7 HGH Benefits for the Heart

HGH Benefits for Heart

Human growth hormone has a tremendous impact on heart health, especially for individuals with chronic heart failure. The goal for people dealing with CHF is to avoid another episode or attack. That is why we look at HGH benefits for the heart as a way of improving cardiac health.

Roughly forty percent of chronic heart failure patients may have human growth hormone deficiency.

Patients with congestive heart failure often have distinct neurohormonal imbalances that worsen a person’s condition and prognosis, including leading to full body muscle wasting.

Here are 7 positive ways HGH affects heart health:

Ways HGH Affects Heart
  1. Human growth hormone improves artery density to protect against congestive heart failure.
  2. HGH singles the liver to produce insulin growth factor 1 which stimulates myocytes (heart muscle cells) that strengthen the heart (cardiac contractility).
  3. IGF-1 also stimulates nitric oxide to increase coronary blood flow.
  4. HGH increases left ventricular mass (posterior wall thickness) and contractility, along with reducing peripheral arterial resistance.
  5. Higher levels of human growth hormone and insulin growth factor 1 can increase cardiac output and exercise performance and capacity.
  6. HGH helps promote proper metabolic function to aid in weight management. Being overweight exerts extra strain on the heart, causing it to pump harder.
  7. Small studies of patients with CHF who received HGH resulted in a 34 to 47 percent improvement in myocyte hypertrophy which can improve scar tissue. 

Cardiovascular Benefits of HGH

In a study reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Antonio Cittadini of the University of Naples in Italy and his colleagues reported on their findings from a group of patients that include 17 who received HGH and 14 who were given a placebo. The goal of the study was to determine if there were cardiovascular benefits of using HGH to treat adults with CHF.

The results of the four-year study of HGH effects on heart health were as follows:

  • Peak oxygen consumption increase in the control group was 21 ml/kg/min as compared to 11.8 ml/kg/min for those receiving the placebo
  • HGH induced left ventricular reverse modeling to reduce both left ventricular end-diastolic and end-systolic volume indexes
  • In the individuals who received HGH, left ventricular ejection was up ten percent compared to a two percent decline in the placebo group
  • There were fewer hospitalizations for worsening heart failure in the HGH group than those individuals in the control group.

Although this study was small, as has been many others, it shows that further research can help document the positive way that HGH can help people improve heart health.

Heart Health and HGH

With many of these potential HGH effects, heart health can improve by increasing cardiac cell contractile function – improving mechanical efficiency and the use of energy. HGH makes myocardial cells more sensitive to calcium to increase contractile force.

High LDL cholesterol levels have been implicated in heart problems, and HGH helps to reduce LDL cholesterol levels and prevent the onset of atherosclerosis.

HGH improves blood oxygenation by increasing pulmonary capacity.

HGH helps the heart in many other ways, as well. There is a definite correlation between emotional well-being and the heart. Depression and stress have serious consequences for the body’s overall well-being. Not only does HGH help reverse feelings of depression, but it also helps to brighten a person’s mood and create a positive outlook for the future.

HGH also helps stimulate sexual desire which can lead to endorphin-releasing intercourse.

Since higher levels of human growth hormone help to reduce cortisol and improve sleep, a person will also feel more relaxed.

When you add these positive benefits to the previously mentioned weight loss, it is easy to see the many ways that HGH affects the heart.

In conclusion, individuals with congestive heart failure who received HGH therapy had increased left ventricular mass and contractility and lower vascular resistance and wall stress.

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