Is it Legal to Buy Testosterone Online?

Is it Legal to Buy Testosterone Online

There are safe ways to buy testosterone replacement therapy, and it is important to understand the difference between making a legitimate purchase and one that is illegal and possibly dangerous to your health. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this subject right here in this detailed report.

Here are the first questions about buying legal testosterone online:

  • Is it legal to buy testosterone online without a doctor’s prescription?

This is the easiest question to answer – no, you cannot legally buy testosterone online or anywhere else without a valid prescription. This is for your own protection as administering testosterone to the body when it is not needed can put you at a greater risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, sleep apnea, and other dangerous health conditions.

  • Is it legal to order testosterone online if I have had a blood test that proves I have Low T, but I did not speak to a doctor to get a prescription?

Although it may seem like an easy decision, you should never make an illegal purchase of testosterone even if you have tested positive for Low T. Only a doctor can determine the dosage and frequency of administration of testosterone replacement therapy. No legitimate pharmacy will sell testosterone without a valid prescription.

Dangers of Buying Testosterone Illegally

In this section, we will discuss the dangers of buying testosterone illegally from websites found online. The first true fact to point out is that the NABP (the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) has already identified over 11,000 websites engaged in the sale of pharmaceutical products online, and only 4% of them have been shown to be in adherence of all proper guidelines for the sale of medications. The majority of the others have been found to be selling unapproved products, counterfeit items, and not following proper prescription and dispensing guidelines.

Here are two questions about this subject:

  • Why is it illegal to order testosterone online without a prescription if the pictures shown are the same as the ones from US pharmacies?

Aside from the prescription requirements in the US that have already been mentioned, there is nothing that can prevent a company from showing one item and sending out another to its customers. Testosterone is one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world, and many companies knowingly paste fake labels on products that contain other substances.

  • Why is it illegal to buy testosterone online when so many other people are doing it? What could go wrong?

Just because one person decides to jump off a bridge does not mean that everyone else should go and do it. Seriously, more things could go wrong with this type of illegal purchase than things that could go right. Do you really think that a company that is knowingly engaged in illegal sales cares about your well-being? Of course not! They care only about making money, not improving your health.

How to Buy Legal Testosterone

If you are dealing with Low T, whether you are male or female, you need the help of an experienced doctor to put your hormone levels back into balance. This is what will result in you feeling and looking the best you physically can at all times. There is a safe way to buy testosterone online through a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

Here are the simple steps for how to buy legal testosterone:

  • Contact Kingsberg Medical to schedule your complimentary consultation by phone
  • Visit your local lab for a quick blood test – we will schedule this for you
  • Go to any doctor for a physical exam – walk-in clinics are fast and cost efficient
  • Fill out our online health history report
  • Get your results and safe and legal treatment from us

By following these simple steps to order testosterone online in the US that is both effective and legal, you can improve your overall well-being and vitality in a short period of time. At Kingsberg Medical, consultations are always free of charge and entirely confidential, so call today.

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