Testosterone Propionate: General Information

Testosterone Propionate

There are three different major types of testosterone medications and testosterone propionate is one that doctors will consider prescribing for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Although it is the least prescribed of the three, it is still very effective and safe. The reason it is not a first choice for TRT is because it has a very short half life and leaves the system more quickly than the other two choices of Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate.

Patients need to use the prescribed propionate testosterone injections more often than the others because of its fast acting two day half life. The medication; however, is a bio-identical formula to endogenous testosterone and is created from a single ester. It was the first testosterone medication to be commercially available on the market until a longer acting ester was formed.

Clients who use any testosterone propionate dosage must adhere to a very regimented schedule when self administering these injections. The medication will leave the body more quickly than the other two brands do and that is why more frequent shots need to be given.

Testosterone Propionate Formula

Some facts about testosterone propionate:

  • It is fast acting with a two day half life
  • It is created as a smaller ester base
  • It was more popular in the 60’s before longer acting, more convenient forms of testosterone injections were created
  • Today they are often used illegally to build muscle faster or for performance enhancement
  • They must be injected into the muscle of the buttocks and never into a vein
  • They must be doctor prescribed in order to be used legally
  • Testing must take place to conclude low T is a problem before a licensed doctor can legally prescribe testosterone propionate
  • Blood levels stay more level and balanced from this medication since it is administered so frequently

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Propionate

Let us take a look at the remarkable benefits of testosterone propionate:  

When men lose their testosterone enough to be clinically determined by blood work to have low T, the benefits of testosterone propionate can be remarkable. Testosterone controls health in physical, mental, emotional and sexual ways and without it, terrible symptoms can take over. This medication can help to rid of these problems and give a person a better quality of life.

Benefits include:

Much greater emotional stability,
lowering the amount of depression,
anxiety, mood swings, irritability or
anger a person may feel as their
testosterone levels deplete
Nights of deeper, more restful and
healing sleep
A clearer head with less fogginess or
overall apathy towards life
Better concentration and focus
More daily contentmentStronger bone density for less risk of
fractured or broken bones or developing
Relief from erectile dysfunction and
much stronger and longer lasting
Stronger immunity from sickness and
A great boost in sexual libido,
sexual desire and ability to perform
A healthier heart rate
Less risk for infertilityLower cholesterol levels for less risk of
developing serious heart conditions such
as heart failure or stroke
Less vaginal drynessLower triglyceride levels for less risk of
developing diabetes
Less hot flashes and night sweatsIf one has diabetes, they will be better
able to manage it
Gaining of noticeable muscle massOrgans will grow rather than shrink
Weight lossSkin will look healthier and more subtle
with less wrinkles, sagging or crow’s feet
A faster metabolismHelps minimize risk of developing
Alzheimer’s Disease
Greater amounts of stamina and
endurance for exercise
Faster recovery time from strenuous

These are all testosterone propionate results that have been proven to occur in actual patients that have worked with Kingsberg Medical and their professionals. These results have also been demonstrated in many clinical trials that have been published in well known medical journals.

Get Started

Learning how to buy testosterone propionate is easy and it only takes a couple of steps on the part of the patient.

  1. The first step is to call our clinic and speak to a clinical advisor about your situation, your symptoms and to learn about testosterone replacement therapy.
  2. Next, testing will take place. An advisor will set you up with an appointment at a nearby local clinic for blood work and a physical exam. You will also share your medical history.
  3. Test results will go back to Kingsberg Medical and a licensed doctor will read them and determine if low testosterone is a problem or not. If so, they will diagnose the patient with low T and prescribe the medication that they feel is appropriate for that individual client. Whether the injections prescribed are testosterone propionate or another brand will be up to the doctor who knows the patient best.
  4. A patient will buy testosterone propionate and it will be shipped directly to their home or office

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Clinical advisors from Kingsberg Medical are great about assisting clients over the phone with all of their needs when participating in doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.