How to Raise HGH Levels Quickly – 11 Steps You Can Take

How to Raise HGH Levels Quickly

If you are over thirty and starting to feel as though the best years are behind you, it is time to optimize your human growth hormone supply by learning how to raise HGH levels quickly.

The pituitary gland is the production house for HGH, one of the most important hormones in the human body. [1]

One of the first things to consider when human growth hormones begin to decline is how to stimulate the pituitary gland to increase HGH levels in male and female adults.

When looking to raise human growth hormone levels in the adult body, there are a variety of options or methods available for use, depending on how low the production of HGH has become. Some of these options will only work for people in the early stages of HGH decline, and others will better serve people with severe human growth hormone deficiency.

Here is the start of our list for ways to increase HGH levels in females and males over the age of thirty years:

  • 1. Although not the fastest way for how to raise HGH levels in adults, the use of sermorelin as a human growth hormone booster is method number 1 on our list of the top steps you can take to improve HGH production. Sermorelin is a bioidentical hormone that signals the pituitary gland to increase the amount of human growth hormone it secretes. This method works best for people in early stages of HGH decline. [2]

Using HGH Therapy to Raise HGH Levels

Next up we look at what a person can do when adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) has reached the point where numerous symptoms of decline are present. [3]

Here is the next method for how to raise HGH levels once AGHD becomes a problem in your life:

  • 2. HGH Injection Therapy – when you use bioidentical human growth hormones to supplement what the body produces, you provide an increased supply of HGH directly to the receptors in the brain, the liver, and on the tissues that await this response.

Because human growth hormone injections go to work right away, the benefits of increased HGH levels arrive at a rapid pace. Most people will see results beginning within the first week or two of treatment, commencing with increased energy and followed by better sleep and improved feelings of well-being. Over the next few months, weight loss, improved lean muscle mass, stronger bones, a more youthful appearance, enhanced libido, and sharper brain functions are just some of the benefits to expect.

When it comes to finding out how to raise HGH levels quickly to counter the effects of AGHD, there is no better method than with human growth hormone therapy.

9 Additional Natural Ways to Raise HGH Levels

Of course, some people want to avoid any type of medical intervention whenever possible. For that reason, we offer the following natural ways to raise HGH levels that you can try at home.

Here is a listing of the top 9 natural methods of increasing human growth hormone production in the body:

  • 3. Try intermittent fasting – both overnight fasts (going twelve hours without eating) and 24-hour fasts have shown beneficial for increasing growth hormone secretion. [4]
  • 4. Raise HGH levels with vitamins – niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin D may help support HGH secretion.
  • 5. Lose weight – the more belly fat you have, the greater the risk of having low HGH levels. Losing those excess pounds can help increase HGH secretion. [5]
  • 6. Raise HGH levels with food – Here are the do’s and don’ts of eating for HGH secretion:
    • Give up or significantly reduce sugar intake – sugar increases insulin which lowers HGH production
    • Eat high-quality, lean protein, opting for grassfed and organic choices whenever possible
    • Choose heart-healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, and extra virgin olive and coconut oils
    • Consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits
    • Avoid processed and refined foods
  • 7. Do not eat before bed – foods high in carbohydrates or protein may increase insulin levels and hinder HGH release during sleep.
  • 8. Get enough sleep – sleep deprivation can reduce the normal nocturnal HGH surge. You need between seven and nine hours of quality sleep each night for proper human growth hormone production. [6]
  • 9. Use exercise to increase HGH levels quickly – if you are looking for a rapid, although not long-lasting burst of human growth hormone into your bloodstream, optimize the release with short cycles of high-intensity exercise such as 30-second sprints. [7]
    • A current method of increasing HGH secretion is to engage in 10 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise such as fast walking, running, stair-climbing, swimming, or dancing interrupted every two minutes by a 20 to 30-second burst of high-intensity movement.
  • 10. Try Supplements to help raise HGH levels – here are some to try:
    • Arginine –arginine provides a significant GH release when used without exercise [8]
    • Creatine – 20 grams of creatine can increase HGH levels for two to six hours [9]
    • Glutamine – 2,000 mg can increase plasma GH levels [10]
    • Ornithine – 1 gram of both ornithine and arginine combined with resistance training enhances lean tissue mass and strength
    • Melatonin – 1 to 5 mg thirty minutes before bed can help improve sleep – start at the lower dose initially [11]
  • 11. Reduce Stress – periods of stress increase the secretion of the hormone cortisol which inhibits human growth hormone and testosterone production.

Always remember to discuss new supplements and exercise protocols with your doctor before use.

Why is it crucial to learn how to raise HGH levels quickly as you age and begin to notice physical, cognitive, or emotional declines?

According to research, the pulsatile amplitude of growth hormone release diminishes by fifty percent every seven years after age eighteen to twenty-five. [12]

If you do not maintain a healthy supply of HGH in the body, you will notice breakdowns in your health, appearance, brain functions, emotional state, libido, productivity, and more.

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