The Long Term Effects of Using HGH Injections are All Beneficial

Long Term Effects of HGH Injections

The long-term effects of HGH injections are considered miraculous to some, but the effective results of use are entirely dependent on the quality of the medication taken, along with the proper dosage. They say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. This is most certainly true when it comes to medication. Some people would rather go to a drugstore and read the label on medicines and choose the medication that says it will treat the symptoms they have. In some cases, that is possible, like in the over-the-counter medications for colds and headaches; however, even then one has to be careful. Both of those medications will treat symptoms, but if the root cause of the problem is not treated the problem will continue; what would end triggering other medical issues. The ability to walk into a drugstore and purchase a medication is most definitely a convenience, but can almost encourage the thinking that it is possible to self-diagnose and self-medicate. It’s easy to look at a list of symptoms that can be caused by growth hormone deficiency and make the determination that some form of HGH supplementation may be necessary, but the real fact is only a doctor can make that determination–based on the results of a blood test– and prescribe the medication on each individual patient’s case. With the proper dosing scale for optimal growth hormone levels in the body, the long-term effects of HGH injections, by correcting issues like sleep problems and increasing the body’s capacity for exercise, create an environment in the body that pushes it to produce more natural HGH that will keep the body going, longer and stronger.

What Are The Long Term Effects Of HGH Injections?

When a prospective patient realizes that HGH is a medication to be taken over time, that person may question, what are the long-term effect of HGH injections?  HGH has a fat burning effect on the body that cannot be matched by any diet pill. It helps the body burn fat by utilizing the carbohydrates quickly and effectively, in the same manner that it did when people were young. This is why it would appear that children can eat anything without gaining weight, since growth hormone is produced at its peak during those years. Injectable human growth hormone can also regenerate cartilage, which has quite an impact on joint health and recovery from injury. It can increase lean muscle mass and strength and bones. HGH even has an impact on cholesterol levels by keeping them normalized. It can increase sexual drive and enhance performance. Human growth hormone even affects mental functions, from increasing basic alertness, to improving memory issues, and to stabilizing moods. The immune system benefits from proper levels of growth hormones as well. This includes not only the protection from and prevention of common illnesses, but also to a faster recovery time. The long-term effects of HGH injections for adults results in a younger looking visage, a trimmer, firmer body, and a sense of overall health and protection against future ailments.

How Long Do The Effects Of HGH Injections Last?

As long as there is no over dosing in the amount of HGH, and levels remain optimal, there is no end to the benefits of a growth hormone treatment program. How long do the effects of HGH injections last? The problems that treatment fixes are problems that were interfering with the system’s ability to produce its own growth hormone to effective levels, the body becomes freer to begin secreting more growth hormone. GH is produced at its highest levels during the slow wave sleep period. A growth hormone deficiency can make it impossible for a person to sleep long enough to reach that deepest part of sleeping. Treating the deficiency with HGH will give a person the ability to sleep sounder and longer, which means while the individual is sleeping more, more and more bioavailable natural hormones will be secreted. This is a vicious cycle in reverse; one positive aspect of treatment positively affects another area of life. As long as there are peak levels of growth hormone running through the blood stream, the benefits continue. As long as the benefits continue, the body begins to play a more active role in secreting more of its own natural hormones, and this keeps the levels of hormones optimal. Get into a hormone replacement program and see for yourself what the beneficial long-term effects of HGH injections truly are.

Long Term Effects Of Taking Testosterone And HGH Injections Together

Without overdosing, proper levels of hormones in the system contribute beautifully to the body’s synchronized functions. The long-term effects of taking testosterone and HGH injections together are many. Both are hormones that encourage regeneration in those functions, including weight loss, increased mental clarity, and the restoration of bones, muscles, and joints. Both play an active role in the activity and the ability to be active in the area of the libido. If a person is deficient in both, the doctor may prescribe a stacked therapy dose of both. They share many of the same functions in the system, but HGH will boost the power of testosterone, and testosterone has many anti-inflammatory properties. Only a physician can determine whether or not a patient needs a combined treatment of growth hormone and testosterone together (being deficient in one hormone does not mean that the levels of the other hormone will be low) and he will decide on either a single or combined replenishment program. The long-term effects of HGH injections used with testosterone injections are the same as if they were taken individually; however, together they do pack quite an impact.

Short Term And Long Term Effects Of Growth Hormone Injections

There have been numerous studies on HGH users, for both the short-term and long-term effects of growth hormone injections, with very consistent results:

  • 82% improvement in weight loss
  • 61% reduction of wrinkles
  • 84% improvement in energy level
  • 88% increase in muscle strength (with the addition of a daily exercise program)
  • 67% improvement in emotional stability
  • 75% improvement in sexual potency.

