Uncovering the Whole Truth About Using HGH Injections

The Truth About HGH Injections

Perhaps people would be healthier if they focused more on being resilient and less on being stressed. That is what many hormone replacement doctors believe; and they also believe that people with GH deficiency deserve uncovering the whole truth about using HGH injections therapy, which is being used by their patients to correct the medical disorder called Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Managing chronic stress and managing chronic AGHD are important for the same reason: they have both been shown to lead to the development of a variety of related emotional and health problems. Yet while stress can be effectively managed in a number of different ways, there is truly only one effective means of restoring a person’s clinically insufficient or nearly depleted growth hormone supply – and that is by using injections of growth hormone in its biosynthetic pharmaceutical form.

In the US, to legally use or purchase these injections they must first be prescribed by a properly licensed medical doctor so that means that any patient will be required to have the appropriate clinical testing, examination and evaluation performed as a matter of protocol. Individuals who have been thinking about using HGH injections or HGH supplements to give a boost to their low GH levels need to understand that there is a singular, truly critical distinction between the two before making any decisions about what to purchase from the myriad of products now being sold online and other places.

Endocrine (hormone) researchers, scientists, physicians and biotechnologists have all seen repeated evidence that the truth about HGH injections is that they are highly effective; yet they have seen absolutely zero evidence that would indicate that orally-taken supplements, nasal sprays, ointments or other so-called human growth hormone magnifying products have any effectiveness whatsoever.

The true bottom line among medical professionals regarding all of these products, and it is an easy to remember rule of thumb for people to use, is that if you are able to purchase it online or anywhere else without a doctor’s prescription, don’t expect to receive any significant results from using it.

Side Effects and Benefits of HGH Injections

The unhealthy effects of stress do not usually originate from the events that come at people but from our responses to those events. Even under the most stressful and difficult circumstances, individuals have choices in how they respond and investigating what are the side effects and benefits of HGH injections is an intelligent response to coping with the challenge of having unhealthily low growth hormone levels.

This is a response that is generally adopted by individuals who have assessed their own growth hormone deficiency symptoms and decided that if there is a treatment that can dramatically reduce or even completely eradicate them, then they want to hear more about it. They have learned that there can often be great value in having conversations with people who have successfully dealt with all kinds of life challenges and believe that this challenge to their state of health is certainly worth spending a few minutes of their time taking to knowledgeable medical professionals about what is the truth about HGH injections, both pro and con.

Most of the emotional stress that people experience occurs when they are focused on either their future or their past and it can be very stress relieving to refocus one’s energy and attention on their present – and in gaining an understanding of what is presently going on within one’s body, the stress begins to slip away and be replaced by empowering new knowledge.

Psychologists have proven that just in the action of becoming aware of uncomfortable or unfamiliar thoughts and feelings without struggling to make them disappear, individuals can experience mental resilience, which in this case means allowing oneself to have feelings of anxiousness or self-doubt but not letting them prevent you from moving ahead with what you want to do. The experienced hormone replacement clinicians at Kingsberg Medical have meaningful conversations with adults about growth hormone deficiency every single day.

They possess a depth of knowledge relative to the truth about HGH injections facts & benefits that they are happy to share about the beneficial very high success rate and very low risk for side effects that is attached to today’s properly prescribed human growth hormone replacement programs for adults who have developed a medically treatable HGH deficiency.

HGH Injections or HGH Supplements

Many people have heard the old adage warning that the individual who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client, but does the same warning hold true for being one’s own doctor? Hormone doctors know that in the treatment of a growth hormone deficit, the use of HGH injections or HGH supplements is an extremely critical differentiation yet many of the adults with this problem who want to help themselves fail to understand the implications of not knowing what that pivotal difference is.

The growing trend among many health-conscious American adults is to find and use all-natural alternatives to the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that far too many individuals depend on for pain relief, mood control, heart health and numerous other medical issues. From slashing their high cholesterol by eating more walnuts and tomatoes to preventing migraine attacks with a daily walking routine, clinical evidence has indicated that there certainly are many natural and effective ways to enhance wellness that work as well – or at times even better – than using costly medications that can produce unwanted side effects.

