Is It Safe to Use Progesterone Cream

Is It Safe to Use Progesterone Cream

You may have heard about progesterone cream as a viable form of hormone replacement therapy for women and men, especially during times of menopause and andropause. People today want to know if this is a safer form of HRT than the other options available on the market. The safety issue of progesterone cream is what this report explains.

Here are the first questions about progesterone cream safety:

  • Is it safe to use progesterone cream if you are a young woman trying to get pregnant?

Progesterone is an extremely important hormone that aids in preparing the uterus for implantation of a fertilized embryo. Doctors will sometimes prescribe a safe progesterone cream or progesterone treatment in other forms to assist in this process. Blood testing is the first step to detect actual progesterone levels in the body before use of progesterone begins.

  • Is progesterone cream safe to use during pregnancy?

Women who do not produce enough progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy can safely use progesterone to help support the development of the fetus until the placenta starts producing progesterone around ten weeks into the pregnancy. Progesterone is also safe to use for the treatment of morning sickness, as well as to aid in the stimulation of milk-producing glands for breastfeeding. Finally, progesterone cream is also prescribed for the treatment of postpartum depression.

  • Is it safe to use progesterone cream after menopause?

Progesterone cream is extremely safe after menopause – in fact, many doctors prefer this treatment over all others to stop the undesirable symptoms associated with this change of life. A woman’s ovaries stop producing progesterone during menopause, but this hormone is vital for the maintenance of strong bones, and many other crucial bodily functions. Once again, blood analysis is performed before any treatment begins.

  • Is progesterone cream safe to use for treating breast cancer?

Progesterone cream is currently being studied for safe use with tamoxifen for the treatment of breast cancer. Lab research has yielded positive results.

  • Is progesterone cream safe for men to use during andropause?

Progesterone cream is a safe alternative for men with Low T who do not want to use testosterone replacement therapy. Progesterone is the natural source hormone for the manufacturing of testosterone in the body, so increasing progesterone levels provides a way to raise the amount of testosterone that the body produces.

Progesterone Cream: Safe Usage for Adults

The biggest issue that most people do not realize about progesterone cream is that it is something entirely different from progestin. When asking if it is safe to use progesterone cream, do not mix this product up with synthetic progestins. These are not safe after menopause. In fact, the studies done more than a decade ago found that the combination of estrogen and progestin is what caused a higher risk of blood clots, breast cancer, and heart disease in women than estrogen alone. Natural progesterone cream was not part of that study and has been shown to be highly safe when used as needed and prescribed.

The concept of using safe progesterone cream for the treatment of many conditions is not a new one. Hormone replacement therapy specialists understand the reasons behind prescribing this treatment. As with any hormone therapy, blood testing, physical examination, and a comprehensive health questionnaire are necessary before the prescribing of progesterone therapy.

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