Testosterone Products That Work

Testosterone Products

There are many different types of testosterone products that a man or woman who is concerned about Low T can get to boost the level of testosterone that is available for use in his or her body. Some of these items require a prescription from a doctor while others can be purchased over the counter.

Here are the facts about testosterone supplements:

  • Over-the-counter supplements do not contain any testosterone – they are mostly herbal remedies that claim to help boost testosterone production
  • Only prescription medications directly increase the level of testosterone in the bloodstream

When researching testosterone products that work, some people want to avoid contacting a doctor and spending the money on prescription medications. The truth is that it can actually cost more for some of the over-the-counter supplements then it would for testosterone injections for men or testosterone creams for women. There is also no way of knowing what is or is not needed, or if Low T is even a problem without blood testing and diagnosis from a trained hormone replacement professional. That is why contacting the proper doctor is always recommended before proceeding with any type of treatment – whether prescription or over-the-counter.

Reviews of the Top Testosterone Products

There is no shortage of websites that offer testosterone products review, and most of these focus on the over-the-counter supplements that are available for use by both men and women. In some cases, the claims on the labels of the bottles are easy triggers or alerts to possible scams. If promises seem absurd or too good to be true, they usually are.

The best testosterone products will always come from a doctor.

It is also useless to use any of these so-called “testosterone supplements” if the body is producing enough testosterone on its own. There may be other hormone deficiencies, imbalances, or medical conditions causing the symptoms that are a concern, and without proper diagnosis and treatment, no beneficial results will be seen.

If you want to improve the quality of your life and your health with the best testosterone products, 2016 is the year to make some important changes in your life, but always do it with the guidance of a trained professional – in this instance, you want a hormone replacement specialist.

Choosing the Best Testosterone Product for Your Needs

Choosing the best testosterone products for your personal needs is an important decision, and not one to be made lightly or while standing in front of a shelf full or brightly colored bottles with muscle clad men on the labels. This is a decision to make with the guidance of a doctor who has conducted detailed blood analysis to determine if the use of testosterone supplementation is required.

The choice is a simple one for women, but a bit more complicated for men, as outlined below:

  • Best testosterone products for women:

The needs of a female when it comes to testosterone supplementation are much smaller than that of a man. Women naturally produce much less testosterone in their bodies than men, so when their levels are low, they require treatment with a very low dose form of supplementation. That is why HRT doctors prescribe custom compounded testosterone cream for women.

  • Best testosterone products for men:

Men naturally have a higher need for testosterone in their bodies, and as such, their treatment will reflect this need. The most recommended form of treatment is testosterone cypionate injections. Doctors like this method because one shot will typically last between 10 and 14 days depending on how the individual’s body responds and metabolizes the testosterone. Men like using testosterone cypionate injections because they can administer them at home, the results are superior to many other options, and the cost is the lowest of all of the other testosterone boosting products that are available by prescription.

Get Started

How and Where to Get the Best Testosterone

It has frequently been stated that a doctor must prescribe testosterone replacement products, and this fact cannot be emphasized enough. The reason for this is to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual who is looking to boost testosterone levels for maximum health, physical appearance, and performance.

Turning to a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy does not have to be a costly or time-consuming option. At Kingsberg Medical, we have simplified the entire process to make it as convenient as possible for both men and women suffering from Low T.

Here are the steps for how to get the best testosterone treatment:

  1. Contact Kingsberg Medical’s hormone replacement clinic for a free consultation by phone
  2. Set an appointment with us for a blood test at a local lab
  3. Visit any doctor of your choosing for a physical exam – many people find walk-in clinics to be a fast and affordable option – also, if you have recently had a physical from your own doctor, this report can be sent to us as well
  4. Complete our online medical questionnaire

Once these four simple steps have been completed, our HRT doctor will review the results and determine if Low T is an issue, and if so, the proper form of top testosterone products will be prescribed for use. It is that easy to get the help and support you need simply and affordably from Kingsberg Medical.