Are You Likely to Experience Any HGH Injections Side Effects?

HGH Injections Side Effects

Numerous studies have been done on HGH injections side effects. Human growth hormone is considered a natural medication, having little to no side effects with proper use. The key phrase is proper use. Proper use means not over-medicating or overusing of any kind. The way to ensure proper use is by only using HGH as prescribed by the physician, who has calculated your dosage on your own genetics, age, blood work and physical condition. This is why prescriptions are necessary for the purchase of human growth hormone. A reputable medical establishment will not prescribe human growth hormone to anyone looking to overuse the medication for any type of physical performance enhancement. The few patients in physician-monitored treatment programs that have shown side effects of the medicine showed no signs of them once their dosage was reduced by their prescribing physician. The documented testing on HGH injections side effects showed adverse effects only when the dose was tested at 100x the norm. Those side effects were the same ones suffered by the bodybuilders and professional athletes who were using the medications illegally, a practice that unfortunately has somewhat tarnished the reputation of human growth hormone and its legitimate medicinal benefits unfairly.

What Are The Side Effects Of HGH Injections?

When the question arises, what are the side effects of HGH injections, it is easy to say there are little to none, with proper use. Originally, when human growth hormone was being injected into patients to correct hormone imbalances, the growth hormone was derived from cadavers and contained real human tissue. While many benefits of replenishing low hormone levels were discovered, it was also found that there were side effects from the cadaver-derived growth hormone. That form of growth hormone was stopped from being used in 1985. Since then, medical science had come up with a way of creating a biosynthetic growth hormone using recombinant DNA technology that, while though it contained no real human tissue, it was considered natural because it is made up primarily of amino acids and is indistinguishable by the body as anything other than natural. In all of the studies of the HGH injections side effects, from too little a dose to too much, all side effects were reported in the case of too much. Too little of a dose of HGH has basically the same effect as the already present deficiency. It is when too much of the hormones are present that there becomes an issue. The normal regulation of calcium is skewed, bones become larger (particularly in the forehead area) and carpal tunnel syndrome can develop, and the blood sugar levels can be interfered with. Again, these possible side effects only occur in the case of over-dose. This is the reason HGH can only be purchased with a doctor’s written orders; those orders are specific in dosing based on each individual patient. Too much of anything is not a good thing; that same rule applies with human growth hormone medication.

Benefits And Side Effects Of HGH Injections

Because of the scope of how many bodily functions HGH plays a vital role in, the benefits branch out even farther. As with all medications, the benefits and side effects of HGH injections come into question. The benefits of optimizing the levels of growth hormone with bio identical growth hormone therapy are numerous:

  • Stronger sense of well-being
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Speedy recovery time from common illnesses and injuries or surgery
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • Greater heart health
  • Stronger bones and teeth
  • Leaner muscles, more strength, better tone
  • Reversal of osteoporosis
  • Healthier, vibrant skin with a smoother appearance
  • Weight loss
  • Psychological enhancement: better moods, no depression, stress-resistant
  • Less suffering of the symptoms of menopause and andropause (no night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings)
  • Enhanced libido

All of these enhancements from the benefits and HGH injections side effects are not the result of anything out of the ordinary occurring in your body. What growth hormone does in your system is part of your natural body processes; these enhancements are not new to your body, they are new to your body at this stage in your life at this time of the hormonal deficiency. What these effects produce is the rejuvenation and restoration effects of how your body used to be when you were younger.

How To Avoid Side Effects Of HGH Injections

There is only one means to knowing how to avoid side effects of HGH injections, and that is to take only real injectable medications and to take it exactly as the doctor prescribes. Real human growth hormone is available only as an injectable medication. Creams, sprays and tablets are not effective delivery methods and therefore cannot contain any real amount of human growth hormone. Be wary of purchasing any product labeled HGH if it is not an injectable medication; or if it is being manufactured overseas. These manufacturing companies are not held to any standard of protocol, and medications created overseas can have harmful ingredients included in their chemical makeup, including bacteria from improper handling. HGH purchased from overseas, even in injectable form, is illegal for purchase in the United States. A consumer of these drugs could risk seizure of the medication shipment, legal fines, and, worst-case scenario, permanent damage to health. The other means to prevent HGH injections side effects is to purchase the medication legally, with a doctor’s prescription. The doctor’s orders will allow for the purchase of a brand of medication federally approved for use in the US, assuring its safety for use. Also, the doctor’s prescription will have a dosage calculated to match the physiology of each individual patient. The HGH medications that are sold illegally (whether from overseas or not requiring a prescription) do not base dosage on individuals, rather determine dosage only on a person’s weight. This results in incorrect dosing per person, and if the dose is too high for an individual, serious medical problems could arise. Long-term side effects only occur when an individual has been over-using the medication for an extended period of time. Patients in legitimate medical treatment programs are supervised for the duration of treatment; any possible issues that arise are dispensed with immediately.

