I’ve looked Everywhere for HGH – and Still Wonder Where I can Get it

HGH Where Can I Get it

You may have spent hours on the internet, in health food stores and fitness centers in an attempt to amass as much real information as you can on HGH, and you may be beginning to feel overwhelmed at how much you’ve heard about it.

At this point you may be thinking, I’ve looked everywhere for HGH – and still wonder where I can get it.

This is not uncommon for many people; because the benefits of growth hormone therapy are so numerous, there are many businesses attempting to cash in on its popularity with many different products that all say they can provide the same results as legitimate GH therapy.

There is one easy answer to the question of HGH where can I get it? You must go to a doctor or hormone specialist. They are the only ones qualified and authorized to offer real information and dispense the actual medication that has been so beneficial for so many people.

When HGH is used properly and under the correct conditions, it can:

  • Restore balance to blood pressure and lipid profiles
  • Aid in weight management and energy by regulating proper conversion of fat to energy
  • Improve immune function and speed up recovery and healing time
  • Restore the libido
  • Increase muscle mass and restore bone density
  • Maintain the size, health and function of internal organs
  • Improve memory and cognitive function
  • Reduce anxiety and stress and prevent depression
  • Increase capacity to exercise and improve joint mobility and flexibility.

This medication is federally controlled and only allowable for use for an individual who is clinically deficient in growth hormone. The goal of this type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is to restore chemical balance to adults who have become deficient due to the natural decline that accompanies aging.

The use of GH medication by anyone who hasn’t been diagnosed as deficient by a blood test is illegal because this type of use is harmful.

If you are wondering about HGH where can I get it? Go straight to a medical professional who can steer you in the right direction.

What is Genuine HGH?

It isn’t important just to know HGH where can I get it? It is important to know what HGH is, to avoid wasting money on useless medication or to put yourself in a state of further ill health by taking a drug that is harmful.

Genuine HGH is a medication processed using specific technology that makes it bio-identical – identical in molecular structure and function as natural growth hormone. The entire manufacturing process is overseen by the federal government to verify that it meets very specific standards of quality, purity, effectiveness and safety.

It is only available as an injectable medication; its size and structure prevent it from being effectively administered by any other means (eliminating tablets, patches, sublingual drops and nasal sprays).

A prescription is required to manage the dosage each person receives, and is ascertained based on the results of laboratory blood work. Proper use of the medication within these boundaries is what assures its safety.

Regarding HGH where can I get it? It must be purchased through a physician who has prescribed it; this will guarantee the purchase of authentic HGH, because the legal manufacturers of the genuine medication only make their products available through licensed medical personnel.

It cannot be purchase from a non-medical source or directly from the manufacturer; anything obtained in this manner is not legal and has no guarantee of safety in use. Even when sold in the injectable formulation, that which is not obtained with a doctor’s prescription is illegal.

Symptoms and Treatment of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

HGH therapy is a physician-prescribed treatment program that can only be dispensed to a person who is so deficient in GH that it has affected how well his body functions, but only after a blood test has verified that his levels are too low.

The symptoms predominantly the most common signs of aging:

  • Low energy
  • Poor cognition
  • Slow movement due to inflexibility
  • Lack of muscular and bone strength
  • Faulty memory
  • Weight gain
  • Easy susceptibility to pathogens
  • Slow healing
  • Low libido
  • Sleeping problems
  • Depression, stress, anxiety and mood swings
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol.

None of these symptoms individually are indicative of AGHD; collectively, they can be, but it can only be verified with a test that measures present GH levels.

If you have any of these symptoms, ask a hormone specialist, HGH where can I get it? He will be able to assist you in getting the necessary testing, and if you are found to be deficient, he can customize a therapeutic regimen that will include a medication dosage that will match your body chemistry.

This method of designing treatment around each individual patient is what makes hormone replacement therapy (HRT) so effective in reversing the symptoms. Each person has their own unique chemical makeup; HRT is about restoring that unique balance.

Clinical advisors from Greenberg Health can help you when you ask, HGH where can I get it? They can schedule an appointment for your blood test and physical examination at a local clinic and connect you with a physician who can help you in your goal to restore your health.

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