HGH and Sexual Function

HGH and Sexual Function

A discussion about sexual function and HGH involves a bit of understanding of the subject. Ask ten adults what the words sex drive means and there is a good chance that all ten answers will be different. That is because each person views sex and intimacy in a unique way. Whereas one person may relate sex drive with a number of times the thought of having sex has crossed his or her mind each day, another may think about it in terms of intimate feelings and tenderness. Someone else may view it as a physical response, such as an erection. That is why the conversation of HGH and sexual function will also take on a number of different meanings.

There are explicit connections between the human growth hormone itself and how the body responds sexually. The use of HGH to help improve a person’s sexual performance is well documented. This “master hormone” helps play a role in so many bodily functions, and it affects the production and performance of many other such chemical messengers both in a direct and indirect manner.

The ability of HGH to increase sex drive and performance is changing how people are viewing their level of intimacy in their golden years. We know that the act of sex itself is a physical act. It is based on responses in the genitalia when blood is sent to those parts of the body. Blood is made up of cells, the very units that HGH plays a role in regenerating. The brain also has a significant function in sending signals of arousal to those same body parts. The brain is also home to many HGH receptors.

In only serves to figure that there would be incredible HGH sex benefits for a person who has been dealing with a low libido due to growth hormone deficiency. Many people describe it as a sort of reawakening in this area of their lives – something that has been dormant and now comes back to life.

Of course, men and women are different, and the way their bodies react and respond is, as well. To that end, we are separating into two sections how HGH improves sex for males and females dealing with growth hormone deficiency.

HGH and Male Sex Drive

It is often said that the male sex drive peaks in the late teens, tapering off with each passing year. If anything, this gradual decline most likely starts in the early thirties – around the same time that growth hormone and testosterone production have begun their decrease in production. This is why there are so many positive benefits for the use of HGH and sex drive in males.

Growth hormone does exert its influence on testosterone, and, in this way, it can help to play a role in regulating libido. In fact, here are the ways that GH deficiency can be reversed with added benefits of

HGH for sex drive and performance in males:

  • Faster response to arousal stimuli
  • Stronger sex drive and desire
  • Harder, longer lasting erections
  • More stamina
  • Increased pleasure and more powerful orgasms

When used to combat the many changes that take place in the body when growth hormone levels decline, HGH increases sex drive, performance, and pleasure for men.

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HGH and Female Sex Drive

Unlike men who experience a decline in both sex hormones and GH at around the same time, women typically only have to deal with growth hormone decline beginning in their thirties. The female sex hormones often wait until menopause for their reduction. That being said, there is still a way that HGH and female sex drive do go together. The same effects of blood circulation and cellular regeneration, as well as brain signals, can affect women, just as easily as with men.

If a woman finds herself losing interest in intimacy with her partner, and is also facing some of the other symptoms associated with GH deficiency, a blood test will show if treatment with HGH for sex drive can be beneficial.

For those females who do test positive for growth hormone deficiency, the following benefits for HGH and sex drive are seen:

  • Increased feelings of desire
  • Heightened sensations for arousal
  • Improved vaginal lubrication – making intimacy more pleasurable
  • Longer endurance
  • Multiple, powerful orgasms

To get more information about improving your sex drive and performance with HGH therapy, or to inquire about blood testing near you, please contact Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation with a hormone replacement specialist.