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Testosterone And HGH Side Effects

Like human growth hormone treatments, the possibility of combined testosterone and HGH side effects are slim to none if taken in properly prescribed doses and supervised treatment. The sensationalized cases in the media of side effects are always stories of abuse of the medication, or the use of it for non-medicinal purposes. The media also has a tendency to compare the use of testosterone with HGH to that of steroid use. Human growth hormone and testosterone are not steroids, nor are they illegal. The use of them becomes illegal when they are purchased from the black market or overseas without the legally required prescription, and used for performance enhancement above and beyond necessary hormonal replacement. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and low testosterone are true medical conditions, and when HGH and testosterone are used as treatment, they are prescribed only in the amounts needed to correct the imbalance in the hormone levels and dosed on a patient-by-patient basis. The benefits of a healthier body and body functions that perform like they once did at a younger age are the sum total of testosterone and HGH injections side effects.

Are There Any Side Effects When You Stop Taking HGH Injections?

Because injectable HGH is bio identical to naturally secreted growth hormone, it causes no interference or unnatural interruption in the body system at all. It is non-habit-forming, not an addictive hallucinogen, or an artificial mood-altering drug. The body does not treat it like an artificial intruder; therefore, the absence or removal of it is accepted by the body as naturally as the body accepted its own decline of it, without withdrawal symptoms of any kind. The physical system has no set schedule or rate of decline of hormone production, because too many factors affect it. While there is natural and steady progression in the decline of bioavailable hormones every year after puberty, the other affecting factors can increase that rate of decline at varying speeds. Improper sleep habits, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and even head trauma near the pituitary gland can cause abrupt drops in the secretion of growth hormone. The body adapts as best as it can to the decline. Again, the body reacts to bio-identical hormones the exact same way it does to natural HGH, thus when injections stop, the body adapts. However, regarding HGH injections side effects after treatment, the body has already been encouraged to produce more of its own growth hormone because of the changes in energy levels, exercise capacity, and sleep improvement caused by the treatment that affect changes in the person’s lifestyle. Are there any side effects when you stop taking HGH injections? No. Not with the use of real, legal human growth hormone.

How Long Do HGH Injections Side Effects Last?

The best thing about HGH is that it is a natural medication. The body takes it in and utilizes it as its own. Of course, anything can have side effects if used in excess, even water. Side effects, if any, occur when the dose is too high. How long do HGH injections side effects last? If the patient is in a monitored treatment program with the dose strength prescribed by a doctor, the doctor can alter the dose immediately and the side effects disappear quickly. If, on the other hand, a person is using illegally-purchased human growth hormone without a specifically-tailored dosing schedule and the treatment is not monitored by a physician, there is no way to tell how long the side effects could last if the medication is used for too long unsupervised. One of the side effects documented from overuse of HGH is overgrowth of bones; this is not something that can be reversed. With proper dosing and supervision of the use of biosynthetic human growth hormone to treat a growth hormone deficiency and not for non-medical purposes, there are no lasting HGH injections side effects.

How To Prevent HGH Injections Side Effects

Human growth hormone is a medication used to treat AGHD. For a person to be able to know if they have a deficiency they would have to take a blood test where the IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) gets measured. IGF-1 is considered the main marker for growth hormone in the blood, and is measured instead of growth hormone because the level remains steady throughout the day, whereas actual growth hormone levels fluctuate. When a deficiency is assessed by that blood work, the doctor’s prescription to balance the deficit hormones is calculated on that patient’s IGF-1 levels, his or her medical history and current physical condition, age, gender, weight and body chemistry. The prescription is tailor-made to that patient’s chemical needs. Taking the medication as prescribed specifically for you is the only way how to prevent HGH injections side effects. Kingsberg Medical’s physicians have years of experience in growth hormone treatments and keep up to date on any new developments in the field of rejuvenation therapies. We prescribe only legal medications from federally-regulated manufacturers, and our doctors monitor our patients’ progress from beginning to end of each replenishment program. It is in this following of the legal procedures and the obtaining of only the highest quality medications that allows us to assure our patients safe and effective treatment with no possible HGH injections side effects. If you feel that you are suffering from a growth hormone deficiency, call our number and speak to one of our experts. We can help determine if you may be a qualified candidate for hormone replacement therapy, and will send you to one of our medical facilities near you for the mandatory blood testing and physical exam. Then, one of our doctors will assess your test results and genetic history to determine if you do have a deficiency and what type of treatment is recommended, whether it be human growth hormone replacement therapy or HGH therapy with testosterone. Either way, once you begin treatment you will fast be on your way to living a healthier, younger lifestyle!