However, not all health issues can be as successfully resolved without using medical intervention and the successful treatment of adult onset hormone deficiencies does require knowing the truth about HGH injections versus the fallacy of using ineffective non-prescription products that are being advertised online, in magazines and on television as HGH boosters, releasers and supplements. The harsh truth is that these so-called hormone supplements are not biologically capable of making a meaningful increase in any individual’s diminished growth hormone levels, which is something that medical doctors who treat hormone disorders are very aware of.

They know, from their extensive education, training and experience, that the only means of successfully increasing a person’s insufficient GH production is to use prescribed injections of pharmaceutically pure and physiologically compatible growth hormone. These specialized doctors know the biological reasons behind why HGH injections really work just as they know the reasons why the growing array of products currently being promoted growth hormone increasers will never work in the same way.

So before investing in any purchase associated with self-treating a growth hormone deficit, people would be wise to first get the truth about HGH injections for free from experienced hormone replacement specialists such as the doctors and clinicians at Kingsberg Medical.

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What Are the Benefits of HGH Injections?

One of the first facts that people are often advised to obtain pertains to what are the benefits of HGH injections that have been legally prescribed by a physician. To begin with, it is essential to understand the fundamental distinction between using a medically prescribed and legal program of injectable growth hormone and using illegally obtained injectables that have not been federally verified for their purity, safety and authenticity, which are standards that the legal version of pharmaceutical human growth hormone must conform to.

Another crucial fact to be aware of is that periodic blood monitoring is mandatory in measuring a user’s IGF-1 levels (which indicate the amount of growth hormone that is systemically present) because it allows physicians to adjust the treatment direction whenever it is clinically indicated. The use of these injections without following the appropriate blood work protocols is a reckless and needless gamble with one’s hormonal health and can negate the entire range of health-boosting benefits that they would otherwise receive under a doctor’s care.

Before starting up with any prescription hormone replacement program, hormone doctors want their patients to be clear about the truth about HGH injections so that they will have realistic expectations for their own therapeutic experience; but even so, the list of benefits that accompanies gaining medically replenished growth hormone levels is a particularly impressive one. Yet as impressive as the deeply sourced and total rejuvenation that this therapy provides to people is, doctors know that it is professionally incumbent upon them to dispel the many myths that have attached themselves to growth hormone treatments.

When male patients are able get the truth about men using HGH injections, they will know what to realistically expect for benefits and what not to expect; they will comprehend how and why it works; and they will have the information they need to decide on the best way to proceed in resolving their medically significant hormone deficiency.

How Do HGH Injections Really Work?

People who want to act as their own doctors will sometimes go to great lengths in trying to understand how natural remedies work and in comparison, it is not that difficult to understand how the truth about HGH injections came to light. Does anyone ever stop and think about how long it took researchers to discover that eating cilantro reduces stress by prompting the brain to increase its production of a chemical substance known as GABA, which has significant anti-anxiety properties?

In a recent edition of the Psychology of Research and Behavior Management journal, it was reported that cilantro worked as effectively as many low dose prescription medications such as Valium in creating feelings of calmness. How many years of research were involved in discovering that maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can reduce the risk for developing Alzheimer’s by as much as 50% by helping to keep the brain’s blood vessels free from damaging plaque?

Medical research breakthroughs are constantly being revealed by new studies that required years of dedicated focus just like those that led to the discovery of how do HGH injections really work, which work by incrementally increasing the patient’s available supply of growth hormone and thereby producing healthy benefits like lowering high cholesterol; reducing feelings of depression and anxiety; eliminating chronic fatigue; and helping to lose stubborn excess pounds, among other substantial health improvements.