While these are the average results, they aren’t necessarily universal. Some people have lower initial HGH levels in their bodies, which means their results will be more significant than someone with higher initial GH amounts. Treatment itself takes time. The short term and long term effects of growth hormone injections do not happen overnight, however within a week or two, most patients report a noticeable increase in energy; within a month, sleeping is improved and stamina is increased. By the end of the second month, muscle tone is noticeably increased, sexual performance is enhanced, hair and nails growing better, and weight begins to drop. By the third month, mental processes and memory improve, along with physical flexibility. All of these long-term effects of HGH injections become even more evident after 4 months. By six months, all of these benefits are advance to the point where the patient can feel significantly healthier and 10 to 20 years younger!

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Benefits And Side Effects Of Long Term Use Of HGH Injections

Because of the hype surrounding the use of human growth hormone, many are anxious to know the benefits and side effects of long-term use of HGH injections. With proper use of human growth hormone, the chances of side effects are little to none. Proper use of the medication is most important. Some patients may complain of irritation at the site of the injection, but this can be alleviated by rotating injection sites. When growth hormone side effects were tested, they were tested at 100 times the normal dose, and the side effects found were diabetes, acromegaly, carpal tunnel syndrome, and teeth gapping. Again, this was at 100 times the normal dose. Too little human growth hormone in the body has the same effect as a growth hormone deficiency on its own. Too little of the dose means money is wasted, too high of a dosage of HGH can cause irreversible side effects. It is in the misuse and overuse of the medication where the serious side effects can occur. It is for this reason that Kingsberg Medical will not offer prescriptions to people who want to use it for non-medicinal purposes, such as bodybuilding and athletic enhancement. Human growth hormone prescriptions are offered only to patients whose blood tests verify a real growth hormone deficiency. The long-term effects of HGH injections have the power to change a person’s life, especially in comparison to the quality of life the patient was experiencing before beginning treatment.

Long Term Treatment Of Growth Hormone Deficiency In Adults

There are so many benefits that one can receive from HGH and long-term treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults. It has amazing benefits and the potential to change a life. Some of the benefits include tighter skin, increased bone density and stronger bones, increased sexual drive and performance, more energy and stamina, reduce body fat, better memory, better heart strength and kidney function, lower cholesterol levels, and enhanced immune system, and even longer lasting hair. This is not even the full list of the many benefits HGH can provide. But even these few gains can create extreme changes in the body. By increasing the body’s capacity for physical exercise, it increases its natural ability to secrete more of its own growth hormone, because heart-pumping exercise cause more natural production. The body creates its own growth hormone in the largest amount during the deepest periods of sleep; when the long-term effects of HGH injections have been implemented, it makes it easier for the patient to get longer nights’ sleep consistently, further encouraging the body to produce more growth hormone on its own.

Positive Effects Of HGH Injections For Men

To ensure only positive effects of HGH injections for men it is crucial that proper dosing is sustained. HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. It is at its highest level of production during adolescence, with the most amounts in the body between the ages of 12 and 25. After that, it begins to decline at a possible rate of 14% every 10 years. Studies have shown that most adults are GH deficient and may have only half the levels of HGH by the age of 40 that they had when they were younger. But not all men are created equal—physiologically speaking, that is. Two men of the same age will not have the same level of deficiency because their backgrounds are different. This is why men appear to age differently, at different rates. The results of a blood test taken into consideration with the lifestyle of the man and his own chemical makeup determine what the dosage strength and amount should be. The long-term effects of HGH injections for men show in the leaner physique and the enhance sex drive and sexual stamina. Mental fogginess and the general feeling of apathy are turned into mental clarity and a boost of confidence and drive.

Benefits Of HGH Injections For Women

An article in the New England Journal showed results of the study on benefits of HGH injections for women that proved it could improve brain function and memory as well as increase mental focus. Hair becomes fuller and thicker and fingernails grow stronger with less breakage. It can help encourage sounder sleep, improve sexual performance and drive, and even boost endurance and energy. On top of that people experience an increase in muscle tone and a loss of body fat as the result of the increased cellular metabolism that rejuvenates the muscles and joints as well as revving up the body’s process of turning fat into energy. Osteoporosis is very common in women, and HGH injections increase the strength in the entire skeletal system and can prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. The soreness and tiredness in the back that gets stronger every year is reversed, and standing up straighter is easier; posture improves as well. And the weight loss takes any extra pressure off of the back. Collagen in the skin is improved, showing in a noticeable healthy glow, firmer skin, and reduction of wrinkles. The added long-term effects of HGH injections for women include elimination of the ugly symptoms of menopause, like the night sweats, hot flashes and intense mood swings.