How to Use Genotropin Injections

How to Use Genotropin Injections

Adults with growth hormone deficiency will find that using Genotropin injections by Pfizer is easier than imaginable and takes only a few minutes each day to bring incredible results. This guide provides simplified directions for how to use Genotropin injections, no matter which type of injectable system by Pfizer you choose: Genotropin MiniQuick, Mixer, or Genotropin Pens 5 and 12 mg.

Part of the reason many adults purchase these products is due to the convenience of the Genotropin injections usage. Pfizer offers a two-chamber cartridge system that contains the lyophilized HGH medication in one chamber, and the mixing solution in the other chamber. This eliminates the need for separate vials of HGH powder and bacteriostatic solution.

The guide below provides Genotropin injections administration for each option we offer. Choose the section that is associated with the pharmaceutical product that you have selected for your treatment of your adult growth hormone deficiency.

Step by Step Genotropin Injection Instructions

The first set of instructions to use Genotropin injections is for the convenient MiniQuick – a single-dose disposable syringe that is ideal for individuals who often travel as it does not require refrigeration. Ten different doses are offered for this option.

  • Genotropin MiniQuick Instructions:
    • Wash your hands with water and soap
    • Wipe the MiniQuick rubber stopper with an alcohol swab
    • Keeping the needle covered, peel off the seal from the back of the needle
    • Push the needle straight down onto to the MiniQuick and turn it clockwise as far as you can
    • Point the Genotropin MiniQuick needle upwards and turn the plunger as far to the right as you can – this will mix the medication – you can tilt the syringe from side to side to gently mix the solution, but DO NOT SHAKE it as the solution is delicate
    • Remove and set aside the outer needle cover
    • Wipe the injection site with an alcohol prep swap
    • Remove and dispose of the inner needle cover – unless you are using a needle guard: in this case, gently snap the needle guard in place before removing the inner cover
    • Pinch a fold of skin between your fingers and push the Genotropin MiniQuick straight down into the fold of skin – push the syringe plunger in all the way, counting five seconds before pulling it out of the skin
    • Replace the outer needle cover and dispose of the entire unit in the Sharps container

The Genotropin Pen 5 and 12 mg units use replaceable cartridges that are size specific – meaning you cannot use the 5 mg cartridge in the 12 mg unit and vice versa. You will need to gather your Genotropin Pen, alcohol swabs, a two-chamber cartridge, disposable needle, and Sharps container before getting started.

  • Genotropin Pen 5 and 12 mg Instructions:
    • Wash your hands with soap and water
    • First attach a disposable needle by uncapping the Genotropin Pen, then unscrew the metal front part of the pen and detach it from the plastic body, remove the paper cover from the back of a new needle, and finally screw the needle gently onto the pen unit in a clockwise motion
    • Take a new Genotropin cartridge and wipe the tip with an alcohol prep swab and carefully insert the cartridge into the metal front of the pen pointing the tip towards the needle end, pushing it firmly into the pen
    • Press the red button to release the black and white injection knob and then turn the knob in a counterclockwise direction as far as possible – you will not be able to see the plunger rod through the window (if you do, press the red button again)
    • Hold the metal front section upright and gently screw the plastic body and metal front part back together – this will mix the diluent from the rear chamber with the HGH powder in the front chamber – tip the pen gently from one side to another to dissolve the powder – DO NOT SHAKE
    • Always examine the solution for discoloration and particles before use – do not use if the solution is not completely dissolved
    • Remove and set aside the outer needle cap then remove and discard the inner needle cap
    • Check for trapped air bubbles by turning the injection know one click clockwise until the knob’s white mark lines up with the pen body’s black mark and then hold the pen upright and gently tap on the metal front part to send air bubbles to the top – once complete, push the injection knob in all the way until a drop of liquid is released from the needle tip – repeat until liquid is seen
    • Replace the outer needle cover and clean the Genotropin injection site with an alcohol prep wipe
    • Press in the red release button to reset your Genotropin Pen – the knob pops back out, and the dose display reads 0.0 – you can then turn the knob clockwise until your prescribed Genotropin injection dosage appears in the window
    • Pinch the prepared skin between your fingers and push the Genotropin Pen needle into the skin all the way at a 90-degree angle then push in the injection knob until you hear it click, count five seconds and then withdraw the needle
    • Replace the needle cover and remove it from the pen unit before discarding in the Sharps container
    • Recap the pen and place it in the protective storage case, storing it in the refrigerator until time for the next injection

The Genotropin Mixer is a unique device that simplifies the mixing process of HGH powder. It quickly combines the lyophilized HGH from one chamber of the cartridge with the sterile solution in the other chamber. The step by step instructions for this unit are below:

  • Genotropin Mixer Instructions:
    • Following the washing of your hands, unscrew the plunger rod (dark green) from the Genotropin Mixer unit (light green)
    • Take a new Genotropin HGH cartridge out of the package and insert it – rubber/metal tip first – into the Mixer unit (the tip will stick out of the opening at the front end of the holder)
    • Screw the dark green plunger rod into the holder – this will mix the medication (look in the Mixer window to ensure that the HGH powder completely dissolves – if not, gently tip from side to side – DO NOT SHAKE) – make sure there are no crystals or discoloration before proceeding
    • Use an alcohol wipe to clean the cartridge tip before removing the cap from a pressure release needle then pierce the rubber tip while pointing the cartridge straight up – this releases extra pressure in the cartridge
    • Recap and remove the needle and dispose of in a Sharps container
    • Use an alcohol swab to wipe the cartridge tip before taking an insulin syringe and removing the needle guard – then, while pointing the cartridge tip downwards, stick the needle through the rubber tip and pull the plunger back to fill with the prescribed HGH dosage – tap the syringe to send air bubbles to the top before pushing them back into the cartridge before removing the needle, adding more HGH if necessary until the desired dosage is set
    • Use an alcohol wipe to prepare the injection site, pinch the skin, and insert the needle straight down, pushing in the plunger and holding in place for five seconds before removing, recapping needle, and disposing of syringe in Sharps container

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