HGH Injections to Lose Weight

HGH Injections to Lose Weight

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy provides the adult body with many benefits for those individuals suffering from growth hormone deficiency (GHD). One of the most asked about attributes is fat burning. The subject of using HGH injections to lose weight is one that comes up frequently in conversation.

Does HGH hormone help to lose weight?

To better understand the benefit of HGH injections to lose weight, we must first discuss why adults with growth hormone deficiency see the numbers on the scale increasing:

  • Growth hormone (GH) helps the body retain lean muscle mass, which burns calories at a higher rate than fat.
  • GH is a direct stimulator of the metabolism, influencing the breakdown of fats through a process known as lipolysis. In GHD, impaired lipolysis results in fat storage and retention – weight gain.
  • Lack of energy often associated with GHD results in decreased exercise and caloric burning. HGH helps increase energy, improves cardiac capacity for exercise, and promotes the burning of additional calories.
  • Adults with GHD have an increased risk of insulin sensitivity, which inhibits the uptake of glucose by the body’s cells, resulting in further fat storage.

One of the most frequently asked questions about this topic is how much HGH to take to lose weight. We will discuss that in further detail farther down this page.

Adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency can use HGH injections to lose weight while improving their GH levels.

How Does HGH Help Improve Weight Loss?

For adults with a growth hormone deficiency, their metabolism slows down. When they go on low-calorie diets, signals to the brain warn of impending starvation, and the brain tells the body to hold onto its fat stores for an emergency. Needing energy, the body pulls energy stored in the muscles. That energy is in the form of beneficial fat that contributes to lean muscle mass, the reason why people lose muscle rather than visceral fat. When using HGH injections to lose weight, the HGH stimulates the metabolism, protecting the muscles, and allowing for the release and use of stored fat.

People that use HGH to lose weight find they have more energy, allowing them to work out with increased stamina. The burning of calories is what the body needs to lose unwanted fat. Weight loss relies on one critical factor – expending more calories than what you take in each day.

Can I take HGH to lose weight?

Doctors rarely prescribe HGH for weight loss. Only individuals who have diagnosed growth hormone deficiency qualify for HGH therapy. Taking HGH when your current growth hormone levels are normal will not increase weight loss. Instead, side effects of HGH therapy are likely to occur.

Are there any times when taking HGH to lose weight are allowed?

Taking HGH to lose weight is sometimes allowed for people who are extremely obese and done in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet. In studies, adults on a hypocaloric diet who received HGH therapy lost more visceral fat than those individuals not taking the HGH. They also increased their lean body mass and experienced a positive nitrogen balance. It is also essential to point out that these individuals had low growth hormone levels before starting treatment. For most adults dealing with GHD, changes in diet and exercise are not necessary; however, making positive alterations will improve overall results.

Growth hormone deficiency causes many health and well-being issues for adults. From decreased lean muscle mass and bone density to increased fat retention and insulin resistance, these concerns can further the risk of conditions such as:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
Taking HGH injections to lose weight helps people with growth hormone deficiency improve their body composition and well-being.

How Do I Use HGH Injections to Lose Weight?

HGH is not a diet. When a doctor specializing in hormone replacement prescribes HGH therapy, it is to improve the many areas that suffer due to GHD. That is why there is also no set answer to the question of how much HGH should I take to lose weight.

HGH prescribing centers on the following factors:

  • The level of growth hormone deficiency as shown by blood test results
  • Individual body composition, weight, and height
  • Gender and age
  • Overall health status

When it comes to using HGH to lose weight, best dose protocol is that of prescribing the amount of HGH to support homeostasis (hormonal balance). Once growth hormone levels increase to their ideal level, the metabolism will improve. Lipolytic and anabolic actions will promote the burning of unhealthy abdominal fat while increasing protein anabolism in the muscles. The result of this process is better lean muscle mass and tone and reduced belly fat.

When contemplating the use of HGH injections to lose weight, please remember that loss of belly fat does not always translate to significant numbers on the scale. At the same time that the body is burning through its visceral fat stores, increased lean muscle mass is negating some of that poundage loss. Improved muscle tone offsets some of the weight loss – but the result is better overall body composition.

What is the best HGH to lose weight?

Only real, doctor prescribed HGH injections contain actual human growth hormone. Do not be fooled by over-the-counter pills, sprays, lotions, patches, drops, or other products pretending to be HGH – they are not. If you have growth hormone deficiency, you need doctor-prescribed HGH injection therapy to get the results you desire.

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