What is Compounded Testosterone?

Testosterone replacement therapy comes in many forms – some as brand name products and others as generically compounded medications formulated by compounding pharmacies.

Like many people, you may have multiple questions about compounded testosterone, and we will answer some of them below:

Question: What is compounded testosterone and how is it different from regular testosterone?
Answer: Compounded testosterone begins as a raw testosterone purchased by special compounding pharmacies that then follow stringent guidelines for the formulation of the final product. Compounded testosterone has the same properties as similar name-brand products, but at a lower cost in most cases.
Question: Is compounded testosterone safe to use?
Answer: Compounded testosterone is just as safe to use as any brand of testosterone you would purchase from a licensed US pharmacy – as long as it comes from a fully regulated compounding pharmacy here in the US and not overseas. Black market websites offer the sale of testosterone products illegally, and that is where the biggest risks occur.
Question: What is the difference in the compounded testosterone cost compared to name brand testosterone products?
Answer: That depends on the product you purchase and what you are comparing it to. In most every case, the cost will be significantly lower than the highest brand name product. Costs for testosterone cypionate and enanthate injections are always lower than testosterone gels – both in brand name products and pharmacy compounded generics. Dosage requirements and frequency of treatment play a significant role in testosterone pricing.
Question: Are there different compounded testosterone side effects as compared to those that are possible with name brand forms of testosterone replacement therapy?
Answer: In all cases, side effects from doctor prescribed testosterone therapy are rare when used as directed. Whether the product is compounded or not makes no difference. What may bring about a change or potentially greater risk is the form of treatment. Testosterone gels carry a much higher risk of cross contamination to others that testosterone injections do not have, as well as the potential for skin irritation, rash, or allergic reactions.

Benefits of Compounded Testosterone Injections

Next, we will look at questions specific to compounded testosterone injections:

Question: What are the compounded testosterone benefits that make this treatment a better option than Depo-Testosterone or Watson testosterone cypionate injections?
Answer: The biggest difference is the price. Depo-Testosterone has the highest cost for testosterone cypionate, followed by Watson, with pharmacy compounded testosterone cypionate being the most economical. The compounding pharmacy will follow the same stringent production guidelines that both Pfizer (Depo-Testosterone) and Watson/Actavis (Watson) use for the manufacturing of compounded testosterone cypionate. The same thing applies to Delatestryl, Watson, and compounded testosterone enanthate injections.
Question: Will I get the same benefits from compounded testosterone as quickly as, say, Depo-Testosterone results?
Answer: Yes, there is no difference as far as a results timeline when it comes to brand name vs. compounded testosterone injections.

Compounded Testosterone Cream and Gel – Who Can Use Them?

The biggest difference here has nothing to do with brand name vs. compounded, but rather cream vs. gel.

Testosterone cream is a very low dose product, most often prescribed to females with Low T who have a much lower dosing requirement than males. Testosterone gel is a higher dosed medication typically used to treat male Low T.

Question: What is the best compounded testosterone gel for the treatment of low testosterone levels in men?
Answer: Testosterone gel is a transdermal treatment provided in an alcohol base. Brand names of topical testosterone gel include AndroGel, Testim, and Vogelxo that are applied to the upper arms and shoulders. Fortesta is a testosterone gel applied to the thighs, and Axiron administration is to the underarms. Compounded testosterone gels are formulated based on what the prescribing hormone specialist and patient determine to be the best approach for the individual. The best option is the one that meets the needs of the individual.
Question: How does a woman know whether to get a compounded testosterone prescription or a brand name product?
Answer: It is actually rare for a female to purchase brand-name testosterone cream. Because a woman’s dosing needs are so low, once the doctor determines the amount, he or she typically sends the prescription directly to a compounding pharmacy for preparation. Numerous options are available, and the HRT specialist will select the one that is right for each woman’s personal needs.

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