Causes of High HGH Levels in Adults

Causes of High HGH Levels

We hear a lot about the causes of growth hormone deficiency in adults, and how to treat it in a successful manner. Now it is time to shed a little light on the reverse situation – the causes of high HGH levels in adults. This subject is not discussed that much because its occurrence is rare in comparison to low GH levels. That does not make it any less important to understand.

What causes high HGH levels in adults and how can this be diagnosed?

The diagnosis process is the same as for determining adult growth hormone deficiency – checking blood levels. The hormone replacement therapy specialist will run the same diagnostic blood tests that will check a variety of hormone and other crucial levels in the bloodstream. This will also alert the doctor to the possibility of conditions such as leukemia, inflammation in the body, high cholesterol, anemia, and other health concerns.

Among the main causes of high growth hormone levels we find the following:

  • A noncancerous tumor of the pituitary gland called an adenoma
  • Receiving too much HGH therapy for the treatment of AGHD
  • Taking HGH injections illegally without a doctor’s prescription or supervision – this is sometimes done by athletes and bodybuilders
  • Injury to the brain or pituitary gland

These are the most common high growth hormone levels causes although a tumor in another part of the brain or body could also be an issue.

Effects of High HGH Levels on the Body

The effects of high HGH levels in the bloodstream can lead to adverse reactions in the body. Since HGH signals the release of insulin growth factor 1, there is a chance that there will also be too much IGF-1 circulating in the blood vessels. This can lead to excess bone growth in the jaw, hands, and feet that cause acromegaly.

Other issues associated with too high growth hormone levels in adults include:

  • Affecting the way the body processes fats and sugars – this can lead to diabetes and atherosclerosis
  • Overgrowth of certain muscles including those in the hands that can result in carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Thickening of soft tissues in the tongue that affect breathing and sleep apnea
  • Enlargement of certain organs, including the heart – this has the potential to lead to heart failure and heart rhythm disorders

It is important to separate these concerns from the benefits of high HGH levels that come from raising low levels of growth hormone back up into the normal to higher normal end of the defined HGH spectrum. A person dealing with low HGH levels will often suffer from lack of energy, depression, weight gain, muscle and bone decline, memory loss, no sex drive, and other serious health issues. That is why the balancing of human growth hormone levels is crucial.

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How to Ensure Balanced HGH Levels

It is clear that too much or too little HGH is bad for the body. The doctor must create the proper balance in the body, and that requires careful calculations. This can only be accomplished after running the necessary diagnostic blood panels. Do not ever administer HGH without completing this step. Unfortunately, unlike with adjusting vitamin levels that can often be done on one’s own, HGH dosing must be handled by a highly trained expert – a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy.

The symptoms of high HGH levels or low growth hormones are often the same as those for other health concerns – another reason why the blood analysis is important. You do not want to receive the wrong treatment as that will not help your situation and can create additional problems.

If you have high HGH levels that are more than what constitutes a normal range, you may start to see the unwanted effects discussed in this report. If your symptoms are associated with low growth hormone levels, the doctor will prescribe HGH therapy.

No matter which end of the spectrum you find yourself, turning to an experienced HRT specialist is the best option for dealing with low or high levels of HGH. Contact the experts at Kingsberg Medical for a free consultation about your personal situation.