Commit To Great Health With HGH Therapy In Anaheim CA

HGH Therapy In Anaheim CA

HGH therapy in Anaheim CA can help with the issue of loss of libido and ability to perform when the cause is due to a bona fide growth hormone (GH) deficiency. This will be determined by blood testing to check insulin like growth factor (IGF – 1) levels.

As most people would agree, sex is a very integral part of any healthy relationship. It is also essential for procreation and beginning family life with a significant other. Sexual functioning tends to peak during puberty, but it will gradually decline as a person grows older and may be a noticeable issue after 30. Consideration of HGH injections can lead to positive results for those suffering in this area.

Human intimate functioning can be wonderfully stimulating and enjoyable for most people; however, it also plays other important roles in maintaining a positive well being. According to Web M.D., a very trusted source in medical information, their experts have said that sexual activity can play a very vital part in:

  • stress reduction
  • heart pumping physical activity
  • giving a more vibrant, youthful looking appearance
  • keeping the immune system strong
  • lessening body pain
  • helping with better sleep
  • decreasing risk for heart attack and stroke
  • lowering blood pressure levels
  • boosting self esteem and emotional and mental health
  • helping decrease depression and anxiety issues
  • improving bladder control

HGH therapy in Anaheim CA is a kind of treatment that helps with all the above listed symptoms, whether they are due to sexual problems or not. These specialized, potent medications are bio-identical to what the body naturally produces. When introduced to the system to balance GH levels, a body becomes more harmonious and helps a person to feel emotionally, mentally and physically well.

HGH Therapy Benefits For Great Sexual Health

Both men and women can enjoy having relations equally, but what defines healthy functioning for both differs. After 30, males and females may start experiencing dysfunction that can interfere with their personal existence and their intimate relationships with others. HGH therapy in Anaheim CA can help to ease sexual problems, such as the following:

For Men:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • the ability to get an erection and maintain it
  • the ability to produce fertile semen for procreation
  • increase in desire

For women:

  • increase in libido
  • increase in ability to fantasize
  • the production of an adequate amount of lubrication
  • more frequent orgasms
  • reduction in hot flashes

Tons of clinical research has proven over the years that HGH injections have treated individuals who are dealing with a depletion in their growth hormones due to aging. Specialists who are well known in the medical community emphasize that HGH therapy in Anaheim CA can help replace growth hormone when the pituitary gland stops producing enough GH to cause intimate issues to surface. Reputable clinics such as Kingsberg Medical have consummate professionals who understand how hormone replacement therapy can help a person in need of help with sexual issues. They are only a free phone call away.

HGH Therapy Enhances Sexual Performance When GH Levels Plummet

There has been a clear demonstration that HRT has helped to enhance sexual performance when GH levels plummet within both males and females. Many problems will begin to arise when dysfunction takes place in a relationship.

HGH therapy in Anaheim CA has helped many people to avoid depression, anxiety, irritability, moodiness and emotional instability, including low self esteem and low self confidence due to intimacy problems.

One of the most famous studies done only a few decades ago was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The results were very clear in stating proven benefits of HGH injections to help to significantly boost libido and enhance performance ability in men.

This was truly significant research that changed the way many professionals looked at HRT and intimacy issues. In addition, the Nottingham Health Profile Report was another larger study done on sexual performance. It also expressed the remarkable potential benefits of HGH for helping to improve the ability to function well.  

The findings of this Palm Springs study were called, “overwhelming.” This research was said to not be specifically for seeking out the benefits for sexual functioning; however, the results for this issue were rather remarkable. HGH therapy in Anaheim CA for enhancing performance when GH levels are low is something worth looking into for a safe and effective experience. Of course treatment must be done with a well known clinic that has a successful track record, such as Kingsberg Medical.

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Sexual Potency Can Improve With HGH Therapy

The aforementioned Palm Springs study shared above demonstrated the following statistics that made it quite clear that HGH therapy in Anaheim CA can most definitely help with sexual potency and frequency:

  • 75 percent of the 302 participants had improved potency
  • 62 percent of the 302 participants were able to achieve an erection and had an increase in its duration
  • 58 percent of the 302 participants who were female had a reduction in their menopausal hot flashes
  • 39 percent of the 302 participants who were female had more regulated menstrual cycles, which were also improved

Other studies have shared that approximately 75 percent of males over 65 will lose all their ability to naturally gain an erection. Often called erectile dysfunction, many men will seek out chemically filled pills that may have many different negative side effects and can be quite unhealthy.

On the other hand, treating this symptom of low growth hormone levels through HGH therapy in Anaheim CA can be a much better and healthier way to get back sexual desire and ability through all natural injections given with a prescription and followed through medical supervision.

Having healthy and frequent sexual relations with a significant other in a monogamous relationship has proven to give many more benefits than one would realize. Some benefits of HGH therapy have been discussed above and others are: a general increase in energy, emotional stability, happiness, higher levels of endurance, less physical body aches and good nights of restful sleep.

It also adds to promising heart health and an overall better sense of emotional, physical and mental well being. Sexual potency can improve with HGH therapy and the more professionals who advocate for this kind of treatment, the better off many patients will be as they can rid of difficult symptomatology and live happier, healthier and more productive lives.