How to Use Tev-Tropin Injections

How to Use Tev-Tropin

When a hormone replacement therapy specialist prescribes HGH injections to treat adult growth hormone deficiency, it is imperative to understand all instructions for the self-administration of this medication.  This will also ensure that the proper dosage of Tev-Tropin HGH is delivered into the body.

Below you will find simple to follow step by step directions for how to use Tev-Tropin HGH injections. Do not proceed if you still have any questions after reading the directions. Please contact Kingsberg Medical with any issues you have so that you can rest assured that you are proceeding with your treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

This Tev-Tropin usage guide allows you to prepare the injection, the site for the shot, and finalize your treatment with accuracy. That is how to achieve the best possible results. As with all brands of HGH injections, do not use this medication without doctor authorization. Blood analysis is crucial before beginning HGH therapy. Only those individuals with valid growth hormone deficiency are candidates for safe treatment with Tev-tropin HGH.

Tev-Tropin Step by Step Instructions

When you are ready to begin your Tev-Tropin administration, the first thing you will do is gather all of your necessary supplies. This includes the following:

  • Vial of Tev-Tropin HGH powder
  • Vial of bacteriostatic diluent solution
  • Mixing needle or syringe
  • Injecting syringe
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Sharps container

Always place your supplies on a flat, clean surface and then wash your hands with soap and water before proceeding. Since Tev-Tropin comes in both a 5 mg and 10 mg vial, you will want to ensure that you are using the proper corresponding diluent for mixing. Do not use the 5 mg bacteriostatic solution with the 10 mg vial or vice versa.

Follow these directions for the preparation of the Tev-Tropin 5 mg injection:

1. Holding the 5 mg solution vial in one hand, gently push up on the edge of the hard plastic cap to remove – leave the rubber stopper in place

2. Wipe an alcohol swab across the top of the rubber stopper

3. Uncap and set aside the needle cap

4. Pull the plunger carefully back to fill the mixing syringe with the amount of air equal to the sterile solution you will withdraw from the vial

5. Insert the needle tip all the way into the rubber stopper and then slowly push the plunger down to release the air into the vial of bacteriostatic solution

6. Invert the vial while keeping the needle in place so that the solution covers the needle tip – pulling the plunger slowly back until the amount of solution instructed is drawn into the syringe

7. Remove the needle slowly from the vial and then replace the cap

8. Remove the Tev-Tropin vial hard plastic cap

9. Use a fresh alcohol wipe to clean the vial top

10. Uncap the needle from the filled syringe and insert the tip into the center of the rubber stopper of the HGH vial

11. Slightly tilt the vial so that the solution runs down the side of the vial and not directly into the powder when you depress the plunger

12. Once all solution exits the syringe carefully remove the needle from the vial, recapping and discarding the syringe in the Sharps container

13. Gently roll the Tev-Tropin vial between your hands to mix the solution – do not shake – the vial may need a few minutes to sit for the powder to dissolve completely (do not use if particles are seen floating in the solution of if there is a cloudy appearance)

14. Write the date of mixing on the vial – Tev-Tropin 5 mg solution is good for up to 14 days, and the 10 mg vial will last for up to 28 days

Here are the directions for preparing the pre-filled liquid syringe Tev-Tropin 10 mg injection:

  • Since the mixing solution for the 10 mg HGH powder comes prefilled in a syringe, you remove the cap from the syringe tip and attach the 25 G mixing needle included in the package
  • Proceed with steps 8 – 14 above to mix the Tev-Tropin HGH medication

Now that you have learned how to mix and prepare Tev-Tropin, how to use and administer your shot instructions are as follows:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before administering a shot
  • Check the HGH vial before each injection to ensure that it has not expired and that the solution is not cloudy and that there are no particles in the fluid
  • Wipe the top of the Tev-Tropin vial with a fresh alcohol swab
  • Uncap the needle from an insulin syringe and set the cap aside for further use
  • Insert the tip of the needle completely into the center of the HGH rubber stopper
  • Invert the HGH vial and pull the plunger slowly back until the Tev-Tropin dosage prescribed fills the syringe, checking for air bubbles and removing them before withdrawing the needle
  • Pull the needle out of the vial and replace the needle cap
  • Prepare the chosen injection site by cleaning the skin with a fresh alcohol prep wipe
  • Uncover the needle and pinch the skin around the injection site with your free hand
  • Quickly push the needle into the skin at an angle of 45 – 90 degrees
  • While holding the syringe steadily in place, pull back on the plunger just a little to ensure that no blood enters the syringe – if blood is present, remove the needle, recap it and throw away the filled syringe in the Sharps container and repeat the above steps to prepare a new injection
  • If no blood appears in the syringe, you may proceed with the injection by slowly pushing down the plunger until the syringe is empty
  • Remove the needle from the skin and then apply gentle pressure to the injection site with a cotton ball or dry sterile gauze pad if desired
  • Replace the needle cap and discard in the Sharps container

If you have any questions, or would like a hormone specialist to talk you through the process the first time, contact Kingsberg Medical for help.

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