Unlike taking oral supplements that never even make it into the individual’s bloodstream, using injectable human growth hormone treatments under a doctor’s supervision provides the body with immediate and direct access to the biological substance that it positively needs to become and remain youthfully vibrant, lean, healthy and strong. Many people have wanted to know the truth about HGH injections and weight loss and while it must be emphasized that physicians are not legally allowed to prescribe it specifically as a weight loss treatment, the effects of these doctor prescribed injections on excess body fat cannot be denied.

A healthily replenished growth hormone supply provides the body with much greater metabolic efficiency is it does with many other critical physiological functions and the speedy loss of unwanted (and definitely unhealthy) surplus body fat is one of the most noted hallmarks of growth hormone replacement therapy for individuals who have been diagnosed with deficient HGH levels.  

Get the Truth About HGH Injections for Men

Many healthcare practitioners have been discovering that in increasing numbers, their male patients are asking for their help in getting past the schemes and scams of the growth hormone marketplace to get the truth about HGH injections for men. These patients are generally somewhat familiar with products that are known to be human growth hormone fakes, such as the ones claiming to be homeopathic versions of GH (an unfounded claim); the ones claiming to be GH stimulating amino acids that can be taken orally (biologically impossible); and the ones that base their claims on misinterpreted studies (such as a study on intravenously administered arginine, which can increase an individual’s growth hormone levels for about an hour).

However, many of these men are also aware of the results that adult males with a treatable level of HGH deficiency have been receiving from the use of injectable human growth hormone and they are eager to learn the truth about HGH injections. Yet unless their primary care physicians happen to be proficient in the treatment of disorders affecting the endocrine system, these patients may not immediately receive the information they are looking for.

Many healthcare providers will either refer their patients to the nearest endocrinologist, which can be a logistical challenge for those who are not living near a major medical center or metropolitan area, or they will suggest that their patients attempt to mitigate their deficiency symptoms with the same old standby recommendation of making healthier dietary and exercise choices. What about the man who has consistently made good exercise and nutrition choices and still has questions about getting medical treatment for growth hormone and testosterone deficiency? If his doctor does not have the answers, where can he turn to learn more about the truth about HGH injections?

He can do exactly what many others in his position are doing and turn to Kingsberg Medical, where every doctor and every clinician on staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the true medical treatment of adult hormonal disorders and every patient, regardless of their location, is able to receive convenient local clinical testing and access to the best prescription therapy available. 

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HGH Injections Facts & Benefits

Stress has been called a contemporary epidemic that is capable of making even the most resilient people less healthy and more susceptible to serious illnesses. Furthermore, as any individual who is familiar with the same HGH injections facts & benefits that hormone specialists have access to knows, stress can be a strongly contributing factor to the loss of hormonal balance during adulthood.

Overloaded schedules, exasperating work commutes, frustrations on the job, a nightly struggle to get to sleep – these are all daily occurrences that can cause anxiety and stress to build up (over time and repetition) to extremely unhealthful levels and yes, even cause essential hormone levels to drop into the harmful range. Yet while adults who want to preserve their health are learning that there are multiple methods available to them that can reduce their stress loads, they are also realizing that there is just one method that is truly effective for increasing their body’s progressively diminishing growth hormone and testosterone supplies.

As more at-risk adults are learning, it is advantageous to get to the bottom of the truth about HGH injections so that they will know what their true options for treatment are, if any. One myth that should be put to rest right now is that any adult can request and receive a physician’s prescription for using these powerful bio-identical hormones because that is definitely not the truth. Medicinal HGH replacement treatments are only legally available to patients who have been appropriately tested, evaluated and diagnosed with a recognized endocrine disease or a clinical disorder such as adult growth hormone deficiency and unless one of those conditions exists it is illegal in the US for any doctor to prescribe it, and it is illegal for any adult who has not met any of these medical criteria to obtain and use it.

The topic of unlawfully acquired and inappropriately used human growth hormone injections is not what most mature individuals are interested in; most want to learn more about the truth about HGH injections as regards their medically and legally legitimate therapeutic use. Once they have obtained those facts, they can make an informed and thoughtfully considered decision about getting tested for AGHD.