Legal HGH Products – Get the Facts!

HGH Products

There is a growing movement that is calling for HGH products to be legalized, but the truth is that human growth hormone is already legal for doctors to prescribe to those individuals who need it.

It is crucial to get the facts straight about legal HGH products and how to go about getting them:

  1. HGH is legal when prescribed by a doctor to combat the effects of growth hormone deficiency in adults.
  2. Real HGH is only available as an injectable.
  3. Using HGH for any reason other than medical necessity is illegal (and dangerous).
  4. Blood testing must be used to determine GH deficiency and HGH necessity.

Any adult who is searching for the best HGH products for sale on the internet really needs to know what to look for, where to look, and what benefits and risks accompany this medical treatment. Engaging in the use of HGH therapy for bodybuilding purposes, or for athletic or physical enhancement of any kind is not a legitimate use of this medication, and can create a number of dangerous health issues.

Doctors will only prescribe safe HGH treatments to their clients with verified medical need.

Understanding the Difference between Real and Fake HGH

One of the biggest problems with doing research on the internet is the vast amount of misleading information that can be found. Anyone can write anything, and then call it a fact – but that does not make it so. This is especially true of real HGH products. It is vital that each person understands these differences before engaging in any type of purchase of human growth hormones.

  • HGH Injections – the only real HGH
  • Real HGH is an exact replica of the natural growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The molecular structure of this compound is too large to enter the body through the skin, or the oral or nasal membranes. It must be injected into the body where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream to deliver its signals and affect positive change.

    The recommended brands of injectable HGH products are:

    • Norditropin  
    • Genotropin
    • Humatrope
    • Omnitrope
    • Saizen
  • HGH “Boosters” – the imposters
  • HGH patches, drops, pellets, pills, and creams are merely homeopathic types of products that do not increase the level of growth hormone in the body. These products do not contain real HGH but are merely blends of various herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients. The small print on the labels usually mentions that the purpose of these products is to stimulate the body into producing or releasing greater amounts of GH. Unfortunately, numerous research studies have shown them to be ineffective at accomplishing this goal.

By following the above guidelines, and working with an experienced doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy, it is easy to get legitimate HGH products that work and provide important health benefits to the body.

How to Choose the Best Legal HGH Products

When choosing between the best HGH products for sale today, the decision can easily seem intimidating to someone who is unfamiliar with the various brands of human growth hormone injections that are for sale. There are many other brands besides the five listed above that can be found on the internet, but most will never be recommended by knowledgeable doctors because the quality level is not equal to the medications shown in this report.

The top HGH products listed are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, and Eli Lilly, to name a few. Other products found online are made in places such as China, and in conditions that many would consider unfavorable. In fact, some of these items may contain dangerous or toxic ingredients such as drywall, rat poison, and more. HGH is among the most counterfeited medications in the world, and ensuring that your injections come directly from a US licensed pharmacy is vital to a safe outcome from this treatment.

Here at Kingsberg Medical, our knowledgeable clinical advisors help each person choose the best HGH product for his or her needs. This often includes a discussion of lifestyle and budgetary requirements to determine if an injector style pen system is a better choice than a standard syringe and vial. Some people will even do best with a single unit disposable pre-filled syringe that is excellent for traveling since it does not require continual refrigeration.

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