and needles for their HGH shots. Always remember to clean the vial rubber stopper with an alcohol wipe before preparing your daily injection. Whether you are using the Saizen 8.8 mg vial or the Saizen 5 mg, dosage amounts must be followed as directed.

Here are the steps for preparing and injecting your Saizen recommended dosage as prescribed:

  • Remove and set aside the cap from an insulin syringe needle, inserting the tip into the Saizen HGH vial rubber stopper and invert the bottle, covering the needle tip with HGH solution
  • Pull the plunger back slightly past the Saizen daily dose before checking for air bubbles – if bubbles are present, remove by gently tapping syringe to send them to the top before gently pushing in the plunger to remove the air bubbles and set the desired dosage
  • Remove and recap the needle while you prepare the injection site
  • Wipe the chosen spot with a clean alcohol swab and let air dry
  • Remove the needle cap, setting aside again before pinching a fold of skin around the injection site
  • Insert the needle at a 45 to 90-degree angle into the skin and release the fold – pull slightly back on the plunger to make sure no blood enters the syringe – do not proceed if blood is present – discard unit in Sharps container and prepare another syringe
  • When all clear, slowly push in the plunger to empty medication into the body before removing needle – recap when done and discard in the Sharps container
  • Return Saizen HGH to the refrigerator

Always follow the Saizen HGH dosage instructions provided by the prescribing HRT doctor. For additional help, answers to questions, or further information, please contact Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation.