Vitamins to Take with HGH: Do You Need Them?

Vitamins to Take with HGH

Before we get into the best vitamins for HGH, it is essential to understand what you are trying to gain from this process. On the one hand, we have vitamins that stimulate HGH, and on the other hand, we have those that help improve the effects of human growth hormones.

Many of the foods we eat contain important nutrients that help hormone secretion. For those adults who may not be consuming a healthy and varied diet, or are concerned that crucial chemical messengers such as human growth hormone are declining, there are vitamin supplements that you can take to help the process along.

Some of the vitamins to take with HGH injections when a hormone replacement therapy specialist prescribes this treatment to combat adult growth hormone deficiency include:

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D can help HGH stimulate the liver’s production of insulin growth factor 1. IGF-1  secretion is crucial along with HGH as it helps to mediate the effects of human growth hormone. This can be seen in the way HGH and IGF-1 improve bone remodeling and strengthening. Vitamin D is also essential for the fast twitch muscle fibers that HGH therapy impacts for muscle building.

  • Vitamin C

When we look at vitamins for HGH benefits, vitamin C is also high up on the list since it is critical for collagen production – a process that HGH stimulates by way of cellular regeneration. HGH and IGF-1 stimulate the body’s ability to reproduce new cells to replace those dying off each day. Collagen is essential for both the skin and connective tissues.

Together with vitamin C, HGH activates brain proteins (neuropeptides) with the enzyme peptidylglycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM). Both the hypothalamus which secretes growth hormone releasing hormone and the pituitary gland which releases HGH contain PAM.

These vitamins to take with HGH can help improve the benefits you receive from treatment. It is always recommended to speak with a doctor before adding new vitamin supplements to your daily routine as some may interfere with medications or certain health conditions. Kingsberg Medical can answer any questions you have about vitamins and HGH therapy.

Can Vitamins Help Boost HGH Levels?

Some vitamins and mineral or herbal supplements can help boost HGH production naturally. Again, not everyone will benefit from these changes, and speaking with a hormone specialist before trying anything new is important. The last thing you want is to see any HGH & vitamins side effects due to the wrong combination or dosage.

Some vitamins that boost HGH include:

  • Vitamin B12

For people who are low in vitamin B12, HGH deficiency may also be a problem. This may also apply to those adults with short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions that affect how well the small intestines can absorb the B12 vitamins in food.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the healthy functioning of blood cells and nerves. There is also a two-way street when it comes to vitamin B12 as poor metabolism may be the cause for improper absorption of this nutrient, and HGH is crucial to the body’s metabolic processes.

  • CDP-choline

Cytidine-5’diphosphate choline has been shown to increase serum HGH levels in elderly adults while promoting healthy structure and functions of the brain cell membrane. CDP-choline also counteracts the protein beta-amyloid deposition often found in Alzheimer’s disease patient’s brains. CDP-choline may also boost cognitive performance and memory.

  • L-arginine

This supplement can boost HGH production when taken before bed, or with L-lysine before exercise.

  • L-glutamine

Take this supplement before bed or after exercise for a boost in HGH production. Glutamine also helps preserve muscle mass.

  • Melatonin

One of the biggest benefits of melatonin is helping you sleep better at night. Roughly half of the daily production of HGH occurs during slow-wave sleep.

The use of targeted supplements and vitamins for growth hormones is a subject worth discussing with a hormone specialist if you have concerns about low HGH levels.

Get Started

Best Vitamins for HGH Production

While it is true that taking vitamins for HGH production will not always work for each person, adding some of the best options listed above may help those who are not yet dealing with the symptoms and effects of adult growth hormone deficiency.

Although it may seem that these vitamins that produce HGH are the answer that you may be looking for, having a hormone specialist test your blood levels for a deficiency is the best first step to take. At that time we can determine if using vitamin B12, C, D, or any of the other supplements can be of benefit to you.

Of course, if you find it hard to sleep at night, there is typically no harm in starting out with a low dose of melatonin to see if that helps. Sleep is essential for proper HGH production. When it comes to adding vitamins, HGH boosting results are not always noticeable – especially right away. That is where the guidance of the HRT specialist is priceless. When you want results, the hormone practitioner is your best resource.

For additional information about vitamins to take with HGH, how to boost human growth hormone production, or hormone deficiency testing and treatment, contact Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation.