Do Adults Use HGH Injections To Lose Weight Successfully?

HGH Injections to Lose Weight

Obesity is a very serious issue and has been linked to the acceleration of cancer, disease and premature aging. HGH injections to lose weight can help fight obesity, and the slow and steady weight gain that occurs when people age and metabolism slows down. Although there are many obvious variables that can contribute to weight gain, such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, psychological issues like stress-eating, and even some prescribed medications, a growth hormone deficiency can also impact weight gain. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD), as confirmed by a laboratory blood test, slows metabolism down, making physical exertion harder. It can cause extreme fatigue and impair joint movement, which also interferes with a person’s ability to exercise. It can lead to depression and added stress, two factors that can affect a person’s eating habits.

The proper dosage of HGH injections to lose weight—the correct amount of human growth hormone supplemented to bring the patient’s levels up to a healthy one—can restore the body’s optimal metabolism, allowing maximum capability for physical exertion and anaerobic exercise and help rejuvenate the joints for pain-free and fluid movement. HGH can also block the mind’s stress-triggers that cause a person to eat in response to feelings of anxiety or depression.

The Truth About HGH For Weight Loss

To understand the truth about HGH for weight loss, one must understand the basic function of HGH: cellular restoration and rejuvenation. This is the bottom line of body functions. When the metabolic rate of the cells slows down, the body follows. It is the cells in our body that restore, replenish and rejuvenate our organs and how they function. Slow cellular metabolism means slow cellular response to any problems our bodies may be experiencing.

The cells maintain bone density and strength, including the repair of if there is a break. If the cells aren’t able to properly maintain the skeletal structure, the possibility of bone breaks and fractures increases, and the ability to repair those injuries is hampered. The immune system is weakened in much the same way; white blood cells needed to help prevent infection are not produced as much, increasing the likelihood of getting sick and decreasing the body’s measures of recovery. All of this increases the elements that cause weight gain. A frail, tired and sick body has less capacity for exercise, and even basic movement becomes difficult (most noticeably in the back and the knees).

Fatigue can lead to stress, which also has an impact on weight gain. In actuality, the truth about HGH injections to lose weight is that weight loss is only a part of what growth hormone replacement therapy does, and not what it is prescribed for. Injectable HGH is prescribed for people with a valid growth hormone deficiency that is negatively affecting their overall health. Weight gain is an adverse side effect—a symptom—of what happens to the body when it is not secreting enough growth hormone; fortunately, replenishing the levels of growth hormone to what they should be for each individual creates a healthier body, thereby creating healthier weight.

Dosage Of HGH Injections To Lose Weight

There is no standard dosage of HGH injections to lose weight. In fact, there is no set dosage at all. A patient’s dosage is calculated uniquely to his or her own deficiency by the prescribing physician, based on a combined review of a blood test and the patient’s medical history. The only way to obtain HGH is with a doctor’s prescription, and that prescription can only be given to patients with a verifiable growth hormone deficiency—which can only be determined with a blood test. Once it is established that a patient is suffering the negative effects of a growth hormone deficiency (which can result in weight gain), the doctor will then assess how much the dosage should be, as well as how long the patient should receive treatment, to restore optimal growth hormone levels.

How To Get Maximum Benefits From HGH Injections

With all that has been discovered about HGH injections to lose weight, many want to know how to get maximum benefits from HGH injections therapy. A low carbohydrate, low fat diet combined with regular exercise each day are the common pillars of rapid and safe weight loss, however, beginning such a lifestyle change after significant weight has been gained makes it a long and difficult process. Especially because added weight impedes the ability to exercise efficiently, slowing movement and putting more stress on the heart, making it necessary to take constant breaks during exercise. A deficiency in growth hormone adds to that, by slowing the metabolism. HGH injections to lose weight increase the metabolic rate, allowing greater endurance during workouts, which means taking less breaks and not needing as much time to recover. Most importantly, it permits rapid burning of the fat stores in the mid-section area. The body is more capable of working out longer and harder—more efficiently—when growth hormone in the system is balanced, and is able to achieve significantly more weight loss in a shorter period of time than with just a program of exercise and diet modification.

Will HGH Injections Help Me Lose Weight?

Many of our patients ask about HGH injections to lose weight and here is what we tell them. Weight is gained from a growth hormone deficiency due to how growth hormone affects the functions of the body, particularly the metabolism. GH increases the metabolism which improves glucose synthesis; sugars are burned for energy rather than stored as fat. It induces the decomposition of the adipose fat tissue already stored, adding to weight loss. When natural secretion of growth hormone declines with aging, the body’s ability to efficiently regulate fat and energy declines.

When a patient who has asked us will HGH injections help me lose weight first begins a growth hormone regimen, weight will begin dropping off as the fat stores are being depleted; then the weight will remain the same some as muscle mass increases (muscle weighs more than fat), but the body will regain a more healthy-looking physique. Then, while muscle is continuing to build, the volume of the adipose fatty cells will be decreasing over time. As the body begins to rebuild itself, the patient’s inclination to implement a daily exercise routine and stick to better eating habits will only improve a healthy, fast amount of weight loss. This is how to get maximum benefits from HGH injections.

How Much Growth Hormone Injections Should I Take To Lose Weight?

People are asking to know how much growth hormone injections should I take to lose weight? The dosing amount of human growth hormone can be surrounded by confusion because of the onslaught of companies selling HGH products on the web, many of which are selling these medications without a prescription and have a dosing instruction based on a person’s weight. This can be considered misleading, causing people to believe that human growth hormone is nothing more than a diet pill. What it is important to remember is that growth hormones are a prescribed medication, and only dispensed to correct a growth hormone imbalance for overall health, and that weight loss is a result of the body-wide health being restored. If a person asks will I lose weight while using human growth hormone injections, the answer will be yes. But they are not taking HGH injections to lose weight specifically, they are taking growth hormone injections to help their bodies function properly, and the loss of weight is what happens when metabolism and the body fat-process is regulated.

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How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight With HGH Injections?

Having to deal with continued weight gain as a side effect of growth hormone deficiency, patients are eager to know how long does it take to lose weight with HGH injections? Because every person’s body makeup is different, people will lose weight at different rates. Even when a person starts an exercise routine for the first time, there is an initial high rate of weight loss, then the weight seems to plateau for a time, then the rate at which the weight is shed is a little more slowly, but steadily. A person with an excessive amount of extra weight may seem to lose weight faster at first, too, than another person of the same age who does not have as much extra body weight. The famous study performed by Dr. Daniel Rudman in 1990 for the New England Journal of Medicine did conclude that patients on an HGH regimen averaged a 14% loss of body fat in six months without any diet or exercise changes, even without quitting smoking. That being said, how long does it take using HGH injections to lose weight? It would still depend on the patient’s body chemistry, and whether or not he or she makes any positive nutritional or exercise changes during treatment.

What Is The Best HGH To Lose Weight?

There are many high-quality brands of injectable human growth hormone medications available from reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers. So, what is the best HGH to lose weight? The best is—and will always be—what is doctor prescribes according to the patient’s chemical needs. Just going shopping on the Internet for the best medication does not show the proper sense of responsibility to your own health or the medication itself. Human growth hormone is medicine; it is not a vitamin or diet pill. Self-diagnosing and self-medicating any health issue is never a safe choice, and can have the exact opposite effect on your health than desired. The answer to questions on using HGH injections to lose weight is also the same: it is whatever your doctor prescribes for you. Let the physician who knows about growth hormone deficiencies determine what your own body needs, and not the label on a so-called medication purchased randomly on the internet. Hormonal imbalances of any kind are unique to the individual suffering them; it takes an expert (and a blood test) to determine how severe the level of the deficiency is and to be able to calculate specifically what amount of HGH is needed to correct it.

Do HGH Injections Help You To Lose Weight?

Do HGH injections help you to lose weight? Yes, they do. But they accomplish that by increasing the lean muscle mass, decomposing the fat stores in the body, increasing cellular metabolism, boosting energy, stabilizing the stress-eating triggers, and increasing the body’s capability to exercise efficiently. The loss of weight and change in body composition is a result of the body regaining its comprehensive health. Some of the many other positive results from a growth hormone replacement program include:

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increased sexual desire and frequency of sexual activity
  • Better blood pressure
  • Improvement in memory and mood
  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • Enhancement of immunity against illness
  • Faster healing time from illness and injury

Remember, asking your doctor what are the best HGH injections to lose weight remains only one of the questions you should be asking.

Will HGH Injections Help Me Lose Weight?

Call the specialists at Kingsberg Medical; ask will HGH injections help me to lose weight? You may be surprised at how much more growth hormone treatment can impact your life. HGH therapy addresses many issues involved with aging, including how to prevent, slow or reverse the adverse effects, which allows people to be able to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Begin by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do I feel tired or stressed all the time?
  • Have I lost my motivation?
  • Am I sleepy during most days? Do I take naps a lot?
  • Do I often feel sad or lonely?
  • Have I lost interest in sex?
  • Do I forget things often?
  • Is it hard for me to focus?
  • Have I gained weight?

A positive answer to any of these questions can indicate a growth hormone deficiency. At Kingsberg Medical, we offer natural bio-identical HGH replacement therapy and can provide you with the most effective, safest treatment. This is why many of our patients have referred colleagues, family members and friends to our medical clinic!