HGH Levels and Alcohol – What You Need to Know

HGH Levels and Alcohol

It seems that each day there is another study about alcohol consumption, and whether it is good or bad for the body. What many of these studies do not discuss is HGH levels and alcohol consumption. This subject is crucial for adults to understand as they get older.

Sleep is important because that is when more than half of the day’s human growth hormone secretion takes place.

Ask any person if alcohol use at night affects his or her sleep, and you will likely get one of three answers:

  1. No, I sleep the same
  2. Yes, I sleep better and deeper
  3. Yes, I am more restless and have a hard time sleeping

Those answers right there show that there is no consistent way that alcohol affects people in terms of sleep. Some of the individuals who say they sleep the same may already be dealing with sleep deprivation (anything less than seven solid hours each night) and not see any difference. Those who believe they sleep better may also be dealing with insomnia or restless nights without alcohol, so they view this as an improvement.

What we really need to look at here is the combination of HGH and alcohol use , and discover in what ways alcohol hinders human growth hormones.

The primary discussions here are about:

  • The body’s production of HGH after alcohol consumption
  • How alcohol reduces the effects of HGH on the body
  • Mixing HGH therapy with alcohol consumption

Effects of Alcohol on HGH Levels

First up is what happens to the production of HGH by the pituitary gland after drinking one or more alcoholic beverages.

When we look at the levels of HGH and alcohol consumption , we find that even one glass of alcohol in the evening can decrease growth hormone secretion during sleep by as much as 63 percent. Have a second glass, and that number climbs as high as 81 percent.

Of course, that is not all that is happening in the body with a decline in HGH levels, and alcohol use increase occurs. Since many hormones impact one another, it is crucial to look at the other changes taking place, as well:

Effects of Alcohol on HGH Levels

We now turn to how alcohol reduces the effects of HGH on the body. Other HGH and alcohol side effects include:

  • Decreased lipid oxidation – reduced fat burning
  • Disrupts water balance in muscle cells
  • Inhibits protein synthesis in muscles
  • Reduces muscle mass

In each of these areas, HGH plays a leading role in promoting positive effects, such as proper metabolism of lipids (fats) as well as proteins and carbohydrates, and muscle growth and strength.

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Tips for Consuming Alcohol and Protecting HGH Levels

When a hormone replacement therapy specialist diagnoses adult growth hormone deficiency, HGH injection therapy is the typical treatment. Taking HGH and drinking alcohol are not recommended, but here at Kingsberg Medical, we know that some people will not be willing to give up alcohol for the duration of their treatment protocol.

For that reason, we offer the following tips for combining HGH injections and alcohol use:

  1. Always hydrate – drink a full glass of water before you start consuming alcoholic beverages, and try to sip water throughout the evening. Ideally, drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume, ending the night with a final glass of water.
  2. Never drink on an empty stomach. Eat protein, fat, and fiber (slow source carbohydrate) before consuming alcohol.
  3. Opt for wine spritzers or cocktails mixed with sparkling or tonic water, or club soda. This also helps to cut the calories.
  4. Do not drink on days you are weight training since that is when you muscles most need the beneficial effects of HGH.

To learn more about maintaining HGH levels and alcohol consumption, please contact Kingsberg Medical to speak with a hormone replacement specialist.